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'Completely Inconsistent With Everything He's Ever Said and Done': Trump's Teleprompter Speech on Mass Shootings Pilloried

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/completely-inconsistent-everything-hes-ever-said-and-done-trumps-teleprompter-speech

Trump is the least self-aware person I can imagine. He really does not believe that he is a racist. He really does think he’s best at everything he says that he’s best at. Really is something wrong with that man.


When I was four I used to run around saying “it’s not my fault!” I grew out of it…


Trump blames “mental illness” for mass shootings? Well Trump is correct if he blames his mental illness!


I’ve posted this on several progressive sites — it’s time for the “Times”:

Please save me from again hearing all the incredibly, inanely, inexorably stupid ‘talking-head’, ‘bubble-head’, and ‘anchor-head’ TV announcers saying:

“We don’t know what the motive is, yet.”

WhyTF do any of us want to know WTF the motive is???

What ‘we the American people’ really want to know is only WTF the ‘Means of this slaughter is’ — which we already know — its the massive number of all these GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, GUNS, … FOREVER KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS, KIDS, GRAND-KIDS, BROTHERS, SISTERS, and most directly all the blood-sucking corporate executives of all the small arms weapons makers, all the much bigger and 1000 times more profitable multi-billion dollar monstrous weapons of war corporations, who hide behind the facade of being called the Defense Industry but are funding the NRA, and should really be exposed as what Bertrand Russell called the “Merchants of Death”.

These damn scam money makers on domestic and global deaths make their fortunes by selling products that make money ONLY BY DUMPING ‘NEGATIVE EXTERNALITY COSTS’ on all of US, ‘We citizen/‘subjects’ of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE.

As the brave “Washington Post” prints every day of the year on its front-page, mast-head banner, “Democracy Dies In Darkness” — to which I would only add “Under EMPIRE” — and also that “We can’t be an EMPIRE”, and finally that ‘we the American people’ must:



Along with Machine Gun McConnell


Clinton backer was Walton family
Obama backer was Pritzger family
kindly advise just who is this guys producer.
NBC?? carried over from TV reality show, possible.
Bibi from Israel ??
Who could it be ?
Ah, The devil !!


From the following article:
‘Trump is playing with fire, and he knows it. He and his advisors calculate that "his blatant provocations will intensify an already unstable political environment, with an immense potential for violence, and create conditions that will enable him to invoke dictatorial powers to “uphold law and order”.’

We are clearly moving in that direction…


Republicans are the embodiment of mental illness.


Hostage video.


"Holy Toledo. If this gets out, I’m fu€ked."


Yeah, kind of like the Nazi, Party!


Are You Kidding Me?

The Country is going to allow this Lying Bastard to get away with his Bullshit Teleprompter Speech about how Hatred is intolerable in America?

Come On America this guy is literally Insane.

He is an unapologetic Racial Bigot who promotes Violence against our neighbors and our fellow Human Beings and we are going to let him get away with his complicity in the Murders committed in El Paso and Dayton?

How Naive can the Media and his fellow Republicans be for letting Trump try to Exonerate Himself with his gobbledygook gibberish double talk.

This man has preached a sermon of Hatred and Violence against Mexicans, Muslims and Blacks since he was a teenager.

Now that the Nation has witnessed the consequences of of his Sermons of Hate are we to let him off the hook for his complicity in these latest Murders because he read a few Conciliatory words off a Teleprompter?

His phony Kumbaya speech was definitely not written by the current White House resident Bigot Stephen Miller or the former White House Bigot Steve Bannon, it was written by some College Kid who was told what to say.

This man must be driven from office and brought to trial for Obstruction of Justice.

BERNIE - LIZ - 2020


"In one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy," Trump said.

"These sinister ideologies must be defeated," he continued. "Hate has no place in America."

That cover up speech alone should justify his IMPEACHMENT as a “White Supremacist”
and treasonous traitor to the ideals of democracy.

As for the “mental illness” – Trump should look to himself for the answer to that –
and seek help before he actually sets the world on fire.


The Clinton Adm. has their sleazy hands all over the 1996 legislation which brings us to this current dangerous and ugly place. OhBummer was better but after 2010, he was kneecapped by his " consiglieres " Biden and Sen. " Rabbi Ho " Lieberman, among others, perhaps quite intentionally. The official Lackeys of The MIC Wackies, imo.
Plus, the $$$ always comes in handy.
( Israel sells a lot of weapons around this old world and AIPAC continues their stranglehold on 1/2 the DNC leadership. The blood money pulses in and through the current primary season, too. )
Follow the money because, as they say, the devil is the details.


Nero was purported to fiddle while Rome burned; I can see Trump twittering while America burns in a nuclear war.


Now: the latest is that, the Justice Department is considering making mass shootings a "Capital Crime."

This administration really doesn’t get it.

Anything to divert from the real causation of these horrific crimes.

Cover the asshole’s ass.

How long can allow it to be this way?


least self-aware ?

that’s very very kind. The guy is dangerously delusional. He is psychotic.
And he needs to be dealt with as such.


I heard Moscow Mitch fractured his shoulder today. Ain’t that shame ? Lol


That’s what makes people join that cult. Common mental illnesses.
They are contrarians, they are emotionally and psychologically damaged individuals.

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