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Communities Without Consequences: Demographics and the Destruction of Democracy


Communities Without Consequences: Demographics and the Destruction of Democracy

John Atcheson

Even after more than two years, the notion that America elected an ignorant, racist, profane, incompetent, reality show buffoon as President still seems incomprehensible to the rational, reality-based world.


If this Reality TV Show President and his Republican Party and associated crazies take any steps to suspend even one future election, I’m buying a gun.


OK, America. Is there still anyone left who thinks the two parties are different?. They are both Neo-con factions that care for nothing except giving the super rich what they want. If your not sure…Take a step back and really take a good look at the leaders of each side. Do they not spew the same rhetoric in different ways?. Do they really ever show that they actually care about the people of America?. For real America when is the last time our government has really done anything to effect our lifes in the positive as a whole nation?. Please do not say the ACA> total joke. And if we are truly honest with our selves we know that our democracy has been getting weaker by the day. The leaders of our nation for the last five decades have done nothing to make our democracy stand strong in the face of those who want to kill it. I have been fed a lie my whole life in this country. IT WILL STOP!. We the people must now stand up as one voice and take our democracy to the next level. Or we all become SLAVES in the milk and honey.


It is no surprise that the Democratic leadership is not wildly enthusiastic about the New Green Deal. I suspect it was put out there to get that reaction. The New Green Deal is probably mainly a vehicle for attacking the Democratic leadership. And if that it the purpose it has worked as intended. Whatever the purpose of putting it out the New Green Deal it does nicely illustrate the gap between politics and climate science. This gap has been evident for a long time. The New Green Deal could be seen as a proxy for what the scientists are telling us. But it has no chance of being passed without greatly increased political will and a sense of urgency. The science is becoming more and more clear about how threatening climate change is but so far humanity has responded as needed to deal with the threat.


Among other reasons offered are the fact that Russians have actively and successfully worked to influence our political landscape.

What the Democratic leadership fails to recognize when it continues to push the phony theme that clumsy Russian bots suckered ignorant blue collar workers into voting for Trump, is that the party only reinforces the widely held belief buy the working class that the Democrat leadership is a bunch of elitist snobs with a low opinion of blue collar voters. It’s another version of Clinton’s “deplorable” comment. If the party wants to regain the trust of the working class that was so desperate as to vote for Trump, it will need to do something of substance, instead of staying in their limousines and blaming the Russians.


So much of our national pathology traces to the Peace of Westphalia Treaty of 1648. (Please read Voltaire’s Candide before you try to debate this matter with me.) The principles incorporated in the agreements were definitely of use to that time. The times have changed. Those constructs need to be rethought.


“The republican party IS abandoning democracy” ?

Past tense, not present tense applies here.

The Party started abandoning democracy when Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 and completed that mission by the time the SCOTUS installed Cheney and his puppet Dubya in 2000.

Too many left of center voters continued to and continue to believe that Murkins who vote GOP are being fooled or mislead by GOP operatives. While such may have been the case during the 20th century, for nearly two decades the GOP voters I talk to express pride that the Party succeeds in getting away with ever more egregious lies. GOP voters are not being mislead, they are complicit.


The reality is Democracy was abandoned when the Country founded. Those 1 percent who put in place the Constitution did not want Democracy which thy referred to as “rule by the mob”. It was why only white males with property could cast a ballot, why there an Electoral College and why the Senate put in place (In the beginning Senators were appointed).

The move towards democracy where the vote extended to persons of color , women and people who did not own property all came from the PEOPLE acting in concert but even through all those positive changes the 1 percent maintained its grip on power.

Democracy in the USA was never a top down thing.


There may be something to this analysis, but this matters more:

26 states with 18% of the US population can easily control the Senate for the foreseeable future.


I’ve the experience of dealing with rural farmers that tend to be conservative. Mostly on the grounds of morality, and work ethics.The rurals, along with the church I belonged to were heavily playing the morality card against Bill Clinton. A one affair, one lie president. Constant bashing from fellow church goers and from the pastor in sermons. I had a deacon go with me to complain to the pastor about promoting right-wing politics as part of his religious offerings. Got shot down, and quit the church.

Where in the hell are these moralist Christians now? Backing Trump who is 10 times worse than Clinton? The only other reason I can see is that hate for the left outweighs ANYTHING a republican does.


Opening with this:
Even after more than two years, the notion that America elected an ignorant, racist, profane, incompetent, reality show buffoon as President still seems incomprehensible to the rational, reality-based world.

Followed by this:
Among other reasons offered are the fact that Russians have actively and successfully worked to influence our political landscape.

I stopped reading, because the two are inconsistent, because, as jneastra points out, the ‘phony themestill being pushed, at every opportunity, like this piece, is not ‘rational or reality-based’.


