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'Completely Horrific': Journalist E. Jean Carroll Becomes 24th Woman to Accuse Trump of Sexual Assault

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/21/completely-horrific-journalist-e-jean-carroll-becomes-24th-woman-accuse-trump-sexual

When he was still Candidate Twump, did he not threaten to sue his accusers for defamation? He did.

And since his election* has he done so? No he has not.

Presumably there’s a reason why not.

I won’t speculate as to what that might be, but I will say I find the accusations credible.


If this be the case it seems our guvurnmeant rises up from a Greek tragedy and becomes a Medusa. Surly those that refuse to act understand they are most likely committing obstruction of justice and act as just another snake on the head of the beast.


Republicans aren’t going to care until evidence is presented. Why would they before that? Democrats already have shown that they are more than willing to throw around false accusations as little more than political plays, as we saw in the Kavanaugh trial (even if you believe the gap-filled Ford story, gang rape on a boat? Really?)

  • attacking people at restaurants
  • hacking PC’s on capital hill and then releasing the dox of politicians on Wikileaks,
  • setting fire to cars, buildings
  • pepper spraying innocent women, attacking innocent people in the streets
  • attacking people violently for wearing Trump hats

There has been more then sufficient proof that Trumps election has brought out the outright crazy on the political left. There seems to be no act too criminal or vile, if it can be justified by self-righteous political sanctimony. Celebrities are even getting in on it, threatening to blow up the white-house, holding severed head replicas of Trump.

Within a mere couple weeks, four women made wildly differing claims of Kavanaugh supposedly long career of violent rape (which of course, never came out before the accusation would hold political gain for his opponents) not one of which was ever shown to be credible. So please, tell me, why wouldn’t it be up to 24 accusations after a few years of Trump?

The deranged behavior of partisans has long since squandered all the “believe blindly instead of due process” tolerance anyone outside of the hyper-partisan are willing to lend. You now present evidence if you want to be taken seriously when making an accusation that has potential political incentives. It’s terrible that actual victims will now have to suffer for the selfish actions of the politically insane, but that was the sacrifice many on the left were willing to make to overturn an election they can’t cope with having lost.

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Ah the stories that Epstein could tell…but for being protected by Trump allies in the courts. Epstein of course has many friends and cohorts in high places.

What a swamp of criminality and corruption.


Not quite the numbers that Bill Cosby had –
but I’ve always wondered if Cosby could have gotten away with
the sexual assaults he carried out on so many women without
some protection from higher up’s?

The CIA from its creation post WWII as pushed by Council on Foreign
Relations to replace OSS/Elite intelligence – had (imo) every intention
and instructions to destroy our US societies with drugs, guns, sexual
perversion – and they continued on with the experiments the Nazis
were doing in the concentration camps – creating their own versions in
MKULTRA, etal.

As an aside as to how intense the effort was, CIA has acknowledged they
created the Modern Art movement.

What did the CIA have to do with Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Club?

More recently, in 2014, Chloe Goins, a model, claimed in a lawsuit that Bill Cosby drugged and raped her in 2008 and that the Playboy Mansion was the scene of the crime. The lawsuit named Hefner as a conspirator and claims his properties were in fact the site of multiple of Cosby’s attacks on young women. (Cosby has denied all the criminal accusations against him and has only been charged for one alleged incident. This summer, his trial ended in a hung jury. A retrial is expected next year.)


Because she says she doesn’t remember this and that, he will say that she just made the whole thing up, and he will vilify her. The so-called moral Christians behind his move to dictatorship won’t care at all if he raped her.


She literally did it while promoting her new book. She says he aggressively attacked and raped her in a changing room. It doesn’t even remotely fit the MO if you believe any one of the other accusers. She writes for a living and just wrote about this now? Hes been president for 3 years. I mean at what point are you willing to cast doubt on a story if not this one?

I heard people like you swearing up and down Jussie Smollett had no reason to lie too. When it comes to politics, its clear there are a LOT of people willing to make up complete BS. It’s time to present evidence or be ignored, or as it was previously known, due process.

It could be hundreds… and No… Nobody gives a shit!


Would be nice to think that this revelation alone would remove Don, but wouldn’t put money on it (see, e.g., Christine Blasey Ford).


With sh*te like this, feel free to leave “our community.”


@chapdrum Oh right, I forgot, its either agree in lockstep with every irrational position, or be excommunicated. So progressive! Very liberal! We are already getting rid of due process, why not freedom of thought too!

You may find that irrational positions here are in the vast minority. Consider defending your little boy-dictator elsewhere.


@chapdrum Except I voted against him in a state that went red. I just am not willing to abandon everything I believe in, like rational assessment of details, due process, and objective thinking because of tribalistic idiocy. Would be nice if some of you would join us and actually be progressive, instead of just slapping the title on yourself like the DPRK.

We’ll find out the veracity of your thinking, as Congress and the Courts do nothing to remove him. History will be better judges than us both.

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Another brave woman comes forward.


…Well, aren’t you one piece of work. Support of the GOP’s actions speak louder than words and you’re hear to support this fascist group?..Doesn’t hold water, not a drop…The §resident and the entire Cabinet need to be in jail for their corruption and ruin, phkn curs…


…From someone who doesn’t have a clue about women’s rape charges and the intersection with that and law enforcement and always being countered because there’s no proof. Drumph has threatened her in the past. In this case a man with noted criminality excuses himself from charges because he has powerful connections, whom are also criminals…


Hi CozyCooze:
I read an excerpt from E. Jean Carroll in the Huff Post this morning. You should probably read it, and you will find out how much of the world has operated for a long time.
Her story started from an early age, as apparently, in the time she grew up, the women were blamed for all. If they got pregnant, it was apparently all their fault because they were no doubt, “That kind of girl.” Reading her experiences from a young age, and even girl scout camp , she experienced a lot of what women from that time seemed to go through,not very female friendly time.
Her article is not just about Trump, but what the world is often like and in many areas what the world is still like for many girls and women. : (


If all 24 of these ladies castrated Trump on 5th Avenue, I wonder if they could get away with it.