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Commercializing Elections to Destroy Our Democracy


Commercializing Elections to Destroy Our Democracy

Ralph Nader

Our political economy – a wonderfully embracing phrase much used a century ago – has three main components: The electoral/governmental powers, the marketplace, and the civil society, which is composed of we the citizens.


The commercializing of America started in the '50’s with Bernayes and his propaganda creation. By the 60’s the youth had lost hope and tuned in and dropped out, refusing to accept that buying things your neighbor has, was sufficient gratification for longer work hours and sacrifices needed to keep getting more stuff. The idea of the self was changing the way people thought about their neighbors and community. The destruction of Democracy was taking shape.
The elections we see today are an extension of that commercializing and propaganda. Every year they cost more and the candidates are less and less representative of the people.
This election is the culmination of this driving force. We have two people running for two parties who are known to be untrustworthy and ignore the laws as if they don’t relate to them. Two that have the lowest approval rating of any candidates but are still running and getting votes. Both are involved in investigations of illegalities and could be indicted. Both are running on celebrity and propaganda not substance and still winning votes.
Only one candidate is honest and has a vision for this country but he is blocked at every turn. The election is rigged against him.
The destruction of Democracy has happened slowly but this election of one of the two frauds will pretty much complete the deed.
The time for revolution is now!


Sanders’ supporters need to avoid the temptation to go to the dark side and support a commercial candidate.


Thank you, Mr. Nader, for having faced so much graft, corruption, and redundant battles… to still believe that our nation can reflect justice, human rights, fair wages, safe environmental laws, and other facets that make for a wonderful and workable Democratic society. If YOU still see this possibility (having seen the dark underbelly of so much), then it’s an inspiration for the rest of us.


Love you Ralph Nader.
Proof that being American doesn’t necessitate being an ignorant, partisan, aggressive, angry human being.


Ever since the primaries started in February many local voters (who have historically voted for Democrats) tell me “we need to get the money out of politics”.

Asking them who they voted for in their primary, most tell me they voted for Clinton, who is second to none in attracting corporate money. I am therefore wondering how “we” are going to get the money out of politics, with so much of the “we” working against it ?


Insightful, Ray, the contradiction, especially among Democrats, and the effective resignation to corporate money owning US politics.

Two major political parties in this country: one is 100% owned by corporations, the other is 90% owned by corporations.

As was noted last week, the corporate sponsors of both political conventions will write the platforms of both parties, to the benefit of the 1%.


Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, and Ivy Lee began the “commercialization” / “propagandizing” process several decades before the 1950s. Bernays’ seminal “torches of freedom” tobacco campaign was in the 1920s. Even earlier, Bernays worked for President Wilson’s Committee on Public Information.


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