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Compassion... Some Got It, Some Don't


Compassion... Some Got It, Some Don't

Christopher Brauchli

All of our people all over the country-except the pure blooded Indians-are immigrants or descendants of immigrants, including even those who came over on the Mayflower. — Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1944 Campaign Speech

Compassion—some have it, some don’t.


The U.S. is a melting pot. The various groups that entered are obviously not under the banner of "US" since arguably, they didn't hate themselves.

What you're saying is that an elitism was in place that targeted each next immigrant population.

Also, there were always some persons who had open arms to the immigrant, and others who lived in fear of other.

Essentially, it's the old Anglo-Saxons who set up the cultural pyramid. Any group seeking to assimilate had to find, carve out, and develop its own niche.

Similar ethnic divisions exist in many other regions, and have been exacerbated by European colonial elites. Just look at Africa's recent history.


Far too many people fear and don't trust other people who aren't like them or those they don't know or understand. For these types of people, compassion is rarely extended to those outside their small group of friends and family.

These types of people can be individuals, groups or even governments.