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Come 'Say This to My Face,' Says Ayanna Pressley After Betsy Devos Compares Being Pro-Choice to Being Pro-Slavery

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/24/come-say-my-face-says-ayanna-pressley-after-betsy-devos-compares-being-pro-choice


Wow… you just could not make this stuff up… it’s worse than a bad B movie… does she. Devos…TRY to dig a big hole for herself or is she that … you know, uh um…


“ come say this to my face”
Now THATS how to handle with a racist scum GOP Bully.


Bravo for Pressley.

DeVos needs to use her “freedom” and “ought” to resign. (Honestly, she should be given the boot.)


The anti-choice “March for Life:” another Orwellian misnomer.

There is nothing pro-life in this march once one is actually born.


The comment line in this article regarding DeVos’ most recent idiot mindless blather equating “pro-choice” arguments with pro-slavery defense, as being “deranged” applies to most if not all of her actions and statements - a label that should also be accurately attached to the entire trump regime and its extremist criminal liars!


It seems to me that forcing women to have children they don’t want or can’t afford, children that often end up in the prison or military complexes (both enriching the 1%), is a lot closer to slavery than the alternative. This woman can’t leave Washington fast enough to suit me.


Good grief, not sure who has the lower IQ, Trump or DeVos, it’s a toss-up, so they both get filed under the heading…“You can’t fix stupid”.


Wow…couldn’t have said it better my self.


Elizabeth (Betsy) Prince Devos. A lot in a name:

Life time lobbyist for Private/Charter Schools. Betsy or her kids have never attended a public school.

Husband head of an endless Pyramid Scheme still fleecing suckers…in the mean time his wife is fleecing tax payers out an education.

Brother head of an International Killer for Hire Org. Nuff said.

Ann Richard would say: Betsy was born with a silver spoon up her a**.


Devoss epitomizes the conceptual consequences of the history of capitalism being based on “externalization” (do not count) of costs. We also become profoundly shaped by that which we depend on. If you celebrate mammon as ‘mammy-ism’, then money/billions and a lifetime knowing nothing but being daddyś little pyramid baby devoid of experience of the entire off-side of that ponzi … then ponzie is you deity of choice. Flapping your jaws and gogle-eyed assertions do not a reality make. Remove the stays of ill-gotten privilege and you have a person otherwise assessed as needing to be institutionalized. Oh wait, she already is fully immersed in the twisting of the institutions.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone,
What can you expect from Betsey Wetsey Devoid a venal, vapid, viscous, dumb bleached blond? It can only be motivated by pain! Pain to itself or others! It obviously prefers the latter, of course!!! Without a fortune it wouldn’t be able to hold a job as a WalMart greeter! Without an entourage it would be completely lost!


Hello Lynn1,
The boot should be applied to her maxi-glutes as the ginormous maxi-pads she consumes don’t seem to work. Probably never did!!!

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These are Trump’s “Christian crazies” – the Evangelicals

This is Betsy De Vos taking money from public education – which then must
be made up by communities through property taxes –

and the majority of the Charter Schools De Vos supports are RELIGIOUS –

Inside the Financial Holdings of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos and the Plan to Break Public Schools New Yorker

GOP actually wants to deny women the right to save their own lives –
to deny them THERAPEUTIC ABORTIONS when they suffer ectopic pregnancies
which can’t be detected until 20 or more weeks into the pregnancy …

to deny women THERAPEUTIC ABORTIONS when wanted pregnancies go wrong
late in the pregnancy to save their lives, health and future fertility.

Women have been ENSLAVED to childbearing for thousands of years –

to provide cheap labor – higher profits for Elites/Patriarchy.


A neighbor’s unmarried daughter in grad school was told in the third month of her unplanned pregnancy that her son had several severe brain malformations and likely would not survive and if he did it would be a short extremely painful life. The father literally ran out of the doctors office and never returned. She was presented with the option for an abortion which they apparently urged her, as far as is legal, to choose that option. Being a rabid Catholic family ( she is one of six kids) she decided to continue the pregnancy. The baby was born seizing and continued for his short 23 month life to have up to 20 seizures a day. He broke a vertebrae twice his seizures were strong. He could not breathe well and was having constant infections in his lungs, he had a feeding tube which could never be removed that also became infected several times. It broke our hearts to see this poor tortured baby. Yet the family, brainwashed into the religious cult of fetus as David Carson called it, almost reveled in his suffering as if keeping him alive to suffer was not only noble for them but for the poor suffering baby as well, that would never get any better than he was now. We thought it disgusting frankly. The poor thing finally died a few days into hospice care at 23 months of pain and suffering he couldn’t even understand . The doctors refused to do anything more to prolong his life and so they had little choice but hospice and boy were they pissed. They tried to the legal system involved but thankfully that was shut down quickly.
It sickens me that considering quality of life is treated as somehow a bad thing. That suffering is somehow exalted and apparently the more the better. I guess their savage and brutal god gives them extra points for torture.
And after being involved with foster care for years spouse and I are so so so against anyone having a child they really do not want or cannot realistically care for… abandoning a child is the worst mental torture one can inflict on a child and the scars are lifelong. Better to never have been born imho. No existence - no prolonged pain and suffering.


Religion seems to cause insanities like what you’re talking about –

brainwashing is most successful when you have access to very young children.


Nature enslaves women, according to the raving ecofascist (therefore all women are naturally slaves). Where to start with this misogynistic claptrap? DavidCarson usefully lays bare inherent implications of the populationism he tirelessly spews: it’s an attack on reproductive rights, with profound hatred for the nature of womanhood. Such a sick doctrine as this despises any woman exercising her reproductive rights in a manner displeasing to ecofascists. It just gets worse and worse from our mansplainer of matters reproductive. What next, after overt disgust for women’s bodies?


Christianity as practiced by devos and her ilk is the “vast moral evil”.


“…the anti-choice March for Life is set to take place in Washington, D.C. Friday with President Donald Trump expected to be among the attendees.”

Trump is politicking for re-election. He needs to appeal to the various fringe groups, his supporters, also to farmers and to the rich and powerful. So in past weeks he deregulates clean water protections and the sale of guns. Also pushing and threatening China and India to buy more midwest agricultural grains, and now attending right to life rally. Next will be more support for the Wall, and then big Nuremberg type rallies in South to support white supremacy. And the ongoing conversion (perversion) of the courts with ultra right wing judges.
We are steadily approaching a full on totalitarian state and now is the time to push back hard.


To me, they are not only crazies but what Mr. Hedges called them: " CHRISTIAN FASCISTS "!