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'Comey Memo' Could Solidify Obstruction of Justice Charges Against Trump


'Comey Memo' Could Solidify Obstruction of Justice Charges Against Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

The possible existence of memorandum penned by former FBI Director James Comey in the immediate wake of a dinner he had with President Donald Trump earlier this year is being treated Tuesday night as an explosive development if its version of events, specifically that the president asked the chief of the bureau to drop the investigation into national security adviser Michael Flynn, is verified.


I've been messing around in the swamp and watching FOX and the gaggle of gibberish experts. Those people are really strange. Their hold on reality is tenuous at best.Four or five obese white guys and a blond in a short dress spouting nonsense. It's no wonder they manged to get Trump elected.


Is this all the Democrat sellouts got?

To rid the GOP that Chomsky calls "the most dangerous organization in human history" of one they hate. To deflect attention from how they sabotaged Bernie? To remain at the helm of the Democratic Party they have nearly destroyed counting their WS bribes

At least Trump was unmasking this most dangerous organization for all to see. Without him both parties can go back to MSM smoke and mirrors while destroying the planet.


Even if the allegations are found to be true that Trump obstructed justice and is impeached nothing will change and in my view, be just as bad if not worse with Pence as POTUS.

Like Ford pardoned Nixon, what are the chances that Pence will exonerate and pardon Trump; especially if Trump like Nixon, resigns?


"I hope you can let this go"
I really can't imagine anyone under investigation by the FBI, or any other LE agency, not feeling like that. It isn't a direct request to stop but, given that it's coming from the boss, there is that added level of power and coercion implicit in the arrangement. Nevertheless, if this is all they have in the memo, then I think they need to look further afield for something truly incriminating. If what is being claimed about Trump is true and not just a feeding frenzy over chum, surely that won't be hard to find.


I'm baffled at this logic, that somehow a long drawn out damaging impeachment process would actually assist the ongoing assault by corporate servicing jerks no matter what party.

Forgive me I am not personally attacking you.


The Republicans have been slow walking these Congressional investigations. By whose orders exactly and why? $$$, of course. And, now these Committees are about to get more materials to look through. It's piling up, as are the possible charges. Where's the appropriations ( money ) for all this? That's key to these investigations, as well. Will that be slow walked, as well? We shall see, eh?
Impeachment? We're act the beginning stage here.
" At some point " there will be an Independent Prosecutor. Or, a Special Prosecutor which should be everyone's second choice, imo.
It would be great if CD used a type of " split screen approach " to reporting on this. I think these various investigations are going to go off in more directions than can be currently envisioned.
Watergate was not good for the country. The long knives are coming out and it will get messy. A deep emnity is coming to the land and among the people. Whether, as a country, we deserve this or not seems moot now. We're all going to get it, some much worse than others for sure, but that's just how implosions and blowbacks work out, unfortunately.


Without Congress starting the impeachment process, there's no chance.


President Pence. Vice-President Ryan.

Speaker of the House Freedom Caucus, Scalise. Senate Majority Leader McConnell.

I'd say nothing is going to change, or possibly get worse under a more organized right wing assault. The D-Party has little chance of winning back Congress with this gerrymandered map, and they have lots more seats to defend in the Senate. A suggestion: time impeachment proceedings so that going into the 2018 elections, it's front and center.

Ultimately, of course, NatureBoy is correct above--this TIE (Trump Impeachment Event) is merely going to be a distraction that hides the continued descent into oligarchy that both sides of the duopoly empower. Seeing how the grassroots left gets off its collective asses to fight when the R-Party goes on its oligarchic rampage, and sits quietly on the sidelines when the D-Party slow boils us into oligarchy, I was enjoying the reawakening.

Well, I'll continue fighting the status quo under whomever the duopoly installs. Income inequality, carbon emissions, perpetual war, corporate control, militarized policing...I have two parties to battle where these issues are concerned...lucky me.


My comment to NYT:

While I certainly agree with Paul Street's column on the diagnosis and need for treatment of this disease that has afflicted our former country and its polluted political symptoms and sickened state, I do not think that either his terminology nor the extent of his treatment for recovery from this cancer of Empire that has wounded our country is sufficient.

