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Coming to Our Senses Regarding Nukes


Coming to Our Senses Regarding Nukes

Robert Dodge

As part of President-Elect Trumps daily tweets this past week he stated:

The United States must greatly strengthen its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.


I suppose there is some thin hope that the president elect will see nuclear war would putting an end to his pussy grabbing shenanigans. Not much to bet on I know,
Maybe, just maybe, a mass movement against this and other insanities would be a better bet.


As Kennedy and Khrushchev almost succeeded in ending the Cold War in 1963, and began the dialogue that had prepared an announcement of a joint venture to place a man on the moon, and had, in fact begun the retooling of Russian Tank factories from armaments to aerospace in support of the project, the Forces that now control our Nation began their successful conspiracy to murder our duly elected President and derail any hope of Peace in our time.

This is what we’re up against today, no matter which puppet sits in the Oval Office in 2017.


I have to wonder if Trump’s posture of nuclear bellicosity has amplified in response to the ridiculous charges by Liberals/Democrats that he is ‘soft’ on Russia or even a Russian stooge.

Liberals/Democrats traditionally have justified warmongering on the part of Clintons/Obamas by claiming that these otherwise peace-loving leaders were forced into their positions to counter Republican accusations that they were ‘soft’ on Muslims, oops, I mean ‘terrorists.’

I’ll never defend Trump but at the same time damned if I am willing to justify the continuing idiocy of the Liberals/Democrats.


The military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) owns both the Democratic and Republican parties.

MIMIC has no tolerance for either party limiting occupations and wars that are the mainstay of its revenue.


I went on my 1st anti-nuclear march almost 60 years ago. I continue to have no doubt that nuclear weapons are insane. But banning nuclear weapons won’t work – it doesn’t go far enough.

If it’s not nuclear weapons, it could be bio-weapons or nano-weapons or some other god-awful weapon. Banning weapons won’t work without a peaceful and enforceable alternative that allows peoples to settle disputes justly, and stops insane leaders (like Hilter) before they can become a menace.

The true evil is war, and that is what must be banned. We’ve got to get beyond the idea that our species can continue to exist in the absence of enforceable international law. Otherwise, we will continue to play Russian roulette with our future.


A thoughtful and accurate appraisal by Mr Dodge of what nuclear weapons can and would unleash on all of Earth’s creatures - of which we are only one. Its a sad state of affairs that apparently all our politicians and so-called “leaders” do not possess either the understanding or moral compass, courage or wisdom to put aside the arrogance and aggression, arms industry profits and jingoism to work for peace and a total ban to end the threats of nuclear WMD’s.
The fact is that most have never served in war or seen first-hand the hideous brutality and consequences of war. A leader with zero understanding of the consequences of nuclear weapons, even the “little ones”, not to mention a person afflicted with mental illness, should not to any degree hold the reins of power!


Banning weapons won’t work without a peaceful and enforceable alternative that allows peoples to settle disputes justly, and stops insane leaders (like Hiter) before they can become a menace.

The real ‘Hitler’ of our present time period is the president of the USA, at least in terms of mass destructiveness & human suffering. Ironically, whenever the president of the USA wants to be aggressive, he claims that he is doing so to stop another ‘Hitler’ halfway across the globe.

And the MSM dutifully paint fangs & devil horns on whomever the Pentagon designates as the next ‘Hitler.’


I almost wish SiouxRose was stil around to kvetch about the “we meme.” We the People are mostly against the use of nukes. Those who aren’t actively against them are so because they feel safer (falsely) if we have so many that they think nobody would dare attack us for fear of unleashing hellish fury sent from an impregnably safe place. They and our leaders don’t seem to “get” the meaning of the word “Mutual” in term Mutual Assured Destruction


I am pleased to learn that “Led by 123 nations representing a majority of the world’s population a nuclear weapons ban treaty will be negotiated at the United Nations this next year.”

Unfortunately, cluster bombs have been banned and are still used by the US military with the consent of the administration. Obama, the constitutional lawyer, has violated not only the constitution, but international law on more than one occasion.

Banning nuclear weapons, if this succeeds, will demonstrate the broad support that exists around the world. Could the successful banning of nuclear weapons be the precursor to banning war?

What if Trump’s ‘affection for greatness’ could be the very thing that could be tapped into and cause him to enact/support public and foreign policies that would reverse/replace all those that have created so much harm here and abroad?


