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Comparing Trump to Hitler, Mexican President says His People Won't Chip In for Wall



If Mexico won't pay for the wall, then I think it is time for Trump to bring out Plan B:

We will build a giant dome over the continental United States. This will keep out the aliens from Mexico, the aliens from Canada (like Cruz), the aliens from Cuba (like Cruz and Rubio), and of course the aliens from space (like Hillary). Once Trump is President, he will have access to Area 51 and he should be able to get the Space Aliens to pay for the entire construction cost of the dome. Problem solved. We can worry about Alaska and Hawaii during Trump's second term.

Trump 2016 / Trump 2020 / Trump 2024 / Trump ad infinitum


Wise words from south of the border. We need more wisdom on this side of the Rio Grande. Particularly from the other Republican candidates who all pledged to support the Republican nominee. I guess it doesn't bother them that the nominee might be a neofascist. Where do Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich draw the line?


I was under the delusion that Trump was going to suggest that Mexico has invaded the USA, and if it did not stop the US would invade Mexico. Mexico, in order to stop this invasion, would build the wall.


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It baffles me how many comments from the US and abroad express astonishment that Trump has advanced. In a field of GOP candidates who are worse, and a faux opposition party that is addicted to corporate money to the extent that it doesn't care if it wins in November, I would be even more astonished if somebody like Trump had not emerged and advanced toward nomination.


If I were running Mexico, and Trump got in, I'd build a wall to keep the bastard out of Mexico. And I would offer Canadians and Alaskans a Mexican aid programme to do the same.


Sir: I beg to report the misuse of the apostrophe, for which I must duly chastise you. The Canadians, the Australians and the Englishmen (though a few Scots, Irish and Welsh might object at being ignored) did not belong to the Americans despite the notion of some USAians of the day that the British Empire should belong to the USA..


I think perhaps the ROTW should be allowed to vote in USAian elections.

No annihilation without representation!