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'Come Down Hard" on Banks That Enable US Tax Dodgers, Declares Sen. Warren


'Come Down Hard" on Banks That Enable US Tax Dodgers, Declares Sen. Warren

Jon Queally, staff writer

In her first public comments since Sunday's publication of leak data related to secretive Swiss bank accounts operated by London-based HSBC and held by some of the world's wealthiest individuals, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said on Tuesday that the Department of Justice should "come down hard" on the multinational bank if it helped any of its U.S. clients engage in illegal tax-dodging or other fraudulent behavior associated with the scandal.


Lynch said she will not end drug prohibition. If she is ignorant of the facts, she is not AG material. If she knows the facts and continues with prohibition, she is even worse. We don’t need another ignorant conservative in positions of power.


AIG was fraud by a group of bankers in London. Now we have the Brits involved in Swiss bank fraud? The British bankers should be removed from America until they clean up their act. We are being robbed by them. How dare they act like our friends when they do this over and over.

Kick them out like King George.


Matt Taibbi has an interesting article on this same situation and in his article he said Lanny Breuer and Loretta Lynch were the pair that brokered the ‘punishment’ for HSBC: “That looked bad back then, but now the Breuer/Lynch deal looks preposterous even by Eric Holder’s standards. If our government knew back then that HSBC had been engaged in a sweeping global tax-evasion scheme, how could it have dealt out such a sweetheart deal on the money-laundering caper after being so informed?”
As the other 2 commenters said, Lynch is the last thing we need as Attorney General.


Nice to know that the new Attorney General appointee has already assisted this bank in avoiding prosecution for previous criminal wrongdoing. I suppose that we can all fell good about this bank being so well protected from criminal prosecution! SSDD!