Drew Westin in “The Political Brain” posits that 85 per cent of voters do so for emotional reasons, the basis of which was laid down when they were young people becoming politically aware. That means that we received not only DNA from our parents, but also some political baggage. If a politician’s position on an issue conflicts with the emotions, the emotions win hands down every time. The emotional issues that he identified were abortions, same-sex marriages and hand guns. He missed race—George Herbert Walker Bush’s Willie Horton against Michael Dukakis and Ronald Reagan’s Cadillac welfare queens who drove their Cads to pick up their food stamps. Moreover, he said that conservatives understand that and use it very effectively; progressives don’t get it.

In 2007, our economy went off the rails because G.W. Bush had appointed Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, apostles of bank deregulation to the Treasury Department, and they deregulated the banks to make all of those sub-prime loans, resulting in 7 million foreclosures. Many people who had had comfortable middleclass jobs were now poverty stricken. If their homes had not been foreclosed, they were now underwater, and they were working two and three jobs at entry level wages. The above is why Trump’s “make America great again” resonated and won him the presidency.

Now we are being told that unemployment is down and that the economy is recovering. But wages have stagnated, and the wealth of the upper .001 per cent has soared and will soar even higher with the wonderful tax cuts that Trump and the Republicans delivered.


It was Reagan, Bush 41, and Clinton who “deregulated the banks” to the extent that the big banks were able to crash the economy in 2008 without facing consequences. The real estate market went soft in 2007, pushing “our economy off the rails” in 2008. Tim Geithner and Larry Summers were initially appointed to Federal posts by Bill Clinton.

Dubya’s role was not deregulation. His role was bailing the 1% and their banks out at the expense of the 99%, with POTUS-elect Obama being complicit in those bailouts, followed by POTUS Obama upping the bailout ante for 8 years at even greater expense to the 99%.


Time to visit my Hee Haw refuge.


There, that’s a little better.

Pain and agony on me.


Become? We have been slaves to the system and the system before that. The rich have always controlled the world and the rest of us slave for them.
Democracy is an illusion in the history of this country. The rich have been buying the elections since the beginning.
As long as money is worshipped, as long as our life is run by the need for money, then we are slaves to those who have it. And since the few have most of the wealth, the little that remains must be fought for by the rest of us.
There most likely will never be a revolution., certainly not to get rid of money. Oh a group may decide to have poor people fight to overthrow the old, but then the new will do the same, gather the wealth and deny the rest any. Happens every time in the revolutions.
Look at any revolution at what they promise and then what they deliver. All it ever is, is a power grab by someone else. They gain power and everyone has to in the end serve them. It’s the history of man.


You are so right my friend. Yet are we to just let the rich squat on us just cause they see fit?. I say HELL NO we aren’t. We as the little people have to stand up and fight to the bitter end. When I say these kind of things. I am not thinking of you and I. I am concerned with the future of the youth in our nation. Do we want our kids living like the kids in Palestine?. I will never give up this fight. The nasty rich are godless and shameless people. They will use whatever power they have to make sure you and yours are suppressed. Conversely I will be as loud as humanly possible to bring light to these horrible beings.


I agree, but they have always been that way. And while people revolt at times, in the end the rich always take power.
I don’t know if socialism/communism could cure the ills, they have never been fully implemented anywhere. But Marx was right that as long as there were rich people, they would rule.
Even the founders thought that only the rich should rule because they would be the educated and ‘enlightened’. They didn’t like the poor and didn’t want the poor to be able to have any say.
The problem is that the rich can slap down anyone they see as a threat. And they don’t care if some are very vocal, the rich have brainwashed most people so those on the ‘fringe’ can shout all they want.
Consider that so many support the tax cuts to the rich. The lie is they can become rich also, so of course they don’t want to be taxed heavily. Throw in all the racism and fear and hate directed at the ‘others’ and they always vote against their own best interests.
Most people are easily scared and led like sheep. In that sense, the founders were correct, because that was their assessment of the masses. They feared a demagogue could come along and get people to follow into ruin.
Marx had a view that the people could be in charge and make decisions for themselves. He was wrong. The 1st issue for most people is security, in work and in safety. Promise them that and freedom goes out the window. Scare them into thinking they will lose that and they will choose the most brutal dictator who promises them both.


More food for thought:

“Market Rule has always been prepared to deal with the abundant losers in its zero sum game by stoking the fears and hatreds that its own system has generated. That strategy has been supplemented by firmly instilling the illusions of an individual autonomy that places all responsibility on the shoulders of a self-empowered, delusional, free choosing individual. This is indeed an efficient strategy.”----Joseph Natoli