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Comparing Climate Emergency to 2008 Financial Crisis, US Regulator Calls for 'Action From All Segments of Public and Private Sectors'

Looked it up: Exchange Traded Fund.

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Like he’s just figuring out the rural areas are all under water – not just financially but LITERALLY!

In the 90’s I was upset that financial corrupt-rations referred to OUR savings as THEIR product. Then their master-hands created the 2008 Collapse by making massive government, corrupt-o-rate, and private wealth-claimor debt THEIR product. Meanwhile they bankrolled the massive debtor fossil fuel, Faux-rmaceutical, & “developer” [despoiler] oligarch clans to balloon their claims on OUR commons (land, resources, intellect) as ALL THEIRS. Today I watched C-Span House committee hearing led by Adam Schiff where several presenters, inc’g Clint Watts, claimed the US govt is the only entity which can adjudicate and arbitrate what is free speech vs. a cause of “cognizable harm”–anywhere in the world. “No boundaries.” With Words, no swords…


With the onslaughts from climate disruption we need to redefine “exchange.”

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Where my thinking departs from that of these finance wizards and Bill McKibben is their belief in continuing onward in a consumer-based economic framework. In contrast, I am convinced that the constant growth model of capitalism they claim is viable going forward is quite the opposite: unsustainable, reckless, and the direct cause of our current crisis.

My advice to leaders: Be one of the first voices to explain that getting used to “less” is a good idea.

Less what? Less everything.


Sure De-growth is one of the solutions .You don’t need to have to own your own copy of everything .Need is the great illusion .Just share the stuff of life .Create a New Economic model ,move from a possessions and power economy to a Use and Access one .
Where people have Access to everything they think they need to be happy.
This cooperative model will have so many benefits . The world’s wealth will be shared and everyone will have Access to it .Stuff that gets made will have super longevity .Be made to last and recycled …This means less to landfills .Great news for the ecology
So much more to say on this,but you get the jist.
You can’t grow, grow,grow the world’s economy in a never ending upward spiral. That is Impossible on a finite planet.
Sharing must be our way of life .Why would you not want everyone to enjoy life to the full ?


Skeptic Tank …what you say is so important and our current economic model must be overhauled. Many books have been written about this important issue.
It’s not sustainable for humans to continue this system .


Best chance I see to slow climate change would be to capture and store lots of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can be used as fracking fluid in wells drilled to extract geothermal energy (heat about as hot as hottest you can get with an ordinary gas powered kitchen oven). One way to capture CO2 from atmosphere is letting it stick to sheets of resin specially designed for CO2 to stick to, then use water to rinse the CO2 off the special resin, then let resin dry and go thru another cycle to catch more CO2 from atmosphere. Keep cycling to keep capturing and storing more CO2.

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The existential threat posed by climate change is by orders of magnitude greater a threat than the subprime mortgage meltdown that led to the 2008 financial crisis’. There is no rivalry. No comparison.

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Most of the pilot projects for technologies for that purpose have been very disappointing. I have yet to see a report on one that comes close to trees on any aspect of CCS. Meanwhile, several developing countries in the tropics (notably Brazil and Indonesia) are razing rainforests at rates of hundreds of thousands of square miles per year. For comparison, the area of the state of Ohio is about 45,000 square miles.