Yes, Siouxrose… Where are you./??


I’ve been wondering the same thing. Why haven’t we heard from Siouxrose. I thought she would
be back after the “election”. Honestly, I miss reading her posts. I’ve been reading them for more than 11 years now, and I, for one would like to see them resume. Seriously!


He is not our president, literally. The Green Party has now petitioned the DOJ to investigate this election after observing many irregularities during the recount. Add your voice! This election was stolen by Trump’s enablers. It was done in the same ways he projected onto Hillary, trucks full of phony ballots, computers changing votes, etc.

It doesn’t matter how the current electoral college delegates voted. They are illegitimate. Any one of the Democratic electoral college delegates from Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas or Florida would have standing to go to the Supreme Court and demand that the election results be nullified. What is more likely is Trump lost this election in a landslide along with many of the reps and senators swept in on his coattails. Injunctions need to be filed immediately delaying the inauguration.

Apart from the improper Russian influence and Comey’s violation of the Hatch Act rendering the election results invalid, we have out and out thievery in states like Michigan where voters were given a red pen to fill in their ballots and now there are enough ballots similar to those in Detroit to overturn the state results, but they haven’t been counted because the scanner won’t read them. The Republicans in Michigan went to court and had the recount stopped. You don’t do that unless there is something major to hide. The ballots need to be read manually and counted.

In Wisconsin the manual reading of ballots revealed mistakes in the way over 5% of the ballots were being read by the scanner, but they would not allow a manual count. Things like this happened all over, recount isn’t enough, votes need to be examined and counted manually all over the country. A cross section of votes should be audited more closely, contacting the voters to ensure they accurately reflect the way they voted. Hillary won this election, not just the popular vote. This historical moment was stolen from all of the women in the world. Stop working so hard at “peaceful transition of power” and work on rightful transfer and transition of power instead. Please sign and share:


That strikes a chord with me - accurate, brief summation.

I think our doctor, Robert Dodge, is on the right track, but naive (natural) in the best sense, a compassionate man, who finds it perhaps impossible to tune in to the likes of Trump and his kin.

And it is not war per se that is the problem - it is the people divorced from war - all who have externalized the cost of war to a professional all volunteer force.

We are too civilized.

We need in the worst way to return to the savage state we were born to, and that we have managed for millions of years - until now - when we have allowed ourselves to be domesticated by incompetent, unfeeling, diseased overseers.

“And then Arthur learned, as all leaders are astonished to learn, that peace, not war, is the destroyer of men…”

  • John Steinbeck’s “The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights”

  • Andrew Bacevich’s “Breach of Trust”

Manysummits in Calgary


She’s on Consortium News, now.


You won’t get very far at CD with your call for a rational discourse about the 2016 national elections. And, how the election was as crooked as a dog’s hind leg across the Rust Belt and the South. Because, mostly, the state election boards in swing states, were run by Republicans. You see, the " they both cheat, and cheat, and cheat… " meme is necessary for " the lesser of two evils is still evil " theory to work. It props up the utter contempt 2% of the intellectual bourgeoisie and magical realists have for actual voting integity in our country; ya know, the imperialist, running lackey dog of the good ol’ U.S.A. Who always just sucks. And, lies and stacks the deck, against these 2% super smarty-smarts.
So, we can have garbage fill our streets and houses, because both companies contracted by the state to pick it up are equally corrupt. And, only a 3rd, …or a 6th, 7th …9 possibly, garbage hauling company(s) will bring the economic/political/cultural harmony that they envision is in their own personally approved and proper receptical. ( For their unifying theories on a harmonic conversion, yours’ and not theirs, of universally acceptable collection practices. ) Mostly, they just hate the Democrats living on the West Coast, though. We are this 2%'s " unwashed " because we can afford dissent without complete disruption and the likes of the obvious treasonous and disgusting activities of Republicans coming to actual fruition, generally. Which happens to be true in this 2016 election cycle. The corruption is there in full light of day, and it doesn’t need the hiding in plain sight, diagnosis and treatment.
As an American, a Stein voter, a proud Clinton basher and an all things Republican thrasher, I still demand completely fair and honest elections. And, demand them completely across-the-board; win, lose or draw. But, most especially for the contractors given the task of picking up our collective garbage. Which, I believe, includes a lot of already accumalated nuclear waste. But, of course, we see Clinton Collection Co. is possibly worse and certainly equal to The Trump Trash Compilers & Waste Managers, in their ineptness and crony cynacism. We are soon to find out the odiferous ripeness of that meme in real time. " Euw, smell that smell, oh, smell that smell , that smell that surrounds you. Euw, that smell…"


Gawd. Find a way to blame Democrats, the Clintons, whoever other than the asshole who is saying “hey, let’s build more nukes!” I mean, it’s not like Trump is erratic is it? Must be a Clinton plant.


