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Columnist E. Jean Carroll, Who Accused Trump of Rape, Files Defamation Suit Monday Against President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/04/columnist-e-jean-carroll-who-accused-trump-rape-files-defamation-suit-monday-against

I found the story that Ms Carroll wrote in the magazine very believable. It was actually a horrifying story of them knowing each other and shopping in the same store at the same time. He asked for help with a present, then said please try it on and then----- she went into the changing room he raped her there…
This seems like a lot of Trump attacks— and of many different women.
sigh----- What a strange but awful man-----he denies all that he has said and accuses everyone else of lies and fake stories--------Oh Donald Trump-------the women who speak up are all different-----but his idea of sex seems a lot like rape. He has apparently raped a lot of women, but right now, he’s in the middle of raping and destroying all the good parts of America history----- and that will take America’s future away too and the futures of We the People too…

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Does anyone with legal experience know what Carroll has to prove to win a settlement? Thanks.

Don’t mean to have a big thing about a small issue here. There is a larger one and Ms Carroll deserves to be heard and to get hers. However, surely there is a better picture of her somewhere. With those mottled shadows and mix of light colors she looks more as if she is made up for a zombie movie than a nice, simple portrait of her.