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Comey Got in the Face of Trump’s 'Godfather' Fantasy


Comey Got in the Face of Trump’s 'Godfather' Fantasy

Michael Winship

If for some reason it wasn’t before, it’s become clear in the weeks since FBI director James Comey’s firing by the president and Comey’s testimony on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to fancy himself the next George Washington, Abe Lincoln or even James Buchanan. No, Trump looks in the mirror in the morning and mistakenly sees Michael Corleone. You know, the version of Michael played by Al Pacino in The Godfather: Part II—suave, smart and ruthless Mafia don.


I see Mueller's investigation going one of two directions. Upon finding massive wrong doing by rump, his closest advisors, his election campaign and republican top brass having direct contacts and coordination with Russian agents to effect the outcome, they say to the world all is ok, nothing to see here folks. They would do this to keep the status quo in power, otherwise all hell breaks loose. Or they show themselves to be true people of integrity and they announce all their findings to the nation and the rump administration is torn apart as the repubs are relegated to the outhouse of history.


I get the point, but I wish Winship wouldn't use demeaning nicknames. That's for us commenters, not for someone speaking under Bill Moyers's rubric.


According to his biographer, Sunzi, general for King Helü of Wu (r. 514–495 BC) and credited (wrongly?) with the Art of War , Sunzi was training the king's concubines to march, forming 2 single file lines. At first march, the girls fell out of formation with laughter. Sunzi then ordered the lead concubine of each line to be executed on the spot.

No giggles, complete loyalty and perfect marching from the girls after that.

What would DT have done? Pay them even less to come to his room?

But he knows more than generals, be assured:

"So a general gets on, sent obviously by Obama, and he said, 'Mr. Trump doesn't understand. He knows nothing about defense.' I know more about offense and defense than they will ever understand, believe me. Believe me. Than they will ever understand. Than they will ever understand." — Apprentice prez DT -July 2016


Great column for movie fans as well as aficionados of organized crime, Mr. Winship.
Without putting too fine a line on it, sir: " cosa nostra " is correctly stated as generally meaning "
our thing" . Another shorthand phrase to also consider in the Trump lexicon might be this.
" La stressa cosa " has a generally understood meaning of " he is the same thing as you ". My point; in the context of Trump asking Comey for his loyalty, and to drop the Flynn criminal investigation, is, he may have been strongly hinting that they are all really alike. They both are good family guys, great patriots and want the same things done " to make America great again ". Trump could of been inviting Comey in. Which may explain why Comey was stunned, thinking about what that implies, and realizing he


Sorry, CD. Pet feeding got me.


If Tweetle-Dumb hadn't inherited a ton of lawyers' fees he'd have been in prison a long time ago.   IMHO, if he'd have laid low, he could have lived in luxury for many years, but his massive ego got in the way.  Now he's the target of the FBI, and his many years of evildoing are going to see the light of day.  Hopefully he'll bring his family - and stooges - to the gallows as well.

"They HANG Traitors, don't they?"


"Mueller...is assembling an Investigation Team with decades of experience going after everything from Watergate to the Mafia...a potent team whose members have backgrounds handling cases involving politicians, mobsters and others..."

Maybe sic them on all those who are already documented, by James W. Douglass, in his 2008 work of historical non fiction 'JFK and the Unspeakable - Why He Died and Why it Matters", in murdering the President of the United States in 1963.

Research has been done, facts are in, go get them, if we're to believe you're serious.


The Trump Crime Family is definitely destroying life as we knew it.


"“I want to talk about Mike Flynn,” Trump said, according to Comey. “… He is a good guy and has been through a lot. I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.” As in, “I hope you can see your way clear to giving me complete control of your olive oil business, if you get my drift.”"

The entire case to dismiss by the GOP was based on the premise that "I hope" doesn't constitute an order. Unfortunately, not only did Comey agree, but none of the Democrats jumped on the fact that this author insinuates towards, which is "I hope you can. . ." is STRONGER than an order: because it hints at the rewording, "I hope you realize what will happen to you if you don't," it is A THREAT.

Trump's political history can be characterized by this Mafiosi, crime-boss, Hollywood stereotype attitude, which comes out linguistically in pretty much every speech and every tweet.


I am so happy the special counsel is getting his team together - yeah !
I have a deep deep desire to see justice done right here - we are all subject to the crimes of people like these mob characters, because we all participate in the economy & they directly & indirectly affect the stock market, which is our savings too, & every low-level government official that they get involved using their monetary 'persuasion' - side-lining laws designed to protect all of us & our lives !!!
Get the bastards !!!!!


For a while I have been thinking "mafia" when I watch how some business operates...especially when I see the profiteering in regard to privatized prison. Both democrats and republicans are involved in putting people away, some by having the state guarantee to their companies 100 percent occupancy.
The 1 percent want a world they can control. They want "pleasantville". They already have too many of us believing we do too. IT's ugly. Freedom is not the same as security. There is no freedom on the grid.


When you look at the people Trump has appointed in the Energy Dept, EPA, Justice, etc. and couple that to tenor of, the white supremacist/white nationalist/anti-LGBTQ/Anti-Abortion/Anti-immigrants/Anti-Muslim/Anti-Marijuana speeches and legislative actions, we're headed for a potential real crackdown on civilians. Specifically, " the other " will be sacrificed to order, first. Extra-legal means by the Police & Security State must start with DOJ, FBI and Homeland Security cooperation. The National Guard is under POTUS control, as well.
The Mafioso-style of Trump rule and the pent up demands of Reactionary forces who supported him are not going to " go gently into that sweet night " of cultural and economic accommodation. They want this fight and they need the veneer of law to win it.
That's what Trump's request for loyalty and patronage could mean. Comey's imaging of what that would do to this country is possibly what provoked his actions, subsequently. And, that's why we are where we are, now.


Not. True. Each state's Guard is first under the control of its governor, and can be called up by the fed under conditions of invasion, rebellion, or other difficulty enforcing federal laws, and they are called up for such purposes through the governors:


Please don't spread panic, especially unfounded. Imagine, for instance, Governor Moonbeam calling up the California Guard for what? to invade Sanctuary churches? I think not.


The governors of how many states are in Republican control? And, you can drive a semi-truck through the exceptions granted the POTUS under pretty generally understood circumstances. He's got broad powers and latitude, btw.
Homeland Security was called upon last Sunday to help separate Pro-Trump ( Free Speech ) and Anti- Racist ( other previous mentions ) activists in Oregon. The FBI, PPD & HS were all there. Some extra assistance was called in from outside the region, as well. Sound extraordinary, it isn't, btw.
Exactly who currently is in charge of DOJ? Exactly which former Gen. is running the HSA? And, who will be appointed to head the FBI? Hint: it won't be Medea Benjamin.
And, you mentioned panic? I'm not trying to start Widespread Panic. I'm a much more enthusiastic fan of the old Buffalo Springfield. Especially that one song; gosh now what is the name of that....:wink: excuse me, I'm losing my memory and having a panic attack. I'll get back to you, promise.


Did you read the law cited by link in my post? No semis there. Last Sunday in Oregon was a pretty special case, thank God for your neighbors. To mount the same nationwide and simultaneously is a much bigger ask.


Buffalo Springfield's 1960s For What It Is Worth is more applicable in today's Murka than ever.

Although I have never watched the third Godfather movie, the first two accurately depict how things really work. Its hard to characterize Trump's M.O. as a "Godfather FANTASY"...its too real for comfort.

One of the richest lines in Godfather II was Michael Corleone's response to the fictitious Nevada Senator chastising the mob's activities in Nevada: "You know that you and I are part of the same hypocrisy, Senator".


For all of our sake, you better be 100% right. It's now entirely resting on your shoulders. The fate of millions are in your hands. But, whatever you do, DO NOT PANIC!!!:wink:


I'll settle for reading the law and knowing you're 100% wrong.


I'm so happy for you.