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Comedian and Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory Dies at 84


Comedian and Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory Dies at 84

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The legendary comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory died Saturday at the age of 84.

Gregory's son Christian announced the news on social media Saturday night.


Rest in Peace Dick.


Dick Gregory was not a “civil rights” activist. He was a Black Liberation activist and a life-long fighter against white supremacy. The progressive media does not need to repeat the liberal “civil rights” meme (as is done for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King) and water down the legacy of a giant.

May Dick Gregory REST IN POWER! Dick Gregory Presente!


RIP to the man I voted for in my first ever election for President of the USA. Certainly a vote I have never regretted. Thank you.


Dick Gregory presents (not past tense) not only narrative but methodology for stripping away the infected scabs on wounds that need astringent airing in order to heal.


I was fortunate enough to see Mr. Gregory in 1972.
He completely dismantled the Nixon Adm., the advocates for continuing the Vietnam War, The War on Drugs, George Wallace and everyone else who got under his skin. He crushed Howard Hughes and Pan Am Airlines, and their complicity in drug trafficking herion, with CIA-affiliated groups in SE Asia. He was fiery, sarcastic, funny and pissed off.
The auditorium was packed when he entered and still packed when he exited. The man could hold and enthrall a crowd. Just a powerhouse, really.
Thank you, Mr. Gregory


Another irreplaceable voice of wit, wisdom and courage is lost to us. We will try to remember your words and actions through our own. May you rest in peace and honor, friend to us all.


Great guy, great truthteller and truthseeker. And very entertaining. I saw him back around '75 at Antioch College in Ohio. Note how the MSM (and CD) are neglecting to tell us that he was what “they” call a “conspiracy theorist” (JFK, MLK, RFK, 9/11, etc.), which in the non-CIA-influenced universe means someone devoted to debunking official myths and trying to arrive at an understanding of historical realities.


I learned about the benefits of fasting from Gregory forty plus years ago.

I will fast today to honor him.


3 interesting things about this I noticed, that I bet Dick Gregory would find interesting as well:

Great comedian Dick Gregory dies on Saturday (may this great man rest in peace). On Sunday a white comedian who was cracking people up around the same time (and I would say is way more famous) dies and steals the thunder from Gregory: Jerry Lewis. Is God a Trump supporter and He wanted to make sure Dick Gregory knew his place?

On Monday there is a total eclipse that spans the U.S. from NW to SE. In 7 years there will be another U.S.-spanning total solar eclipse. This one travels from SW to NE. There is one place in the U.S. that is at center of these 2 paths (where they cross). Its Carbondale, Illinois. This is where the University that Dick Gregory attended (“Southern Illinois University”) is located.

Dick Gregory wrote a book with famous JFK assassination researcher Mark Lane, called ‘‘Code Name “Zorro”: The Murder of Martin Luther King, Jr’’. Two years ago this was reissued as “Murder in Memphis: The FBI and the Assassination of Martin Luther King”. At Amazon I did a peek inside, and see that Mark Lane’s company, “The Lane Group, LLC”, is (or I guess was) located at guess where: Charlottesville, VA.