Not only does Emperor Trump need to be removed, impeached (or virtually 'excised') from the sacred but tainted office of President, but also that our formerly proud and sometimes improving democratic Republic needs to be recovered and restored from acting as the nominal global HQ of an EMPIRE merely 'posing' as a political and economic democracy of a country and society of "we the people"

Simply replacing the first certified Emperor in America with another similarly inclined Emperor would follow the dangerous and failed pattern of the Roman Empire. It is not just the Emperors who need to be changed but this entire dual-party Vichy-political facade of faux democracy!


Here's my biggest fear. If there was some sort of shenanigans going on between rump, his campaign or his staff and the Russians, whether it was election interference or monetary dealings, and rump resigns under pressure of impeachment, the investigation would end there, and we would never know what, if anything, happened. And the establishment will say the same old tired things about 'the good of the country' ad nauseum. Thus, more fodder for the fight to throw all the bums, R's and D's, out.


Pence is so way f**king worse than Trump, so dreadfully sad to say. Pence's record in Indiana is a crime scene, in public health, health, women's health, health anywhere, etc. Just go down the line on Pence, and you will discover a vicious evil creature on everything that has come before him. So you thought Trump is bad, just wait to Pence gets his hands on the levers of puppet boy to the oligarchs, President of the USA! P.S next up after Pence, Ryan, evil, evil, evil!


In reply to fears about Pence. I think the R's will be so illegitimatized from their unwavering support of rump, that if allegations are true about ties to Russia, in whatever form they may be, they will not be able to govern in any form whatsoever.


Nobody ever convicted Al Capone for all of those alleged gangland murders and organized bootlegging in Chicago. They got him on income tax evasion.

Mr. Trump is alleged to have done vast numbers of things. That's interesting, but sheer allegations won't stand up either in court or in Congress.


The corporatist Dems, who probably understood they were in peril following Bernie's success at awakening so many people, are doing all they can to distract everyone with their focus on Adolf Nixon Trump. Time is running out, as the coming technological revolution from the implementation of robotics and Artificial Intelligence is nearly upon us, with all of its ramifications for radical changes in our economy and our lives, which could be catastrophic if progressives have little political power, and the movement to reform the party is moribund. The oligarchs, including those who run the MSM, and the Deep State are determined to push out Trump for their own reasons (certainly not for the general welfare, that's for sure!), and they are quite capable of doing it without help, so progressive Democrats should spend their time and energy cleaning their own house.


That's exactly the point, Shantiananda, and it's a good one. In the event that Trump was either impeached, or just resigned, we'd end up with Mike Pence as POTUS, who'd more than likely be even worse. Pence is even more dangerous than Trump, first because he's somewhat saner and more calculating than Donald Trump, and secondly because Pence is an ultra-rightwing religious idealogue, who wouldn't hesitate to use that religious ideology of his, along with his ability to calculate more than Trump, to do even more serious and permanent damage to the United States and take this country over a cliff.


Excellent point, Cascadia! Pence is way more dangerous than Donald Trump, precisely for the reasons that you mention. It's amazing how naive the people that are calling for Trump's impeachment are about this whole matter.


Maybe so. However, without a "personality" to distract the capitalist, corporate news media, people may actually find out what the Republicans are trying to do and then oppose those policies. A charismatic president can use smoke and mirrors, a dog and pony show and a Trojan Horse to sell his/her policies to the rubes because they're watching the shiny penny. A dishrag, drab, cipher with no personality can't sell conservative policies. Mr. Pence may be a horrible, right wing nut, but he doesn't have any charisma. None.


Also, one thing at a time. Deal with Trump, then deal with Pence then deal with the Republican majority in Congress then deal with the unreformed Democrats in congress.

It should also be noted that Pence at least knows what rule of law is, and unlike Trump, has never publicly stated that he would not respect the outcome of an election.


Yes, and guess what? Pence was simply doing what the majority of Hoosiers wanted him to do. Ever been there?