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Comey Says Only Reason Assange Not 'Apprehended Yet': He's Out of Reach

Comey Says Only Reason Assange Not 'Apprehended Yet': He's Out of Reach

Jon Queally, staff writer

While testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, FBI director James Comey's response to a question about Julian Assange was that while he wouldn't "confirm whether or not there are charges" pending against the Wikileaks' founder and publisher, the reason he "hasn't been apprehended is because he's inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London."


Harming “American interests” is not a crime. And why is the FBI even commenting on a foreign national in another country? The FBI is supposed to domestic.


“known outlet of foreign propaganda” that has harmed U.S. interests."
No, the US as harmed it’s own interests with it’s underhanded, deceitful behavior and illegal acts of war.
“A huge portion of WikiLeaks has nothing to do with legitimate news-gathering and is simply about releasing classified information to damage the United States," Comey said. “American journalists do not do that.”

I notice that they never bring up wither or not the information is accurate/truthful.


Some folks have a real hard time distinguishing between fact and opinion. Comey’s statement: opinion. And frankly, who gives a shit what that jerk thinks. When you elevate opinion to the same status as known facts, you open Pandora’s box.


Comey is a totalitarian spook attempting to destroy democracy and enslave humanity with the yoke of austerity.

Assange is a hero serving democracy in the information-age.

If civilization survives US war against Earth, Assange will be remembered and the fink will be forgotten.



Yeah, as long as it is not harming my interests!


“American journalists do not do that.”

No, indeed they don’t. At least not the MSM fake-news variety.


One reason why Trump was let in. He and Bernie were the only ones talking about how corrupt our system has become. Assange is its enemy for exposing the corruption. To the people, he is a hero. To the government mafia, he is a snitch.

Direct Democracy


Comey has become a stooge for the White House, demonizing Julian Assange, a truth teller.

Our current Orangutan-in-Chief, as well as several ex-Presidents are the ones who should be arrested and incarcerated for Crimes against Humanity.

Assange has not a drop of blood on his hands.

From Trump all the way back to Bill Clinton, they will never be able to get the blood of all the innocent men, women, and children off their hands.

Total Hipocracy.

A vote for any Duopoly candidate is a vote for the murderous regime in Washington DC. And, you get to share the blood by having some on your hands as well.

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If you actually have some evidence convene a grand jury and trot out all the evidence. Assange can show up or not but then there would be actual charges not just a bunch of government clowns bad mouthing a person they can’t just arbitrarily arrest. Most of the so called crimes that they would charge Assange with would not apply to an Australian citizen anyway. He has no obligation to keep the USA governments secrets.

What the FBI has is ironclad innuendo backed up by national secrets describing the laws he supposedly broke backed up by secret evidence that we are to trust without seeing because it is a secret. Comey AGAIN engages in slander passed off as double secret extra special crimes all covered in secret sauce.

If you can’t hold a public trial because there are so many secrets leave him alone. That is how it is supposed to work.


Comey is compromised. A world without Comey would be better off a world without Wikileaks would clearly be worst off… Easy call.


I find it unhelpful to put onto other species those wicked behaviours that are endemic to our won species. I’d choose an orangutan, or chimp, over any of the so-called leaders of the current patriarchal death cult we call society.


Apparently the ultimate interest of our government is to prevent the people of this country from knowing what is being done in our name and paid for by us. Our so-called ‘democracy’ is non-existent. We are wrapped in our patriotic flag so tightly that we cannot see or feel or understand what a real democracy would be like.
Julian Assange is a real threat to those who want to keep us sedated. Mr. Trump is just one more distraction. His flip-flops and antics keep people very busy blaming him for superficial policies and thinking that thwarting him will bring us back to ‘greatness’. Our greatness never existed and won’t ever exist until we are able to consider truthtellers like Mr. Assange heroes rather than traitors. Mr. Comey and his ilk seem to be the enemy of truth.

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You’re right Joy. I apologize to the Orangutan species for the slight.

I briefly watched the hearing on CSPAN until I could no longer tolerate the BS and his ridiculous histrionics (NOT academy award winning by any standards). Comey repeated Lordy, Lordy several time; made an idiotic analogy of how to decide to reveal intel; and said that he “got a little nauseous” when he decided to release the news on Clinton right before the election. He is definitely in way over his head and is where he is because he can be manipulated. Scary.