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Community Condemns Pool Prejudice in McKinney, Texas


Community Condemns Pool Prejudice in McKinney, Texas

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

More than a thousand outraged community members took to the streets of McKinney, Texas on Monday night, two days after a local police officer assaulted a number of black and brown teenagers attending a pool party.


That the racist counter protestors would wave the USAn flag kinda say’s it all, doesn’t it?

And regarding that enragingly idiotic reply of “All lives matter.” to the slogan “Black lives matter.”, which I have even heard here among CD commenters, I offer the following analogy. Imagine a bunch of guests sitting around a table for supper. The hosts serves all but a person, lets call him “Jim”, Another guest then asks “doesn’t Jim deserve to eat” and the host replies “All guests deserve to eat” - while continuing to not serve Jim. Get it?

To tell a black USAn the mindlessly tautological “all lives matter” while in fact black lives manifestly matter far less than the rest of the “all”, is to engage in a maddening racism-denialism - the highest from of racism.


I am also offended the counter protestors are flag waving.

Thanks for your insightful enunciation of “racism-deniers” being racist too!


But amazingly enough, one person interviewed on the scene - a late twenty-ish probably upper-middle class black man - actually offered the opinion that race had nothing to do with the neighbor’s attacks and police brutality. So there are plenty of racism-denying blacks (usually the corporate climbing ones once known in the past as “oreo cookies”) too.


And the lack of comments - just as there is always a lack of comments on articles on labor organizing too - does not say good things about the class-and race interests of too many commenters on commondreams.