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Commons in the Time of Monsters:


Commons in the Time of Monsters:

Ann Marie Utratel, Stacco Troncoso

Can the Commons and peer-to-peer (P2P) practices really offer viable solutions for our present and future social, political and ecological crises? Spain’s municipal successes remind us who the victor was in the battle between David and Goliath.


“Is it time to give up on the representative democracy experiment, or are there any active models for more humane, participatory politics?”

Other than genocidal world war; no.


The article you are commenting on gives quite a few models of growing direct democracy, most enabled by electronics technology.


“Commons”. “Monsters.” Caught my eye. Monsters in Our Commons are we, but not, We the People. A “subset”, (a word used in this article that I would like to borrow, briefly), of mean males, both white and otherwise, has solidified into a financial elite - over centuries, from slave-ownership societies to corporate systems of colonization and empires. Rather than overtaking the major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam - today’s banksters own them and us…