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'Complete Wiping Away of Clean Water Act': Trump EPA Rule Would Free Corporations to Pollute Nation's Water as Much as They Please


And we used to make fun of Dubya…When using the Internet, I get pushes about Dump’s IQ or comparisons between him and other presidents. I’ve never clicked on any of those, so I don’t know what anyone is saying about his actual IQ. What I DO see is articles not only about his psychopathology, but also about signs of cognitive decline and dementia. Of course, some people observe that the behaviors wethepublic can see are an act on Dump’s part. If I remember correctly, in the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, someone even addressed the possibility that Dump is sly like a fox.

I always wish that news hosts like Amy or some MSNBC folks would ask their guests who know Dump how smart he is or isn’t.


Yes, isn’t it a shame. One administration will be elected trumpeting —a bit of irony here—how they will put protections in place for the environment, and eventually do so on literally their last day in office, and the next unwinds these at its leisure because they haven’t actually taken effect!
There has to be a name for this scam, con, political deceit, unethical actions, manipulations, and duplicitous behavior. Could it be a LIE?


America is gone. There is nothing here but child murdering, oil stealing, illiterate maggots. So you 're concerned about Redneck Republicans who shit in their own water bowl for a cupcake. This surprises you from racist, illiterate, child bombing drunks who ruffle their camo thongs sucking on the World Bank or Jesus from Lockheed. Read a book before they burn them.


Omg…Troy, if my head gets dizzy as things are, reading your link made me feel like I was trying to swim in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I think I’m aging out of being able to function in a tech world. And if people like me get confused or overwhelmed, I can barely imagine what it’s like for less-informed or less-involved readers/users/citizens.


I think they really don’t care if we All die. I’m sure they all drink bottled mineral water. It almost seems planned. Their greed knows no bounds. Feels like livin a dystopian novel, but it’s not fiction.


No worries Toni. AI is around the corner.


Thanks for the giggle!


You know, It’s absolutely amazing…so many people worked so hard…for so many years, to conceive of and formulate the rules and regulations that helped turn our US waterways from open sewers, just about, to, if not wholesome, than at least bodies of water that came to life again and provided people with food and sustenance. Now, this deviant, pathological administration, filled with the murky invertebrates who only live for profit at all costs, are trashing all that tremendous hard work and turning OUR waterways into sewers again. What will it take for us-and I point to myself first-to stand up and really revolt against this monstrosity of an administration? Or will we jsut stand by and wring our hands, expecting Shumer and Pelosi, et al, to save the day?


“Let them buy bottled water” (if they don’t like the taste of the new water).


Remember it was not too long ago that one of those Free market think tanks suggested that if a person wanted clean drinking water they should have the pay the costs to clean that water and the onus should not be on The Corporations or the Government to ensure water kept clean as this interfered with free market principles.


Republicans will poison us for corporate profit.
Democrats write environmental safety regulations.

In the age of Trump, saying that Democrats and Republicans are the same is just a facile way of promoting the destruction of a livable planet.

We don’t have much time left. Working for progressive Democrats in primaries is probably the ONLY way to save our world at this time.


Hi nanaverm: I think Nestle is trying to buy up all the “cleaner” water in America. I do not trust Nestle or the Forest Dept. California is in a drought and the Forest people are still letting Nestle take water out of a forest in Southern Ca. They are also trying for water in Canada. and Vermont too I think. As I distrust Nestle so much, I am wondering if they will buy up all the Flint water, and since it’s tea color already----they will call it “Apple Blossom Tea ,” after Michigan’s state flower… then pour in lots of sugar and who will know! I am feeling very dystopian today… : (


Break out the pitchforks, attack these evil people


I swear, it seems as though the Trump admin and congressional Reps are purposely trying to kill and injure Americans.


This is something that the left should be outraged about.

But what has the left been getting their panties in a huff about?

70 year old Christmas songs (Baby It’s Cold Outside) and 50 year old cartoons (Rudolph).

While Trump poisons the planet, the left ban songs. SO SMART.


Trump is in way over his head. So he’s just playing his bad boss TV role, standing wherever his handlers point for him to stand, reading his scripts, throwing out a few lines whenever he can catch the drift of the moment.


I tried to talk about oxygen levels, has to be a problem. Every carbon burned is tying up one, CO, or two, CO2, oxygen atoms. But I was poopooed on this site by several who were holier than thou. Some inland Chinese cities are reported to have some of the lower levels of oxygen.


It is difficult to imagine a less productive and more destructive administration. From environmental issues to fiscal rights this wad of incompetent rapists has shown what unbridled corporate power can and lustfully Will do. Flint Michigan residents still cannot drink the water that comes from their taps. I would expect better efforts from the most impoverished nations of the planet. Yeah, somebody’s winning but it sure isn’t farmers, school teachers, doctors, students, minimum wage earners, military personnel, the elderly, the underemployed, and the general population. Trump got one thing right. I for one am totally worn out by all This winning. I do kinda wonder who to congratulate.


That is God’s honest truth and the trumpster probably thinks that he is the star, director producer and writer of the show. I am just wondering if he will be the catalyst that can unite the nation and cause us to unite against HIM. If he does his reign of idiocy will have been worth it.


Could be. The homeless, unemployed, physically and/or mentally challenged, elderly, and generally unsuccessful are likely, by some, considered surplus and costly populations.