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'Commander-in-Chief' Forum Panned as Colossal Failure of Journalism


'Commander-in-Chief' Forum Panned as Colossal Failure of Journalism

Jon Queally, staff writer

Putting aside the shortcomings of both major candidates, for many critical observers the biggest loser during Wednesday night's presidential "Commander-in-Chief" forum on NBC News was the platform itself.


Why would anyone be surprised at this outcome? The MSM is a colossal failure. Nothing new there. What we should be focusing on is how do we get someone like Amy Goodman to moderate one of these debates?


Think I'll put this one here too:

In the Captains of Warfare Industry Aircraft Carrier Bake Sale Take-off

Hillary Clinton did not cough once due to a platinum wire attached at 3 a.m. the night before by a secret bearded doctor from Hillary's stomach to her phrenic nerve.


So Hillary really is one of the Lizard people?


This is another reason why we need the Libertarian and Green parties represented on stage. They would represent well-coalesced minority voices, and generally there's a bit of truth in what any solid minority says.


Two of America's most notorious fools, Trump and Hillary, went on NBC to answer of few foreign policy questions from a guy who the oligarchy told to "watch your step" last night.

The takeaway: Trump is a know-nothing, lunatic and Hillary is using a 50 year-old playbook to formulate her policies. She's totally out of touch.

Are these two dummies the best candidates that corporate money could buy?


Gary Johnson the Libertarian was asked this AM on NBC, "What would you do about Aleppo?
"What is Aleppo," Johnson asked?

This clown is even dumber then Trump.


From the article: "Lauer failed to ask the necessary tough questions or followups, with many suggesting the forum was a lesson in how not to inform voters or put a check on those seeking high office."

Which pretty much sums up Lauer's entire career. Journalism and Matt Lauer are anathema and contradictory terms. Then again, journalism isn't why he's paid the obscene salary he gets. Lauer is what some might term a gatekeeper, a protector of the status quo, making sure that the last thing his audience is ever exposed.to is anything possibly construed as an uncomfortable truth.
Have no television---gave up on it years ago, mostly due to the preponderance of clowns of Lauer's ilk that disproportionately populate it.
From these reviews, it's evident not much has changed and I didn't miss very much.


The american nightmare version award


No, it's more about what people want to say about her. But, sure, she may be one of two lizard persons in a binary choice (we ought to stay open to all lizard accusations) and the better one so don't sink like a Stein.


We should take advice from someone who may (or may not) believe in Lizard people?
That cinches it, I'm definitely voting for Jill Stein.


Neither one of them knows how to escape from a wet paper bag.
Concerning the question about which candidate is the least moral or most immoral?
Take your pick.
In the end they will both burn in hell for their sins.


...And the planet will burn along with them... #NeverHillary. Stein/Baraka 2016!


Why do Christian Fundamentalist Trump supporters spend time in this Progressive forum?


I thought one of the more telling moments was on the Rachel Maddow show afterwards when Andrew Bacevich pointed out that nothing had been asked about the real issues, such as Obama's decision to invest a trillion dollars in upgrading the nuclear arsenal (a policy either candidate would surely continue) Ms. Maddow did not respond and the Iraq war vet sitting next to her said that Clinton & Trump should have been asked why they did not serve in the military!? Yeah, it's a question but hardly the point Bacevich raised - one, incidentally, that could have something to do with destroying the planet.


Both Clinton and Trump fumbled their responses to several military veterans in the audience asking questions about medical services for military veterans.

Had Stein been included in the forum, she would have had the easiest and most credible response...single payer medical insurance will provide medical services for all Americans, including veterans.

Any wonder Stein wasn't included in the forum ?


Nothing but empty political theater. It is truly embarrassing that this is who we are looking at for president but the corporations don't really care which one it is, they will be running things anyway.


Part of the problem is the Candidates setting Pre-Conditions for the type of questions and, in some cases, declaring specific topics Off Limits.

Or, particularly in the case of Trump, threatening to Walk Off the stage or not show up at all if they decide the moderator is asking, or going to ask, the "Wrong" questions.


I didn't watch but it seems to be unanimous that Lauer was a disaster. Certainly Chuck Todd had to be better. but for some reason it sounds like NBC went with the junior varsity. From what I gather Lauer didn't let Clinton finish answering questions while he allowed Trump to ramble on and didn't even followup when Trump was obviously lying such as making a false statement that he opposed the war in Iraq before the war. The media is clearly using a double standard. They are holding Clinton to the usual standard for truth while not holding Trump to the same standard even though he lies constantly. The media continues to be a disgrace during this election and is reinforcing the Trump view that the truth does not matter rather than sticking to the conventional view that the truth is vital. See the link for a good summary of the extent to which Donald Trump tells lies.


If you measure everything in life by the almighty dollar...........I don't. Their job is to inform, enlighten and challenge the status quo (establishment). They fail on all counts because they ARE the establishment.