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Communities of Color Must Lead at People’s Climate March


Communities of Color Must Lead at People’s Climate March

Magali Sanchez-Hall

On April 29th, thousands will participate in the People’s Climate March--in Washington, D.C. and all over the country--to stand up for our communities and our climate. I’ll be marching with my daughter and mother alongside other families in Wilmington, CA. Why? Because climate change starts in our neighborhoods.


I'm sorry but if you live 500 yards away from a refinery you are pretty stupid. I don't know if you understand that while we would all love to have a world with no pollution that is not a possibility at this current stage. Stopping oil companies from drilling or refining petroleum would crash the economy of the world. For many poorer countries oil is their only export so do we just forget about them and let their people starve so we can create green energy. The climate is going to change no matter what. it always has and always will. My suggestion to you is move away from the refinery, last time I checked CA was a pretty big state.


A well written article Magali Sanchez-Hall- It reminds me of A poor black community downstream of A Koch paper plant- They are getting the same treatment as you...
I would petition your community to address these oil companies with some sort of plea for them to relocate you- This would be small change for all of these predators that must know the health impacts their business has saddled you with-
I would become A royal pain in their arse and make them desperate to relocate all of you-


Is sympathy really somewhere between shit and Syphilis in the dictionary-
I find your remarks at best insulting to this young lady-
What if she can't afford to move herself and family in an otherwise perfect world???