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'Coming Mass Extinction' Caused by Human Destruction Could Wipe Out 1 Million Species, Warns UN Draft Report

'Coming Mass Extinction' Caused by Human Destruction Could Wipe Out 1 Million Species, Warns UN Draft Report

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

On the heels of an Earth Day that featured calls for radical action to address the current "age of environmental breakdown," Agence France-Presse revealed Tuesday that up to a million species face possible ex

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Do something right in your own community, and people stop having kids! Really that is at the root of this. Recycle, reuse, and stop building on habitats. You can live in an old house- you do not need a brand new mcmansion, people.


The other thing is that the fetus fetishers are looking for disaster so they can be raptured up to Mars. Of course Mars won’t want them either. There is no easy answer, and nothing overnight will stop this, but less or no driving, flying etc., less building, and a vegan diet are a start.

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Drastic times call for drastic measures. I know I’ll catch some flack for this, but all you selfish people who think you need to carry on the family name, STOP HAVING CHILDREN for the sake of the planet and the future of humanity. Oh, that’s against my religion you say. Then pick a different fairy tale to believe in.


“half-a-million to a million species are projected to be threatened with extinction, many within decades.”

Maybe we should vote for Trump. He will certainly get rid of the species responsible for this, us.


I put sentences on a single line from a NYT article

It shows how little we knew a short time ago and how important ongoing science research is needed to track The New Climate Regime

Life in the Amazon does not simply receive rain — it summons it.

All of that lush vegetation releases 20 billion tons of water vapor into the sky every day.

Trees saturate the air with gaseous compounds and salts.

Fungi exhale plumes of spores.

The wind sweeps bacteria, pollen, leaf fragments and bits of insect shells into the atmosphere.

The wet breath of the forest, peppered with microbes and organic residues, creates ideal conditions for rain.

With so much water in the air and so many minute particles on which the water can condense, rain clouds quickly form.

The Amazon sustains much more than itself, however.

Forests are vital pumps of Earth’s circulatory system.

All of the water that gushes upward from the Amazon forms an enormous flying river, which brings precipitation to farms and cities throughout South America.

Some scientists have concluded that through long-range atmospheric ripple effects the Amazon contributes to rainfall in places as far away as Canada.

The Amazon’s rain ritual is just one of the many astonishing ways in which living creatures transform their environments and the planet as a whole.

Much of this ecology has only recently been discovered or understood.

We now have compelling evidence that microbes are involved in numerous geological processes; some scientists think they played a role in forming the continents.

The Earth Is Just as Alive as You Are Scientists once ridiculed the idea of a living planet. Not anymore.


Thanks for this link!

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And we are one of those Species that will be Extinct. I would bet 90% of the people are not taking this seriously or don’t believe it. They can’t see the big picture. Different story if an Asteroid was heading our way. There would be mass hysteria. Why is that if both are Extinction Events? My guess is most are caught up in minutia such as Trump, Mueller Report, upcoming Election and Soccer practice for their kids who will all get sports scholarships. Earth day is another bust because there is nothing to celebrate. How many Coal Plants or Oil Companies shut down? None! Looking up, Not a cloud in the sky except for the planes spewing out Chemtrails putting a grey cover blocking out the sun. That’s a Hoax as well so I’m told by many who say it only water vapor. The sheer stupidity is mind boggling. You can fill in the rest.


One of the things that always gets me is people say things that start with, “I think”…1) it isn’t what you think, it is what you know…2) how dare them think they can think, if they thought so they would not say so, don’t you think? Okay, it’s a silly attempt at humor…Peoples, we are in trouble and most are swimming in that river of d’nile. It is our duty to inform so that we may, hopefully, prevent chaos. Hopefully but most likely not.

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I didn’t see human overpopulation mentioned. Why?


I would vote for Trump if it got rid of him!


Yes. It was mentioned twice. But not as “overpopulation”. (Close though) They also mentioned consumption. Either way we are in dire straits.


Perhaps some of the people who fail to take such warnings seriously do so because they hear utter absurdities like this nonsense about chemtrails. The whole idea is ridiculous firstly because it would mean that people are doing it to themselves and their own families (for unexplained reasons too) and secondly because distributing the sheer volume of chemicals necessary would be a logistical nightmare to orchestrate as well as would be coordinating the large numbers of people ‘in on it’ that would be necessary (and who have magically managed to keep their thousands of cohorts and what they are doing secret lo these many years). Why would people spray anything on themselves and their families?

Talking about such silliness as if it were real ends up discrediting serious scientific warnings and only helps those who foster denial.


I would vote for Trump if it got rid of him!

He could be stupid enough to think he could survive nuclear, biological or chemical disasters

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Alexander von Humboldt (!769-1859) saw this coming over two hundred years ago ~

  • see “The Invention of Nature” (2015) by Andrea Wulf.

Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky (1863-1945) saw the climate crisis coming some one hundred years ago ~

  • see “The Light of the Stars” (2018) by astrophysicist Adam Frank, ps. 118-122.

Now both crises are here and now, along with more than a few new and unexpected ones - think nuclear power & weapons, plastics, artificial intelligence etc…

I still like Enrico Fermi’s question as to SETI:

“Where is everyone?”

For an awful lot of the people here on Earth today - the answer appears to be ‘asleep’, or perhaps ignorant, possibly overwhelmed ?

But I think awareness is building - hopefully it will come in time for countermeasures.


Thank you for your post.

Why? Because people are in denial and worship the almighty behbuhs.

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Finally another person who thinks and acts like a few of us here. I am Child free by choice.

No problem; only one species needs to be preserved at all cost: the global oligarch. To hell with the Wales: Save the Oligarchs.

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Is that really a solution for you?