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'Complete Chaos': Latest DCCC Controversy Claims Top Aide of Chair Cheri Bustos as Racial Representation Controversy Continues

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/29/complete-chaos-latest-dccc-controversy-claims-top-aide-chair-cheri-bustos-racial

This basically more of that “Centrism” at work.

The premise behind Centrism is people on the left (and in this case people of Color) will always vote Democrat as they have no other viable choice. This in essence means they have no voice at the table. On the other hand the Centrist can try and get support from the right , and in this case the “white Vote” by showing that even racists have a voice in the Democratic party.


hang on a second!!
here are two cases of color in the 2016 prez contest.

  1. 35% of peoples of Mexican heritage voted for Trump. I do not know if they voted the republican slate.
  2. Wayne county (Detroit) had 36,000 votes going to third party candidates for 2016 election. In the previous, 2012 election there were 12,000 votes for third party candidates. The democrats lost 24,000 more votes and the election for Hillary !!
    Trump won MI by 12,000 votes.
  3. painting whites as racist is a large error on your part.
  4. Most people of color are centrist in the ideals of family, morality, ethics, education, work, etc.
  5. This current disruption is due to the ‘blacklist’.
    and please remember some of the other diminished dems =
    Donna Brazile
    Marcia Fudge
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    Super Delegates
  6. Does Nancy use DCCC to distribute campaign funds to serving congress persons only? Or does she have a separate check book?
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I hardly suggested it was a viable strategy. I pointed out that it the premise that underlies Centrism. When you are trying to be everything to every group of people you really represent NOTHING.


They consider it a scandal that there isn’t enough representation of blacks and Hispanics in the DCCC.

But the fact that there is absolutely zero representation of the poor in the DCCC is not only not considered a scandal, it isn’t noticed at all.


Yet another example of DINO neo-liberal big-money/corporate politics in the party as a whole, the DNC and DCCC.

It appears that failed political scheming has replaced building a strong base of representation, now a foreign concept for these people! That, as well as actually serving the people and issues, rather than themselves - $100 Millionaire Pelosi!!

The entrenched corrupt elite Clinton/Obama camp, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, Biden, Booker and the other corporate tools,have the now DINO Party by the throat and will not let go without serious sustained massive opposition - like a 2x4 upside their worthless empty corrupt heads - kinda like what they are supposed to be accomplishing countering the malignant trump regime.

Instead they (Pelosi) attack the future of the DP, its true base, progressives,and sellout numerous issues and make ridiculous “deals” with trump & McConnell that an honest child could do better!!.

Those sold-out corrupt tools like Bustos and Uncle Tom Perez, Pelosi ans Schumer are sabotaging what they are in such positions to accomplish - you know, building a strong coalition/base and actually winning elections to represent the people honestly, strongly and with integrity! Scum MoFo’s!


That’s why the left needs to punish – and I use that word with great specificity – the d-party for not living up to its “big tent” pretensions. If that means more Trump, tough shit. Doing things their way got us Trump in the first place.


This article would have benefited with some actual data on racial/ethnic diversity in the DCCC. With this information then readers could better evaluate whether or not this an issue.


So, whats your point oldie? Your entire post seems mostly gibberish defending the DNC DINO entrenched status quo mob? That the centrists were just fine before those progressives got all uppity and demanding the sellouts actually represented the people’s interests and issues?

“Diminished Dems”? Debbie W-S was and is a damn contemptible disgrace sabotaging Sanders run! still a strong ally of “Wall Street” Joe Biden, now roll playing Hillary.

WTF really is your point or points?


Get your facts straight: 28,000 people in Wayne County voted third party in 2016.

And BTW: 19,000 of those voted for Gary Johnson, the libertarian.


Reality check: d-party leadership never builds a strong coalition/base.

Voters simply coalesce around the LOTE or vote based on the same patterns that pertain district-by-district across the country. That’s why so many districts are considered safe seats and those that are considered swing districts are pretty much conservative. The 2-party farce wants it that way – moderate districts more or less controlling the agenda – it’s proven by research:


“diversity” hasn’t included the working class or poor since corporatists hijacked the term for marketing purposes.


This is just the “Liberal class” (read NeoLiberal class) finally eating its own. When identity politics is the only “strategy” you have, eventually your own hypocrisy comes back to bite you. The “leadership” only feels the need to paternalisticly chastise the proles among us as not woke enough, all the while they’re essentially 1960s country club Republicans. And in the end, no one involved in the DCCC is being judged on vision, Progressivism, policy, or outreach - just on who they know and how much money they raise from other rich white people. These are mostly rich, white a-holes pandering to their own. As Chris Hedges calls it - “the Con of Diversity”.


i do apologize for not knowing how to write.
my number came from a democrat who was at the wayne county election hdqtr election night.
i forgot to mention the ballots which had no prez selection made at all. 75,000
Personally, I think someone borrowed my 15,000 absentee ballots for this to be pulled off.

i reread my post and it is clearly understandable. i can edit for you when I understand what your point is.
Nancy has wall street on speed dial.
another post says dems not for poor, disadvantaged. i disagree.
Please review Chicago mayor voting this year if anyone thinks whites are racist. Two black ladies came in first and second out of 15 on the menu. the really good lady won. the dem organization lady beaten 3 to 1. Tells me that dems need to wise up. DC dem employee said to me on the phone that they will not. going with samo-samo, and hoping voters find Trump deficient,
= trump victory in 2020

“Reminder,” wrote Blest, “it’s only July 2019. Stay tuned to find out which pile of dog shit the DCCC chair manages to step in next.”

I am a citizen who does vote and I approve of this message!!!


I’m certain many will say that the Dems are “shooting themselves in the foot”

But that’s not really where their guns are aimed, is it?

Do they really think anyone will believe that Bustos is really the power behind any of this? She, like Tom Perez, is doing what the big donors, Nancy, Steny and Chuckles tell her to do.


Yes, Godless, it’s a tough predicament for Rep Cheryl Bustos, whose district in northwest Illinois includes nearby Galena and Moline.
She gets high marks around here, but she’ll have to work on this one, and I’m hoping she pulls through all right on this.
Bustos has been good for this region.

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That organisation -like the DNC, remains one big pile of fail.

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How is it that somebody in the Democrat Party Corporation didn’t get the memo that 2020 is going to be all about pictures? There’s no competing with Republicans on policy, because the only way to do that would be reducing themselves to just doing what the People want. Getting what you don’t want from a bank-loving woman or person of color makes you almost not notice that you’re getting screwed.

Why do bankers pay Obama now so handsomely? Did he gain banking wisdom worth half a million dollar a pop? Same with Bill and Hillary. What are those bankers paying for when they lay out their shareholders money? They do have a fiduciary duty to expect to profit from those expenditures.

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