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Common Sense Is Now Perilously Absent in Our Nation

Common Sense Is Now Perilously Absent in Our Nation

Jesse Jackson

With the government still partially shut down, partisan politics is generating more heat than light.

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Common sense has been supplanted by private cents. One hundred billion cents for every billion dollars to be exact. Warren Buffet has it right, the class war is basically a hot war and his class is winning.


When 95% of the voting electorate chose to support the two most corrupt, corporate political parties in this country in 2016, that alone is testament to a severe lack of Common Sense.

That this has been the norm for decades shows that we are basically insane. Doing the same thing, over and over, expecting a different result.


A good essay by a civil rights leader whose public platform has diminished greatly in recent decades.

Regarding Pelosi, she may be quite right to play hardball against Trump’s position on wall funding.

If Trump can use a government shut-down as a tactic to get what he wants, where will his extortion stop?

The Republicans, especially Trump and his top aid Mitch McConnell, are speeding down every highway with their high beams on. And they are crossing the center line a lot.

Jesse asks if it may make sense to retaliate.

But at some point, Trump and McConnell are going to crash, likely head on and into a car in the other lane, whether that other car has its high beams on or not.

Perhaps Pelosi’s strategy to start threatening their side of the road is right.

That this is where we are is beyond discouraging.


The planet inhabited by a single dominant fairly intelligent species is an extremely unnatural arrangement. The human species evolved to function in groups of small number of families, not in nations of millions. What appears to be lack of common sense is actually the outcome of trying to organize humans in a way incompatible with their nature.
Despite this huge evolutionary challenge, some cultures managed to self-organize in stable forms (such as China and Europe) by creating strong codes of behavior (civilization.) The US, unfortunately for everybody, has utterly failed in forging a civilization. It remains today as primitive as when it was founded by thieves and scoundrels centuries ago.


Jesse, Where was nyour voice when Barack was running then show. Obama increased military budgets, droned civilians on a daily basis, arrested whistleblowers at an unprecedented scale, allowed the health insurers to write his “health bill”. He kept silent after his election in 2008 while the Israeli army massacred Gazans in Operation Cast Lead. That was a war crime by the Israelis yet Barack said nothing. No banksters went to jail thanks to their corporate tool Holder and the president kept quiet. You, Jesse were AWOL as a voice for the people and NOW you finally address the disaster that is our govt. ? I guess being on the boards of large corporations is too rewarding to rock the boat,


This one difference I note between the typical Republican Party supporter in the USA and the typical Democratic Party supporter in the USA.

No matter how bad a sitting Republican Party President is for the people, those that elected him will stand by him or her and this support will continue long past that Presidents term. This is how guys like Regan and Bush senior become all but sanctified years after their deaths.

Democratic supporters tend to be different. As long as their man President they will stick by him and support everything he does and remain silent on the things like supporting Coups in foreign Countries or wars against other nation states or things like “welfare reform”. Once that President retires and no longer in office those Democrats bravely cite the concerns they had with him and how those policies were bad ones.


A good article, simply put, by the man who should have been our first Black President; if we had any common sense.

Really sad to see a Jesse Jackson post here –
Along the way he decided not to wear a tie as he followed Martin Luther King, Jr.
and others out onto that balcony –
It was a very telling omission.
See: William Pepper’s book on the assassination of MLK, Jr.

Some info on Wm. Pepper’s book –

There are many stunning discoveries that Dr. Pepper has uncovered as well, including the assertion that at least three men within MLK’s own circle betrayed him, one of whom is still considered one of the “leaders” of the civil rights “movement.” But under my “no spoilers” rule, those names will not be repeated here, let it be sufficient to say that they provided all that the FBI officials who were constructing the elaborate plans needed to know as to the “comings and goings” of MLK to complete their deadly mission.**

Phillip F. Nelson, author of “LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination” and “LBJ: From Mastermind to The Colossus”

and this review by another reader named Tomlinson –

I began The Plot to Kill King with a certain amount of skepticism but heard the author interviewed on the radio and thought it worth reading. By the midpoint of the book the depth of research and investigative reporting swayed me to think otherwise and by the end of TPTKK, although I was not utterly convinced as to every aspect of the conspiracy (the St. Joseph’s Hospital section was not as well supported IMO) there was no doubt in my mind that MLK’s murder was not the effort of the hapless James Earl Ray, but a plotted assassination by multiple levels of government, the military, organized crime, and various law enforcement agencies. I shudder to think of how many people were involved that we don’t know about. Also disturbing are the implications of Jesse Jackson in the MLK murder, and connections of the one of the characters to Jack Ruby.

Next time you take comfort in the fact that you don’t live in some third world country where threats to the powers that be are dealt with by death squads, read this book. Why the MLK assassination has not been reinvestigated is mystifying and shameful to a country that claims to be a leader in democracy and free speech. Every American should read this book.

You are exactly right, Jesse Jackson. We throw our votes away by voting over and over for the lesser of two evils. The electorate should be setting the agenda but we are led by the nose by the media, the game of politics, and by the party system and yet, we continue to participate! If you find yourself playing the game with them, get out of the game. Check out the Green Party platform. “They can’t win” because we’d rather be sorry than pro-active. Take off the blinders. Stop playing party politics. If enough of us change, party politics will start accommodating voters instead of the other way around.