Yes, the Clintons are always the " worser of the worest " because BillHillary are major league poltical hacks. Who the hell, with two brain cells to rub together, didn’t already know that. Well, duh! As a former citizen of the 1st decider state, we progressives having been fighting their special kind of crapola, since the early 1980s. But, their crapola is a molehill of stink, beside the huuuggeee steaming, mountainous pile of shit that is The Incoming Trumpster/Dumpster Adm. But, we can’t even get these people interested in election integrity, that might somehow inadvertently help The Clintonista Clan, and do a world of good for the entire country. Forgetting the first tenet of the lousy, but painfully accurate rule of the LBJ ADM. " I’d rather have them inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent, pissing in ". Now, we’ve accepted a crooked lunatic who’s about to deficate on everyone and everything. Except the wealthiest among us, of course. Shhheeeeesshh…!!!


Thought provoking, at the very least.

I remember when the Draft was ended, and considering the acrimony between the Government and the Anti-War Movement, was surprised at what seemed like a nice thing for them to do, at the time, not realizing that the foundation was being laid for this insidious Warrior Class of citizens to emerge, allowing the Corrupt PTB to further their Plans and lessen Public Opposition at the same time.

All this within, about, a decade of the CIA coup of 1963.

Haven’t read the pieces you refer to, yet.

With limited study on the subject, I’ve long believed that the Native Americans were, spiritually, among the most highly evolved societies in History, accurately understanding, and experiencing, our place in the Cosmos and on earth.


Human nature has always perplexed me - and I am confident this will be the case to the end of my days.

Steinbeck, for example, was absolutely mesmerized by the saga of King Arthur, who was not a king at all apparently. But the insights into human nature in that tale - extraordinary !

I brought over to the coffee shop the full quote:

“Then Arthur learned, as all leaders are astonished to learn, that peace, not war, is the destroyer of men; tranquility rather than danger is the mother of cowardice, and not need but plenty brings apprehension and unease.”

This rings true in my own life - without question - but it is nonetheless puzzling.

Arthur was probably a ‘wearer of the purple’ - a Celt granted Roman citizenship, and an expert in the tactics of cavalry, and a brilliant war leader. Here is Churchill on Arthur, in his book “The History of the English Speaking Peoples”:

“Somewhere in the island a great captain gathered the forces of Roman Britain and fought the barbarian invaders to the death. Around him, around his name, and his deeds, shine all that romance and poetry can bestow.”

This passage too - of Winston Churchill’s, reveals another side of human nature - our need for heros.

Kennedy longed for a lasting peace - perhaps we all do.

And yet, without challenge - real challenge, with life and limb on the line, life is diminished - perhaps it is not really living - a seeming paradox.

And there have always been those who use strength and power to subjugate others - and there always will be.

Perhaps the word ‘war’ is flexible - and need not refer to mutually assured destruction, which is in no one’s interest, but rather ‘war’ refers to the constant battle between those who demand freedom, and those who seek to control the free ?

I once knew a man who had money. When I offered him the lead on a climb, he declined, saying he had ‘too much to lose’.

Two worldviews, n’est pa ?

In offering him what I thought a compliment, he stunned me with the abject fact that his money was worth more than my life.

Extrapolating, I would say, that as a general rule, those who seek power and privilege over others, for it is a zero sum game - are more fearful, less compassionate, more psychotic than those who can actually stand on their own two feet, and accept the world the way it is.

Just now, with rare exceptions, these are our so-called leaders.

In fact, they are absolutely without qualification to lead.

A very dangerous situation.

The native American’s you refer to were savage, in many ways cruel, always at war - abhorrent to the civilized mind.

And yet - they do appear to have been more at home in the universe than we are.

And we - we are headed for extinction.

And so what - after all - is there to recommend our civilized experiment - in the final analysis ?