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Comey Under Fire for Incendiary 'Ferguson Effect' Claims


Comey Under Fire for Incendiary 'Ferguson Effect' Claims

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As President Obama spoke Tuesday to an international conference of police chiefs and the nation reeled from the latest incident of police violence gone viral, FBI director James Comey has come under renewed fire for further driving a wedge between law enforcement and the communities they are supposed to serve.

Comey on Friday and again Monday repeated the assertion that the unrest, protests, and increased scrutiny on police following the recent killings of black civilians was driving a spike in violent crime, a phenomenon that has been dubbed the "Ferguson effect."


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In New Hampshire a man sitting in his car was beaten tased and arrested by several police officers. He was charged with resisting arrest. What was the goiven reason for the arrest?

The officers claimed the man had "no legitimate business being in the neighborhood. Apparently if you were a banker making fraudulent loans in the area or an automoibile company making starters that killed 174 people, your business is considered " legitimate"


If you're a cop charging property and cash with crimes and the property is guilty until proven innocent [an impossible standard for the owners of said property to meet , especially since with all their money and tangible assets stolen from them , they can't afford legal counsel , and property isn't protected by the Bill of Rights] , then you , the cop , are a bandit with a badge . Especially since you and your department get to keep what you take .
There are even traveling seminars nationwide that teach cops the best loot to look for and pillage .


Obama chose this guy to be FBI Director. Why is he still there?


Grandma used to say that you were judged by the people you surrounded yourself with.
Barack Obama will ultimately be judged by his choice of pro-corporate fascists to fill his cabinet. How much more evidence do democrats need before they come the the obvious conclusion, Obama is Nixon in blackface.


Obama's puppet master ordered it to be so.


Without true representative candidates to vote for or pitchforks, I'm not sure.


You have to ask?

Obama says this, Obama says that, Obama made another important speech. Blah, blah blah. Obama never does what he says.


And once in jail, given a proper education including the history of people's movements, real U.S. history, understanding the demands of true justice in a highly diverse and up-to-the-present deeply white supremacist, unjust society, and how police can be part of the problem or part of the solution, all depending on what code of ethics and what procedures for upholding justice are adhered to. Once sufficiently rehabilitated, they should be released to go do good, setting an example of transformation from bullying criminality to brave peacekeeping!

Ta-Nehisi Coates is right on in pointing out the fascism in Comey's approach. To falsely assert that protesting police unaccountability for homicide and abuse creates homicide and abuse is to embrace homicide and abuse as a preferred policing approach. Comey should be fired--and then himself undergo anti-fascist education.


Comey's comments deserve sharp criticism as they try to shift the issue of police murders back onto an improperly vilified population. They espouse the deeply racist beliefs that underpin American society. Though no fan of Obama, it is good to note that while Obama could fire this criminal elitist, he is not responsible for the generations of racist, violent police and justice system. This is much bigger than democrat and republican. It will only be resolved outside of the centrist politics that creates and perpetuates this horror in broad daylight, with public assent, election after election.



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