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'Complete Wiping Away of Clean Water Act': Trump EPA Rule Would Free Corporations to Pollute Nation's Water as Much as They Please


'Complete Wiping Away of Clean Water Act': Trump EPA Rule Would Free Corporations to Pollute Nation's Water as Much as They Please

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move environmentalists are warning will seriously endanger drinking water and wildlife nationwide, President Donald Trump's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reportedly gearing up to hand yet another gift to big polluters by drastically curtailing the number of waterways and wetlands protected under the Clean Water Act.

"The rollback will take us backward. And most people don't remember just how bad that was."
—Daniel Estrin, Waterkeeper Alliance


So this is what it means to Make America Great Again. The US needs polluted waters to be what this country once was. I guess America is now too clean for Trump. Greatness much equal pollution. The US will be back when its rivers again catch fire.


Boy, I can’t wait to see what kind, and color of chemical foam is going to float down our river. This is just a test, right?


At least Trump is consistent: He doesn’t believe in climate change or river pollution, or pretty much anything else that would slow corporate pillage.


A clear crime against humanity by the odious trump & co!

The health issues and deaths that will surely follow this astonishing move and if there were any “justice”, trump and all who sail in him would be locked up for a very long time…this really is a hanging offense…or should be! This evil, ignorant, POS must pay for his destruction of the Common Good to serve common greed and poisoning the planet, our republic and people!

How is this “wiping away” the Clean Water Act even legal? Are our laws that easily rubbed-out by a corrupt ignorant uneducated idiot with the swipe of a pen by executive fiat??! Doesn’t Congress have any say in this clearly criminally outrageous act? Will the people speak-out? Will Congress? Evangelicals/Christians? “Conservatives”? What we are witnessing is pure evil plain and simple!



Got to compete with those wily Chinese. The race to the bottom for a buck.


The clean water act did not really give us clean water but does contain some science based standards. It is our job as citizens to sue any corporation that exceeds the clean water act standards. In court the clean water act establishes a standard when not followed damage will result and that is what a court needs to act.


Maybe Trump made a deal with Nestle . A kind of 21st century version of cake-----“Let them drink amoebas!!” Or ------coal ash or medical discharge, or water from Flint-- : (


Virtually all living creatures naturally go out of their way to avoid fouling their own nest. Based on behavior by the Trump regime over the past two years I truly believe that before they retire to their own beds at night they order a large chocolate milkshake flavored with Exlax, Milk of Magnesia, and prune juice.

I wonder how long it will be before the water in Love Canal is once again considered an accelerant?


the corporate polluters live in houses, there will be a time for what I call killback time . .lots of ‘Good German’s’ died after the war . . .Germany was not totally re-Built until the 60’s.


V, I think we’re giving Dump too much credit. Since all of your adjectives fit him, I still doubt that he comes up with this sh*t on his own. He’s got some great puppeteers and maniacs pulling his strings. He just likes to wreak havoc and gloat in his own spotlight, so no matter who plants the seed, from Kocks (sic) to the excremental Bannon, Bolton, Miller, Zinke, Hannity, et al., he loves to reach into their potty chairs and run around with his tiny hands full of the contents and smear that stuff everywhere, the closer to Obama, the better.

I sure wish America is truly beginning to get it…but after watching Wisconsin and Michigan this week… I dunnnnnnooo…


Let’s waterboard each and every one of the politicians that voted to pollute, in the same water that they ok’d.


It is imperative we have three percent growth every quarter. We have to create new jobs, jobs, jobs !!


This is why the polluters bought all those politicians and put them in place. This is the payback from their assetts.


We need not pause and wait for climate change, there is a far bigger problem. Yes, we pump millions of tons of gas in the atmosphere but the oxygen in the atmosphere loves to be diluted by it. The general atmospheric level of oxygen is 21% and falling when it falls by 3% we all die, some places are already there. The issue is the two machines that make our oxygen are broken, forests are half gone and the new president of Brazil promises to cut down the rainforest, however, phytoplankton produces most of our oxygen is in a 40% decline in my lifetime because it is absorbing PCB laced marine microplastic. Phytoplankton converts CO2 in our atmosphere to sugar and oxygen as it sequesters the CO2 and is the beginning of the food chain. The oceans are suffocating and vomiting up lifeforms all over the world as a result of millions of miles of roadways transporting the filth of mankind into millions of rivers and streams that pulverize it and dumps it into the oceans in a homogenized and solid form that is impossible to remove. We are in a garage with the car running, the fumes will kill us long before the heat. You can read more about it in my book, “Evolution of Pollution” a true story.


I think there’s no question you’re right Toni, Trump can barely walk and chew gum at the same time, much less invent these horrible policies on his own.


Ok, horse…I’m no scientist in this area, but what you explain makes sense to me…so what do wethelittlepeople do now?


Trump must think the people can always bring class action lawsuits (if they’re still legal) against polluters after the fact, so no regulations required.

Builders and industrialists hate having to conform to costly regulations. No regulations means they can pollute, maximize profits and clean up at public expense, knowing that if such lawsuits (with pro bono lawyers and conservative judges) succeed, the most they will get is a slap on the wrist.

To avoid problems between private and public, a dynamic equilibrium between them has to be established. That requires democracy, not the rule of extremes, oligarchy and hegemony.


And we used to make fun of Dubya…When using the Internet, I get pushes about Dump’s IQ or comparisons between him and other presidents. I’ve never clicked on any of those, so I don’t know what anyone is saying about his actual IQ. What I DO see is articles not only about his psychopathology, but also about signs of cognitive decline and dementia. Of course, some people observe that the behaviors wethepublic can see are an act on Dump’s part. If I remember correctly, in the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, someone even addressed the possibility that Dump is sly like a fox.

I always wish that news hosts like Amy or some MSNBC folks would ask their guests who know Dump how smart he is or isn’t.


Yes, isn’t it a shame. One administration will be elected trumpeting —a bit of irony here—how they will put protections in place for the environment, and eventually do so on literally their last day in office, and the next unwinds these at its leisure because they haven’t actually taken effect!
There has to be a name for this scam, con, political deceit, unethical actions, manipulations, and duplicitous behavior. Could it be a LIE?