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'Complete Disregard for Human Life': US Agents Threaten Christmas Eve Raid Against Humanitarians Giving Aid to Refugees Near Border

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/24/complete-disregard-human-life-us-agents-threaten-christmas-eve-raid-against

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Christian on christian persecution… Christianity in America.


If America hadn’t damaged so many nations in the Southern hemisphere----there would be no starving crowds of people coming to America. Ruining other nations brings starving and landless poor people here. That is America’s history. : ( It all started with attacking and killing and creating landless indigenous people-----the people necessary to protecting and treating Nature well right here in the land called America. : (


And the truly disgusting thing, is that we would “never” be having a Boom Year in Migrant Deaths in the Arizona deserts, if we didn’t have the current focus on that problem… PUT IN PLACE BY THE BORDER PATROL!

There have been studies on just how quickly bodies disappear in that desert. No, they don’t “mummyize,” … because they are first eaten up by the residents of that desert! Hidden cameras have shown just how fast they “disappear.” Nine days is the median time, and if you even find a bone after that, it is unusual.

AND THE BORDER PATROL KNOWS THIS, and that must be why they are planning to arrest those too close to their serial Murder Conveyor…


It is about the cruelty. The infliction of cruelty is the point.


I just called the phone number and they asked if I had an emergency. I said that any attacks against Byrd Camp, at Christmas and in cold weather were an emergency.

The (tired sounding) communications person for the Border Patrol said that there were no attacks (and no warrant) planned. I said that I hoped that was true and that I would keep watch on the news for the next couple of days.


Yeah, Gandhi pretty much nailed it with,

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”


I wish we citizens of the United States of America could be generous instead of cruel to those seeking refuge, both those seeking refuge from those seeking to kill them and those seeking refuge from starvation due to extreme poverty.


Borderline sociopathy


Arm the migrants.

In all fairness, it is rather difficult to emulate God.

Way to miss the point, on Christmas eve no less.

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Henry Kissinger ordered the Christmas bombing of Hanoi in 1972. Looks like Nixon and his Machiavellian henchman established a precedent, all very American. Kissinger is Jewish, but Nixon is supposed to be a Christian, raised a Quaker at that. Though the Quakers don’t really accept him for obvious reasons.

My goodness, the feds can’t put up with the uppity sanctions breakers. No, no, no,
we are still under retrumplican rule.

I think it’s full blown.

To wingsofadove, You are completely right, the perpetrators of cruelty, pain, suffering and death are indeed sociopaths and in my opinion need to be removed from the human gene pool.

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America has been using religion as a fig leaf for murder since jamestown.

Does anyone remember Elián González, the little Cuban boy whose mother drowned trying to bring him to the US? After a big custody-battle theater between his dad and the gusano relatives, with the infamous photo of the kid in hysterics because of the federal SWATtie and his submachine gun pointed at the gusano relative, the US courts finally awarded custody to his dad, they were reunited and returned to Cuba, and he grew up a healthy Cuban kid?

The US always made (makes?) a big deal out of those leaving Cuba in search of “freedom” in the US when the real reason is, as in Elián’s mother’s case, money and the world-killing “stuff” Capitalism provides… Maybe most of the people coming up from Central America are also really making the trip for the money, not any better reason?


But where’s the pun in that?

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Well i got the “play on words” you indicated and believed you would understand my response.