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'Complete Bombshell': Former Top USPS Official Reveals 'Disturbing' New Details of DeJoy Selection and Mnuchin Sabotage of Mail Service

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/21/complete-bombshell-former-top-usps-official-reveals-disturbing-new-details-dejoy


So, what exactly are you going to do about it Democrats?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.


So is Seth running the government now? I thought it was Mitch. I’m confused. What purpose exactly does Forrest Trump actually serve anyway?

Do we get to vote in November or not, cause I’m in the process of planning my next Covid Cruise on one of the big ships for the Fall. I guess I could just go back to college and join the party that way.

As a Republican, I just love a good plan. Come on! Sing it with me!

(to the Oscar Meyer jingle tune)

Oh, I wish I were a Democrat Libtard.
That is what I’d truly like to be-e-e.
Cause if I were a Democrat Libtard
Everyone would laugh and point at me.



One of my running complaints is our failure to draw very carefully and specifically from carefully chosen elements of history.

For instance, in the case of nmnochin - a clever invention - FROM THE ENLIGHTENMENT ERA - of the public stocks … say one day in the stocks per instances of abuse of power. Of course in the 21st century he will be placed behind bullet proof glass.

There would seem to be substantial possibilities in this creative creode. Imagine the beauty … the length of the reflecting pond at the Wash monument… being adorned with each and every politician convicted of criminality - in their own custom built stocks. Lady Bird’s pearls would be cast into shadow in perpetuity.


I hope no one expects the corporate owned democrats to oppose their masters taking over the post office. Just think what they can accomplish when they get their hands on hundreds of billions in pension funds. The forced prepayment of seventy five years advance pension funding was always part of the plan when the post office was given over to wall street. Fascism does not have a party in America. It has the democrats and republicans.


The acts that Trump supports are way too devious for that dimwit to devise; he doesn’t know enough about the workings of government to come up with all of these efforts, which speaks to the depraved clan he has around him. They understand how to subvert democracy and rob the treasury and are clearly telling him what to do. Most of the swamp will still be there if Biden is elected and will exert their influence on him. Nothing is going to change or get better, no matter who is elected. The US is a failed state.


The destruction and privatization of the People’s Postal Service must be stopped, and this Saturday there will be demonstrations at postal facilities all over America to demand restoration of the Service; that I consider a bedrock part of the Common Good - The Commons that serve the public, not private for-profit thieves and predators!

~https://act.moveon.org/event/save-the-post-office/search/?source=&akid=&zip=&s=&event_id=127756 - find your local demonstration in support of the USPS by zipcode here


The manipulative corruption and actions by Munchkin to destroy and privatize the USPS rise to the level of criminal conspiracy.

" Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive was [reportedly involved in the recruitment of DeJoy for the postmaster general position. His background a certain tip-off that he serves not the American people ,but special interests he was/is beholden-to - I fully expect there is a cushy job-offer or two, via the revolving-Door of corrupt public service that has become the norm in our kleptocracy - a reality that should never be tolerated! I/m sure there are jobs in the bank for Munchkin after he leaves the the trump regime gang.

The revelation that banking interests are being groomed to usurp the USPS banking history for their private profit and that must be reversed! The people’s USPS must not be allowed to be privatized!

“What JPMorgan Chase (and no doubt Munchkin’s Goldman-Sachs) wants to do looks like another attempt for big banks and corporations to privatize our public infrastructure so their shareholders gain while working families suffer.” - the move by trump lakey DeJpy, et al, would “give the Wall Street giant an exclusive right to solicit postal customers.”


A very interesting aside is that - " Steve Bannon was arrested by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), which is the federal [law enforcement investigating arm of…the Post Office. New York’s USPIS Inspector-in-Charge called the case “a warning to other fraudsters that no one is above the law.”

~https://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/20/pure-bannonfreude - Bannon arrest story


They’re going to:

Accumulate good YouTube footage for future campaigning by holding otherwise useless hearings.
Write a strongly worded letter, signed, Chuck Schumer.
Repeatedly brandish the words "bombshell, “outrageous,” and “demand.”
Make another backroom deal with Mnunchin in which Mnunchin walks away with everything.

I know. Those Democrats are pretty tough.


I do like a strongly worded letter! After all, they may just give republicans a nasty paper cut when they wipe their asses with it.


We will be out there at 11 am tomorrow.

We will be voting against the existential threat that is Trump, Inc.

We will be voting our conscience even if it does not meet the approval of others.



The damage is already done, and will not be undone either even if the DP takes the White House. These are a continuation of Trump crimes and most will never be held accountable. DeVois is another perfect example of her own criminality and she was never face jail or prison if charged. People with that kind of money never do time. Elsewhere I read that DT has assured those who matter (Barr, Pompeo, Mnuchin, dozens of others) he will pardon if it becomes necessary, and Pence will in turn pardon him for any or all federal crimes. No surprise there, at all. I’m sure Biden/Harris will not want to go after DT (or others) as that has never be done in the history of this country. Criminal conduct is merely politics/business as usual, and nothing to see here.


Oh Come On Man… Not to worry, Nancy and Chuck will get together and sing a rousing rendition of Kumbaya to make it all better.


Major, permanent vandalism of valuable US Post Office infrastructure continues apace. Should saner people assume control of the executive someday, it’ll take awhile to physically rebuild our Post Office after the sack of Troy going on right now.

In spite of assurances from DeJoy that he would suspend his sudden changes to the USPS, reports out of Michigan after his announcement was made seem to suggest mail sorting machines continue to be decommissioned and tossed out. Heather Walker, a reporter with Grand Rapids, Michigan, television station WOOD-TV, tweeted a video on Wednesday noting that machine parts still appear to be leaving the local post office facility.


Incidentally: my state of California is facing freaking armageddon this morning. It’s bleak as hell out here.


just to remind people–Mnuchin is the criminal that Harris let walk away from his crimes in CA and then took money from his bank for her election campaign


Bleak as hell - you talking about the fires?


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Our pandemic outbreak is still ascending, out here in California. Now a “historic lightning siege” which started last weekend – 11,000 strikes, so much smoke it’s difficult to even count the fires, or estimate blaze sizes – layered on top of the outbreak, it makes for very big trouble, out here. The whole Bay Area is regularly breathing very unhealthy levels of smoke, trapped inside again, only this time with our pet microbe to keep us company. Thousands evacuated, both north and south of me (here in Richmond CA). Where are evacuees supposed to go? They’re advised, in some cases, to hang out somewhere in their cars – and hope the police don’t come by to harass them. We’ll probably see parking-lot villages sprouting all over, with the usual local tensions over how well and how long we allow the new transients to live there.


This is a bombshell?? In the country where literally everything has become a conglomerated, deregulated, pay-to-play, screw everyone and everything 'cause I got mine greed smorgasbord.

Sit back and try to think of one major service that isn’t a monopolistic behemoth in our rentier state.

It seems to me the damage has been done, the house is on fire and the walls are falling down, yet the “Nothing will fundamentally change” Dems are running around with spackle and a putty knife.

This USPS hickup isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.


The Spanish health chief has said “things aren’t going well”. :frowning:

And i read the fire services there are short of resources. What a nightmare.

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Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) said the treasury secretary should be called—and, if necessary, subpoenaed—to testify before Congress.

Just throw him in jail. Takes less time. All this subpoena , testify blahblah doesn’t get anywhere near justice. If I stole mailboxes, I would expect to be in jail.