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Comedians, Artists, Writers Warn Against Britain's 'Dangerous' Rush to Bomb Syria



Thank you England. Time to learn to talk. Remember diplomacy? Bombs are terrorism. They do not select those they kill nor do they rebuild what they destroy. We can do better. How can the West complain about ISIS after what they have done? The habits of murderous gangs everywhere can not be accepted. We need to learn to behave better and control better. It begins with security for a way of life that supports communities. An end to colonialism and legal piracy. Syria is severely effected by drought. Time for change and not bombs.


Oligarchy plays the people. Scare them and they'll go anywhere and elect conservative war mongers to save us. Who are the real terrorists?


Jeremy Corbyn should become the next PM. David Fire Breathing Komodo Dragon should be locked up in the ICC. People in other nations should protest too especially in the USA.


In the UK there are twelve major newspaper groups:
“Over a quarter (27.3 per cent) of the press is owned by Lord Rothermere and 24.9 per cent by Rupert Murdoch – between them these two men have over 50 per cent of the printed press.” (2) Figures are also from 2013.
Nine of these groups are supporters of David Cameron’s Tory Party which enjoined in murdering Libya’s Leader, near all his family and small grandchildren, reducing the formerly flourishing country to a ruined, failed state – with large swathes of the British public buying into the murderous carnage thanks to the war fever drummed up by the Cameron backing media.
This pattern of ownership is broadly replicated throughout the West where now the same misrepresentation of Syria is in journalistic overdrive.
The BBC is vying to be leader of the pack talking of “civil war” with one Middle East correspondent even dropping the last vestige of “impartiality” and declaring “Assad must go.” The entire organization long abandoned any pretense of professionalism and impartiality even ditching his status and title of “President.”

“If I could shed a tear for every home that bombs destroy,
I’d never stop crying
“If I could hold each shattered body, each baby stilled at birth,
I’d have no time for loneliness,
I’d spend all my days embracing the people of this savaged earth,
“And the billionaires are laughing somewhere in America.”
(Song for Basra, David Rovics.)


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Australia, the US, England New Zealand and Canada are all fed the Zionist garbage through their media which are mostly owned and operated by the neocon Zionists.


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