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'Completely Dangerous and Unacceptable,' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says of Impending Senate Recess in Midst of Coronavirus Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/25/completely-dangerous-and-unacceptable-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-says-impending-senate

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I think it was Mark Twain who observed “While Congress is in session, no man’s life or proerty is safe.” Please, Senators, go home—AND STAY THERE!

Or rats leaving a sinking ship. :slight_smile:


Leadershit Crisis Explains Run on Toilet Paper: Film at 11


If you folks have any young people in your family, urge them NOW to start shopping for another country; one with a fucking SOUL!

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College and universities in Germany are free and classes can be in English.


I’m thinking, they’ll return, once their brokers find something they can buy low, then criminalize our buying, to save loved ones, with damaged lungs or immunity reduced by pollution and poverty?





(Start around 1:30)

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OMG, well they can work from home but they have to work, because the Coronavirus is streaming along faster and faster. Any elected official who treats this as a free vacation time will be stalked and harassed forever. YOU Congress people can work from home and you can all meet online to vote too. We all want to hear VOICE votes on everything too.
PEOPLE need to see how each of you vote on everything. Mitt Romney came forward with his HONEST voice vote—so we want to hear all of you.
And giving money to corporations that work only for themselves is a nation killer—oh and does anyone know how much Boeing owes people for all the deaths caused by their planes----so Boeing asked for a lot of money–I this $60 billion. I can’t conceive of any of these amounts----but I did read that in CA the sick are not the oldsters but in that state it’s aged 49 and under-------so is there a morphing virus or does each state get a different one in a nation gone crazy?


Just read draft of Senate “bailout” bill.
Total scam, criminal action, gives money to Boeing the murderer, the floating obesity and ocean pollution cruise ship industry, and many other money-grubbing elites and criminal corporations.
The House has to just say no to this bill.
It won’t help the 99% much, and it gives piece of shit Mnuchin the power over billions of dollars.


Not a vacation, but yet another effort by Republicans to coerce Congress to do their bidding. This action is explicitly “Take it or leave it.” They are betting that Democrats and people in general are so desperate that they will take the shit sandwich in lieu of nothing. I’m with Bernie, but a lot of people don’t have that luxury.

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Republicans, watch how your senators are voting and see if it is in your best interest. If not vote differently next time.

This is blackmail, and not for the first time. Two parties can play that game. I suggest that Senate Democrats sign the Blackmail Bill immediately, then along with Democratic House members immediately send letters to everyone of their constituents and to any others whose addresses they have, explaining to them how and by whom they have been screwed (please not like the smarmy letters from the various DMCs (Democratic Money Committees). Then load the Senate with multiple bills that would correct the shortcomings of this one, all the while referring to this one as “The Blackmail Bill” and making big ad buys pulling no punches but punching as if their lives depended on it–because they may.

Thanx Beli. I am vegetarian and get my veggies from my neighbours. (Organic) I eat mostly raw and sprout beans for extra protien etc. Keep well and happy.


Well, we’re through what seems to be the ninth day without any signs of the pneumonia, but none of us KNOW if this is COVID-19 (we’d both had pretty useless flu shots & had some UR schmutz, WAY before the first tests in Bayonne? One afer another, coworkers, friends & neighbors are learning denial, delusion and dread aren’t effective responses. It’s resembled a particularly stereotypical Irwin Allen movie, with the mid winter art shows, concerts and clubs all jam packed (no, not JUST silly, unthinking young yuppies!) But, we’re worried about poorer vulnerable folks working the triage tents, delivery and app drivers, clerks, cleaners, first responders (lots, here are folks who can’t retire and they’ve no direct deposit accounts, anyway). It’s now starting!

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munchkin has powerful input over about 6.5 trillion total that will be distributed over the next few months by this bill and Federal Reserve’s now available purchase of US Treasury bills of about 4 trillion.

Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore!

The senate vacation accomplishes a few things.
One: House may not amend the bill at all. They have to vote yes and pass it on to president tomorrow.
Two: It will take the older farts pretending to be senators, servants of the peoples, about three days rest just to clear their heads.
Three: Telling people that all is now good, thanks to their hard work. Give us great applause.
Peoples respond with the New Zealand haka.
Four: Do not have to answer the phone, emails, letters, etc.
Five: About 20 will be out campaigning to be re-elected.
Six: Can be interviewed by their local papers which may help educate the citizen voters.
Seven: Out of sight, out of mind
Eight: Permits president to have TV time all to himself. Same as 2016.
Nine: Stand aside as people suffer.
Ten: Rely on americans short attention span, drive bye news and Trump to take any heat from failure to contain C-19 virus.

Hi economagic:
RESIST is such a beautiful world–and the word “resist,” is just one letter short of the word: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
I think we need another version of Aretha’s “Respect.” and updated to Ressist----we need it now. : )