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Commercializing Elections to Destroy Our Democracy


Commercializing Elections to Destroy Our Democracy

Ralph Nader

Our political economy – a wonderfully embracing phrase much used a century ago – has three main components: The electoral/governmental powers, the marketplace, and the civil society, which is composed of we the citizens.


Ralph Nader tells it like it is, and has done so it seems forever - he is a real champion of issues that so many see today as essential to our wellbeing and sustainable future!

"The citizen champions who, for example, led the fight for safer and nutritious food, less harmful medicines, cleaner air and water, more secure pensions, a freer media, more open government, waging peace instead of war, securing indigenous peoples’ rights, safer transportation, the well-being of children, insurance industry accountability and great advances for people with disabilities.

Will you ever see or hear them on national TV or radio broadcast by companies using our public airwaves so profitably for free?"

Mr Nader hits the nail on the head how big-money controls the dialogue and those who control vast wealth are more equal than others - making a mockery of the principle of One Person, One Vote! Corruption by wealth sanctified by the SCOTUS and an essential betrayal of democracy and our republic!


Fortunately, the youth are less tethered to the corporate media than the more dated components of society. That is part of the reason why Bernie resonated so well with them. Hopefully, they can help reform society so that the (intended) representatives of the People, that is the 535 + 2, are less influenced by the corporate gamesmanship and more responsive to the People.

It must be remembered that we have a republic and not a democracy (although it is a critical component to the republic). Additionally, it must be remembered that representatives are elected, not leaders. The dialogue all to often suggests the converse to be true. More and more incumbents need to bite the dust during their reelection bids if this misunderstanding is to be corrected.


Elections: one more "thing" to be bought by or sold to the highest bidder. Of course, those bidders have expectations. They gave politicians lots of money, so they expect help in recouping those expenses. And that is how they really have "bought" politicians, who know that the candidate with the most money usually wins.

No wonder government is such an intractable mess!


Elections have indeed become just another commodity upon which to speculate and any "campaign finance reform" or "election reform" is viewed by the global elite as regulating a market that has provided them a very high return on investment.