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Comedians to the Rescue


Comedians to the Rescue

Daniel C. Maguire

Let’s hear it for the comedians. We never needed them more than now in the age of Trump. Historically, societies have learned with a stunning unanimity that power untamed by humor turns quickly despotic. In what has been called a “universal phenomenon,” the jester found a place in the court of the king who was the prime target of his cleansing barbs and chastening foolery. Our comedians are part of that history.


Let's remember how Alec Baldwin has grown to dread his Trump impersonations as soul-draining (my term, not his) experiences. Sad!


Hooray for the Jesters, making fun of the Fool!


In Ancient Rome the satirists and 'jesters' on stage were the only ones able to offer criticisms of the powerful with some measure of protection. "It was just comedy, a play to amuse people, oh great Caesar!"


Any Comedian that made fun of Bernie, during the Primary, and there were many in High Profile (Fallon, Carvey...), was not doing anyone, except Bernie's, and Our, enemies, any good.

He was Powerful Enough to be attacked only in the mind of those who either didn't think it through, or were complicit in his undermining.


The late British comedian Peter Cook once commented that during Weimar Germany in Berlin, the finest, most irreverent and funniest political satire ever could be seen onstage. As Cook famously put it: "Stopped Hitler right in his tracks."


The Daily show had quite a few digs on Sanders and to hear Trevor Noah do his fake cry and say "we miss you Bernie!" now is very strange. But Trevor - unwilling to criticize Obama's $400k speech - Noah isn't much of a populist progressive that's for sure. Very few comedians are though - Jimmy Dore is about the only one I can think of. He got laughs on fake phone calls with Sanders but you always new where he stood on Sanders vs Clinton.


Dara, John Oliver was the same as Trevor Noah.

It's all about who butters their bread.


One of them, Al Franken, has turned out to be one of our few fairly decent Senators.  I would certainly support him should he run for the presiduncy in 2020 - perhaps with Stephen Colbert (or Alec Baldwin?) as his running mate . . .


I ignore all those establishment suckup comedians now. Especially John Oliver, for smearing Jill Stein on his show and refusing to allow her to respond on his show.

Instead look to Lee Camp:

or Jimmy Dore: