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Common Sense on the Democratic Presidential Race


Common Sense on the Democratic Presidential Race

Robert Borosage

The media has declared the Democratic presidential race over, even though no candidate has won a majority of the delegates. The Democratic establishment is in a tizzy about polls showing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump running even with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, although that mostly reflects Republicans consolidating, however reluctantly, behind Trump.


Neither can she, no matter how hard she tries. She won’t win most of his supporters. She won’t win any Independents to speak of who liked Sanders.

If Bernie winning the nomination is a steep uphill climb, we need to state that Clinton winning over his supporters is a sheer, vertical cliff that is too smooth for rock climbing.


Props to long-time Democratic party supporter Borosage for having the guts to simply speak the truth regarding Bernie Sanders’ campaign and movement.

Amazing how seamless the double-speak has become among Dem insiders and the “mainstream” media, such that it becomes almost astonishing when an insider just points out the distortions.


Another side swipe article which sounds so very close to what people need to hear but in the end smacks them down and tells them that they should carry on after having lost!

I am sick of it. I want to hear the spirit of a free people! I want the old America back that fought for civil rights and not just accepted not having them because that was they way things were.

I am sick of pundits explaining why though it is unfair that even though Bernie fought his way to being the most popular candidate that the game was rigged against him and that is just too bad but let’s all join together and keep the movement going anyway and BULLSHIT!

If there is a movement then it had better start moving right now when it still can make a difference! Now is the time for protest at the convention against the rigging of the game. Now is the time to demonstrate against the disenfranchisement and the dirty tricks and underhanded tactics of the status quo and the media.


Not after the convention when it wouldn’t help Bernie but before the convention. Show the superdelegates and the oligarchs and the vested interest/personal interest status quo media and others that it matters that people have a real democracy. That their vote matters !!!

Fight to help Bernie win his rightful chance to run for president (independents are Americans who have a right to vote for whom they want too - they also pay taxes used by the parties).

If they get away with cheating Americans out of their democracy, what will we have then (who will even still believe in something that did not exist for them when it counted?)? The rule by oligarchy over an unwilling population that feels cheated and disenfranchised as the days of trouble due to global warming crash upon us?

Won’t that be fun when nobody respects their own institutions.

Won’t that be fun when no one ‘believes’ in America anymore?

Better make that when ordinary Americans are just as cynical as those at the top who didn’t believe in our institutions and cheated us of our democracy.

The status quo didn’t respect their own democracy and if they are successful at getting away with this rigged game, what will we have then? It won’t be an America of people who believe in America. It will be an oligarchy telling the little people to be loyal to them.

That should be interesting. An interesting time to live in.


I agree with just about everything you wrote Wereflea. I think you and Michael Hedges don’t really have that much that you disagree on.

Keep up the good work my friend :kissing_heart:


Trump is making it pretty much impossible for Sanders to do anything but work hard to defeat him. I am sure Sanders realizes just how dangerous Trump is. Assuming Clinton is the nominee, between the Clintons, Obama, Biden, Warren, and Sanders the attack against Trump should be successful. It is too early to make much of the polls but I expect the Hispanics to vote in much larger numbers this year which could be key in several states. Basically getting the Obama coalition to the polls is the key. It is hard to see how Trump will be able to get the very high percentage of white voters that he will probably need to win. The electorate should be about 2% more minority than in 2012 and Romney got a high percentage of white voters and still lost by a lot. Trump will probably have to do far better than Romney did with white voters to win.


Claiming the race is over again and again is a form of voter suppression. The DNC/Clinton machine encouraged this from the start and now you say they don’t want super delegates counted with pledged? That’s all they can do apparently and it too is a form of voter suppression.
I get the constant refrain from Dem’s that Hillary is a liberal just like you. Lie.
Hillary’s form of liberal is neoliberal and most people don’t understand that. I’m sure many have seen the IMF report saying neoliberalism has failed and is causing unsustainable inequality. And we are supposed to vote for her?
Revolution means revolting against the failed policies so why would we vote for her when she embodies the very things we are fighting?
Great article by the way. Nice to read the truth for a change.
Bernie or Bust.


The upshot of all this is, that we are prepared to follow Sanders almost anywhere, but not into Clinton’s camp. Period!
Yes, he has made certain commitments to the party establishment, but he has an even greater obligation to the millions of followers, who rooted and voted for him. He cannot fulfill both!
Therein lies the weighty decision he will have to make at or immediately following the convention, should he not get the nomination. For obvious reasons, he cannot even discuss the choices beforehand, but we can and should!


And we should make that crystal clear in the run-up to the convention, that we have no intention of following Bernie to support Clinton like a bunch of mindless sheep, even if he should feel obliged to follow through on his agreement with the party establishment and abandon us in the process. We are not part of THAT party!


