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'Comey Memo' Could Solidify Obstruction of Justice Charges Against Trump


I don't know about that, stewarjt. Mike Pence would be even worse as President of the United States, because he'd use his ultra-Rightwing religious ideology to get right down to undermining the right of people, doing even more damage and really taking this country over a cliff, because he's saner and much more calculating than Donald Trump.


That's precisely my point. Without any charisma to distract and sell policies, the capitalist, corporate media and the masses might actually pay attention to them and their inevitable heinous consequences. Since what Mr. Pence wants are minority positions among the US electorate according to poll after poll, people might actually get involved and stop the radical, right wingnuts and their policies in their tracks. Mr. Pence would might be worse than Mr. Trump (although at this point, that's hard to imagine) if he could get his policies implemented. I'm arguing that he wouldn't be successful in selling them without the personality and the complicity of the capitalist, corporate media to distract people.


There are enough people here in the United States, however, that are very overtly hostile towards the rights of women, minorities, the poor, the physically and mentally disabled, or religious minorities that wouldn't hesitate to give full, unyielding support to a President Mike Pence and his policies. Don't kid yourself.


That doesn't mean, however, that Pence definitely would respect the outcome of an election. Often enough, what people say are quite different from what people actually do.


Yes, road trip through on my way to Vermont, 2007. By the way, recent reports out of Indiana stated that Pence's political career was ovah in the Hoosier state, sometimes people wake-up!


Unfortunately, true!


Thanks for your perspective.


Thank you for your excellent reply.


So, let's keep Trump because Pence is worse? " You say tomato, I say potato, you like Clamato, I like cilantro. Let's call the whole thing off " WTF?
If Trump broke the laws, oh well, Pence could make the situation worser or even more worser than that. It could be the actual worstestest ever. WTF, again? And, Eddie Munster? " Oh, the horror, the horror, Joseph Conrad "
Gosh, situational ethics rears its speculative head and has decidedly chosen to keep The Don of Loyalty Oaths ( who sounds, looks and acts like The Capo de Capo ) because his heir might be ( might emphasized here ) even more damaging.
OK. Got it. That makes perfect sense and definitely is well within the traditional framework of judicial proceedings. While intent may be difficult to prove legally, it sometimes is pretty easy to see in everyday life.


Pence arouses as much passion among people as that senator Kaine guy. He will be Trumps Ford.


You're comments rock.

However, situational ethics isn't the point here. It's strategy and timing and letting Trump bury himself further while dragging his followers down with him. Only fools rush in, where opportunity for destruction only continues to grow.

Oh, and Trump's ethical problems have been on display for all to see for some time. Ironically, he got lucky in running his only campaign against someone as distrusted as himself married to someone who'd actually gone through impeachment for pussy grabbing and telling lies about it.

I know, cray-cray.


Unless the emperor goes off into one of his tirades and attacks and kills somebody. Wouldn't that be a perfect end to his tyranny!


Perhaps a different brand of "conversion therapy" for pious, sanctimonious, hate-filled dullards would work on Pence. There is no alchemy to change this stone into anything of worth!


First it was "Clinton is worse than Trump!" Now it's "Pence is worse than Trump!" Some people just want Trump as prez.

I wonder what people here would say if this exact story was about HRC. We've a bit of a clue about that, actually, considering the massive attacks after Bill Clinton had a brief meeting with Loretta Lynch. (Btw, that's the patriarchy at work there, holding a woman responsible for something her husband did.)


Oh, imagine if this were Pelosi and the Democratic leadership in the House:

It'd be red alert time here at CD.


It's still difficult for me to digest so-called progressives defending an administration with hard-right white nationalists serving in it, much less its links to a government in Russia that supports ultra-right white nationalist movements in other countries. It's a very strange progressivism to me. But hey, I just want WWIII and keep missing the fact global warming is happening. Guess I'm just distracted.


They knew. They've known for a long time and have been covering it up.

What I like particularly about the McCarthy comment is that, at first, both he and Ryan denied it ever happened, then were told that reporters had the tape, and they changed their stories to "it was just a joke." That's some bold lyin' right there.


It's just a joke, sadly serious, right? In the meantime, where's the it-was-a-DNC-leak crowd when you need them:



Armed bands of lesbians are attacking children in the streets? Are they jazz bands? Maybe the lesbians killed Seth Rich.

They're doing to Rich what they did to Vince Foster. It's one step away from "pizzagate." It's a pitiful bit of "journalism," but it's Fox, which is a Republican network pushing a political agenda and it has no interest at all in the news.


LOL, yes it would. Or maybe go duck hunting and shoot someone at griund level face off :smile: