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'Coming to a Town Near You.' Eviction Warnings Mount as Grace Period for Federal Moratorium Expires

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/coming-town-near-you-eviction-warnings-mount-grace-period-federal-moratorium-expires

McConnell will not close his eyes and hope it goes away, he just doesn’t care.
We are a capitalist nation. Anyone that can’t pay their bills is looked upon as a failure. You are worthless and weak and economic evolution has decided you should perish.
Funny how, in an economic context, conservatives actually do believe in evolution after all.


We didn’t care for our neighbors who were foreclosed back in 2008-09. What makes anyone think we’ll do it now?
Just culling the herd. Getting rid of the excess population. Covid is helping the Elite.


only this/next time it will be YOU.

Eviction moratorium just stops evictions temporarily, and people have huge bills they have to pay to prevent evictions when it ends. Both tenants and SMALL landlords should get relief of bills during the COVID-19 epidemic and its aftermath when that clearly has arrived, (aftermath of people not going out and spending). The government and ESPECIALLY the incumbent parties are failing tremendously.

Both parties should resign and set the country free of them and their corruption and failures.

Why isnt the government taking over our thousands of abandoned malls and unfinished housing developments, fixing them up and using them for temporary housing for the homeless families and singles?

If they cant do that they should create a limit of one home per family and tax the shit out of second and third homes to fund new homes for the poor, that they can own.

The real welfare queens are the bad actor corporations (not all of them) and the politicians who do their bidding, who have perched on the country’s back like crazed monkeys, screeching for their pound of flesh.

What did the nation do to deserve this?

Meanwhile, American Airlines plans to lay off 19,000 employees, unless the government ante’s up with more monetary assistance. Wouldn’t that be something if AA gets more billions of dollars again, while 30+ million people get nothing and are left homeless and destitute?

People remind them of their failures.

They are socking away the kickbacks in secrecy jurisdictions. Offshore tax havens now contain most of the wealth in the world.