Regarding the worries by some Democrats about whether Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton should she win the Democratic presidential nomination, Borosage writes that:

“Much of the establishment hand wringing features fears that Sanders will not endorse Clinton if he loses… But Sanders has already – repeatedly – announced his commitment to make certain Donald Trump does not become president of the United States.”

But Sanders only said that he will do anything he can to “make certain Donald Trump does not become president of the United States.” That doesn’t necessarily mean he will endorse Hillary. That would be such a gut-wrenching step backwards for many who supported him.

The best way for Bernie to keep Trump out of the White House may very well be to run as a third party (or possible a fourth party) candidate. The conditions for a third party victory have probably never been better. And with the Libertarian Party well organized with two former state governors on the ticket in most states, the possibilities for a Sanders victory outside the Democratic Party might be unexpectedly excellent.

Its very possible that the Libertarians might take votes from both the Dems and the Republicans – but not from Bernie supporters. And that could make the victory of a Green Party ticket with Bernie and Jill Stein even more possible.

But after coming so far, seeing Bernie endorse an undeniably dishonest warmonger with blood on her hands - from Ukraine and Syria to Libya and Honduras - and so many direct connections to Wall Street and everything that is wrong with our society would break the hearts and damage the spirits of millions of Americans who chose to believe that this year, real change was unexpectedly but wonderfully possible.

Possible indictments and polls showing Bernie with much better odds of beating Trump may very well change enough minds to make Senator Sanders the Democratic nominee. But just in case…

America needs Bernie and Bernie needs CALIFORNIA. Its not over till its over!



A lot of folks must have some serious blinders on to believe that Hillary Clinton is not the most dangerous candidate in this election. I’m no Trump supporter. I think he’s a pig. No, pigs don’t deserve that. But the candidate most likely to get us into a land war with Syria, a war with Iran and even a war with Russia, and to cause the deaths of thousands, as she already has, is Hillary Clinton. I say that as someone who, as a Vietnam veteran, witnessed war first hand in SE Asia and who, as an independent journalist, witnessed war in Central America and the Middle East. I would rather die than vote for the warmonger extraordinaire that Clinton has already proved herself to be. The rest of the world is depending on us to stop her. They have reason to be worried about Trump but they have reason to be terrified of Clinton.

Some of those people know that her stories of government massacres in Libya - which she used to sell that unnecessary war and destroy a nation - were just as phony as Bush’s lies about WMDs in Iraq. And they know she bears significant responsibility for the overthrow of democracy, civil war and the reemergence of fascism in Ukraine and the hundreds of thousands that have died in Syria. She must be stopped. We owe it to the world.


If Bernie does not get the nomination, it will be very interesting as to what Bernie does and says after the convention. You touch on it in your comment. There are certain things he can and can not say before the whole nominating process is complete. What happens after will be the real test, of not only Bernie, but the movement he has galvanized.


That is why I said that. Maybe a bit too interesting at that! This election race has been too interesting to end easily. Gone is the boredom of ‘whatever happens will happen, so what else is on TV’ of many past elections. This election race has absorbed people’s interest without let up since Bernie entered the race.

There lies the rub. Bernie made this exciting, Bernie drew big crowds and drew out a resigned and apathetic populace to engage with their democracy. Bernie reached across the decades from the activist sixties where young people made change happen and spoke to a young generation that had begun to hope with Obama and were sold out and betrayed. Bernie spoke to the young and they believed his record. They trusted in what he is…an honest man who wants that better America he wanted marching in demonstrations in the sixties.

Except of course, oligarchy wasn’t interested in someone who represented the 99% ! They wanted either the status quo Dems or the status quo repubs - Hillary or Jeb…either would do. Jeb fumbled the ball and someone else ran with it. Hillary stood to inherit but people wanted change.

That was when it became an _interesting_election. It was all calculated and planned but dammmit people wanted change. They really wanted someone they wanted not what was planned that they should want. So the media was told point blank by somebody. Just stop with all this talk of how people were excited by Sanders and stay on target with Hillary. So the media switched to entertainment mode and started talking about the buffoonish if utterly rich Trump expecting his bombastic crudity would put his foot in his mouth and cancel him out of the race. Besides there were so many republicans to choose from anyway but nobody wanted to choose them!

Bernie kept drawing bigger and bigger crowds which meant the media gave him less and less coverage because that was serious. It was fine if Bernie was a fringe type but this was serious support showing up time after time. So they played their Trump card and focused on Trump getting crowds too. Not nearly as much as Bernie but the more they talked about Trump the bigger the crowds got and since they never talked about Bernie at all it was scaring the status quo that Bernie kept drawing even bigger crowds without any help from the media. That was new. So Bernie got almost totally shut out and even so he still kept rising in popularity. You would normally think that such a candidate would be a big win for a party eh? Normally you would but here again…it got interesting. The fix was in, the media never mentioned Bernie and featured Hillary as having had it all sewn up before it ever even got going.

Well Trump who originally was just in it to have some fun, got a taste of throne and decided this might be a good investment after all, if he could pull it off. What secrets he would learn would make him a very powerful oligarch indeed. So Trump got interested for real. The media kept expecting him to crash and burn but instead he got away from them and became the Trumpenstein monster rampaging across the political entertainment world!

Hillary was calling in favors, bribing, cajoling, threatening, stooping low and bending over backwards to rig the game by hook, crook and crony. Suddenly the warrior Sec of State is defining herself as a progressive. A confusing circumstance at least in her usual circles to say the least. She said she was what? Exclaimed the other neocons in shock! Lol. Suddenly Hillary is against whatever Bernie is against even if she previously was on the record for being for it! Naturally Hillary said ahe also had a record as a progressive although it turned out to be harder to find than people thought. Was she for fracking well yeah until Bernie made her say she was against it. Pipelines a gold standard? Sure at least until Bernie and then she was against herself being for it or something like that? Wall St speeches? Well you can’t prove she accepted a bribe just because she took the money - which is an interesting defense wouldn’t you say?

This is a very interesting election. Too interesting to be believed. However the aftermath will be most interesting unless Bernie can run. The American people want him to be the candidate against Trump - the people’s candidate vs the oligarch - an epic election race! It is amazing that even history is being sacrificed to status quo corruption and we all know how those what if moments in history always turn out when the wrong choice is made.

Hillary may be indicted and even if she is not she knowing committed crimes and that is not a trustworthy president so be warned…if the fix is in and she runs anyway… The aftermath of this election …will be an interesting time to live in.


Obama never posed as the leader of a revolution. Posters here are far more naderites than a part of the Obama coalition, which still stands.


We know. Which is why Clonton will be the nominee of THAT party. And president.


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He has two conflicting commitments, though, and he will have to break one of them. When he agreed to the conditions as set out by the Democratic party to run under their flag, I believe, he did not imagine in his wildest dreams how effective he would be at this time and the enormous responsibility, he would take upon himself, to his supporters.
That is, why it is upon us, to make it clear to the party, that our support is to Bernie and his program and NOT to the party establishment.
We have to propagate that fact so that it will become clear to all, that we are first of all revolutionaries and only secondly Democrats and the latter only if they open themselves up to us and support Bernie and his goals.


It is happening already!
These people are already organizing for the 2018 congressional elections:
These people are already organizind a symposium in Chicago, only 4 days after the last primary.
And these people have already formed a provisional party, just waiting for Bernie to take the helm. (I love their logo :slight_smile: )


You are so right! It is exactly what I’ve been trying to get across to people for a year! However, you have done a much better job of articulating it, so thank you. If it comes down to a choice between Trump or Clinton, what is the point of fighting anymore, because the establishment will never let us be a free country again. Both parties of our government are completely corrupt, and none of them care anything about what the people want or need, except Bernie and maybe a few others. I will never vote for Clinton because I believe she is an evil and untrustworthy person. She is a pathological liar who will say and do anything to get elected, and as an integral part of the wealthy 1% she will do what she can to make them richer, but I doubt she will do anything for the greater good of our citizens!

So, since you made the statement about standing up for being free before the convention, I am feeling motivated to do more, and am wondering if you have any specific ideas in mind or suggestions about what more we could do? His supporters have been so great promoting him, defending him and working for his campaign, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to motivate any of them to do get involved, because it really isn’t just about Bernie, but, as you said, our individual freedom as well! It seems that the biggest obstacle we face is the party establishment that will stand together against us, so what can we do to accomplish our goal?


Thanks for your kind words but you never know who hears which voice when they speak from the heart. You liked my words but someone else might respond to your words better. So trust in sincerity and speak your piece because someone will hear it when you feel the words you speak.

I think the one most important thing right now before the convention is to let the Democrats know that you will not vote for Hillary because they have disenfranchised voters and set up a rigged game. Tell them that you believe that Bernie should rightfully be the nominee because he is the most popular candidate and people trust him. That Hillary is unpopular and not trusted plus she will have a cloud overhead and may even be indicted. Tell them that you think Trump will win against her for those reasons and that the democrats will be crippled and face a rout giving the three branches of government over to the republicans.

Tell the democrats. Write an email to the newspapers because right now they are counting the letters and emails they receive on this issue. That is how they learn how people feel about things. People write and tell them. I agree with you that what has happened signifies a true loss for democracy. A corporate coup is taking over and all Americans will regret it. Bernie is like our last chance to stop the oligarchy from taking control of democracy in this country. If Trump gets in he will appoint horrendous judges. If Hillary gets in she will appoint conservative judges but if Bernie gets in then he will appoint judges who respect the law and justice which we really need after this conservative court that we have had.