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Common Humanity and US Foreign Policy


Common Humanity and US Foreign Policy

Bernie Sanders

Common Dreams Editor's Note: The following are the prepared remarks for a speech delivered today, Thursday September 21, by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) as the 58th Green Foundation Lecture at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. The speech will also be live streamed here (and below).


“When we talk about foreign policy it is clear that there are some who believe that the United States would be best served by withdrawing from the global community. I disagree.”

I think the some people that Bernie is referring to are many of his strongest supporters.


" We will not allow Mr. Putin to undermine our democracy?"

So far I have not seen any irrefutable proof of that statement, but Bernie, there is an abundance of truth that the DNC undermined our democracy when they nominated a loser over a sure winner! And your latest, truthful and sapient speech is all the proof one needs to see why!


I trust PNHP. They have written that:

Based on our initial analysis, we find the Medicare For All Act of 2017
to be a significant step forward in the fight for single payer. Taken
together with the Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act (H.R. 676), it would transform the U.S. health care system, making health care a human right.

If that isn’t good enough for Jim Kavanagh, oh well - it’s good enough for me.

Plus, isn’t this a story about Foreign Policy?


I think you are wrong. The text after your quote is:

When we talk about foreign policy it is clear that there are some who
believe that the United States would be best served by withdrawing from
the global community. I disagree. As the wealthiest and most powerful
nation on earth, we have got to help lead the struggle to defend and
expand a rules-based international order in which law, not might, makes
We must offer people a vision that one day, maybe not in our
lifetimes, but one day in the future human beings on this planet will
live in a world where international conflicts will be resolved
peacefully, not by mass murder.

That sounds exactly like how most of his strongest supporters (including me) feel.


Today I say to Mr. Putin: we will not allow you to undermine American democracy or democracies around the world.

I can hear Putin now…“Look in the mirror Senator”


It is a grotesque sight, watching all the DNC shills, all the Bernie haters, vomiting on themselves.

I judge the effectiveness of Sanders words by the swift, hateful response of all these operatives.


Here’s the central problem: Bernie continues to complain about Trump and the Rethugs bloating the latest permanent war bill, while holding his own party essentially harmless. Permanent War has been the policy of every president and every congress since the end of WW2. It is a central factor of the bipartisan capitalist Duopoly.

Even in using the the Marshall Plan as an example, he is being ahistorical and disingenuous. The Marshall Plan was a central part of a global post-war policy of anti-democracy under the guise of anti-communism. It was a critical factor in bludgeoning and bribing nascent Post-War governments in western Europe, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean into becoming U.S. national security state fiefdoms throughout the Cold War and beyond.

As long as he remains an essential part of the Duopoly, all of Bernie’s fine words will come to naught - or even be counter-productive in extending the life of the Duopoly - which operates for masters who would destroy all humanity and much other life for their profit, comfort and power.


Thank you Bernie Sanders; this supporter is not an isolationist, but a progressive world-engager, like you. I am awed by your energy, humanity, erudition, humor, and sticktoitiveness! You represent progressive thought and action so well, and you engage with people who have differing and more resentful approaches to our nation’s issues with humility and a listening mind. So…thank you. This is a speech ALL our news media should be covering, but they won’t. (What a contrast to the speech of the current resident of the White House). So thanks to CD for the transcript.

If you should chose to run again for President, I will again work for your election (maybe with a woman, say Elizabeth or Kamala? as your VP.


You should be ashamed of yourself troll for insinuating that Bernie was talking about war with Russia when he was most definitely was not. You simply repeated the same lies from your other post almost verbatim. Taking words out of context and implying they meant something else. For shame troll.


All you purist commentors are why we will continue to loose even if we have the best possible candidate and he doesn’t jump to y’all terms.

Go vote for another looser and damn us all.


Senator Sanders- Why do you join in with the Clintonistas in this false accusation that has been proved to not be true by VIPS and don’t condemn the actual interference the DNC and the Clinton campaign did in the Primary to steal the nomination from you?


My my! Shall I engage with you about the words that you put into Sanders’ mouth that he didn’t say? Excuse me but I value my time more than that. You quoted his words and then twisted to mean something else. Now you skip over that and try another route? Aren’t you cute? How about posting a quote of words that Sanders actually did say. Maybe you could try that if you wanted to be taken seriously instead of twisting words and taking words out of context and putting words in his mouth that he didn’t say.


You also stop abruptly making the quote out of context. What is the next line after the last line of your quote? Someone else is trying to suggest that that last line of the quote is advocating war with Russia. Do you care to say that too or maybe you might post the follow up sentences to clarify things?


I imagine that Sanders still wants to keep some political ‘credibility’, for what its worth in the current corrupt climate, with the Dems. If he started to oppose their most unilateral agreed upon position, that being more hawkishness towards Russia, the Dems would have even less reason to listen to what Bernie is trying to say, such as with his recent push for Medicare for All.

I guess he still doesn’t want to rock the political boat. Though at a certain point one should, especially when that boat is headed straight to the edge of a waterfall.


Read the next line in his speech where he says he wants to strengthen democracy around the world including in Russia. Three people have used misquoting to slur Bernie. Or should I say three trolls maybe?

MCH read the next line in his speech that these people have all left out. It tells you who these people really are.


Sorry perhaps I was rash. I still kind of wish though that Bernie would take the “Russia interfered in our election” stuff with a little more grain of salt, especially since the end result of such reasoning might lead away from the diplomacy Bernie wishes.


“In fact, our goal is to not only strengthen American democracy, but to work in solidarity with supporters of democracy around the globe, including in Russia. In the struggle of democracy versus authoritarianism, we intend to win.”

Those two sentences do not undo that he is supporting a narrative that is false, that Russia interfered in our election.

In fact those two sentences are subtle attacks on Russia, asserting that Russia is not a democracy (it is a democracy) or that Putin is not a legitimately elected leader (he is) but an authoritarian.

Bernie here, despite your wanting to ignore it, is joining in the chorus that is ramping up antipathy towards Russia. He is carrying the water of the American Imperialists who wanted Clinton in the White House so they could get their new cold war with Russia.

Does Sanders want a war with Russia? No, I don’t think so. I think he wants the Democratic Party to take him seriously and he is going along on this narrative to get along. But this is a narrative designed to get a war with Russia.

You are aware that now Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner are colluding with Max Boot and David Frum and in a new video Freeman declares we are already at war with Russia?

Does Sanders counter this? Nope. He supports it.


Exactly what right does the United States have - the most violent nation in the history of humanity which has never been a democracy and was founded on genocide, patriarchy and slavery - to impose its form of “democracy” on Russia, or any other nation for that matter?


He could just not say anything about that. Instead he is sheep dogging all his people into accepting this Clinton lie.