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Comedian Michelle Wolf Delivers 'Scathing' Roast of Trump and His Cronies at Correspondents' Dinner


Comedian Michelle Wolf Delivers 'Scathing' Roast of Trump and His Cronies at Correspondents' Dinner

Common Dreams staff

At the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday night, comedian Michelle Wolf roasted President Donald Trump and members of his administration in what's been described as a "scathing" speech.


No wonder Trump was a no show!


Shantiananda: I wish Dumbf were ALWAYS a no-show!!!


ich !!! bad taste !


de gustibus non est disputandum!


" And I’m never really sure what to call Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You know, is it Sarah Sanders? Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Is it Cousin Huckabee? Is it Auntie Huckabee Sanders? Like, what’s Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? Oh, I know: Aunt Coulter."

WheeHa! The comedienne can knit, do patchwork and crochet all at the same tome, I mean time! Somehow I always thought there was an ‘n’ and not so many letters in Auntie Coulter.


And mz sand dune deserves no less!


the elite and especially white men have a hard time hearing the truth spoken to them. Loved it all as I watched it last nite on Cspan. So glad to learn of Michelle for the first time. Go Woman! We need your voice and your intelligence speaking truth to power.


The emperor has no clothes…and there are still people who don’t see what is right in front of them.

And on another note…

She said she wanted to address Democrats too, but “Democrats are harder to make fun of because you guys don’t do anything.”

Spot on!!


her comments looked good on everyone, cringeworthy? yes…but the truth is often cringeworthy but it is allways the truth…her targets can sure dish it out on a dailly non stop basis, endless lies and character assasination ad infinitum, but they cant handle the truth and the glare it shines on them …sad…


She is a comedian?


Maybe a satirist - comedian


noun: satire

the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

Or, what a lot of people would like to say but can’t.


I don’t want to hear any of those the audience complain about what she said. Can you image what most Americans would say to that room of assholes if they were given the chance? They’ve collectively driven the country into the ground, and they could give a fuck.

Her last comment on Flint was the best thing she said too. I would have added, “and you are all welcome to report on that, if you aren’t aware and wouldn’t mind taking a break from Stormy Daniels and Russia.”


Imagine if George Carlin was alive – watch this–Though out of date, this video is timeless in its analysis of the American right wing. We miss you George!


and dished out by another woman !


by a gasp “WOMAN”


The sycophants are now out in force trying to convince me that the show wasn’t funny. It was funny. and the stuff that she heaped on Conway and Sanders was well earned and deserved. with all the truth-bending and outright dishonesty, those two have dumped on us. The rude crude junk that has come out of the mouths of those two deserved to be called out.


Looks like we didn’t get Michelle Wolf’s joke, which was about burning facts:
“Why are you guys making this about Sarah’s looks? I said she burns facts and uses the ash to create a perfect smoky eye.”
But there’s one Wolf joke none of us should’ve missed, and that’s that the press – yes, our protector of democracy – has actually fed on the Trump phenomenon:
“[Trump] has helped you sell your papers and your books and your TV. You helped create this monster and now you are profiting from him.”
For decades we thought the press would protect us from danger, and now we come to find out that the free press is just another business – in it for the buck.


I just call her Miss Piggy.


What most of those swamp cesspool dwellers deserve is not a scathing tongue lashing but a scathing prison sentence. Two or three of them should possibly even be hanged for treason, but thanks to the increasing kor­porate control of “our” government and D’uhmurika’s “news” media, we’ll probably never know.