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'Completely Out of Control': China Says 'US Epidemic' Threat to Rest of the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/05/completely-out-control-china-says-us-epidemic-threat-rest-world


Not a rhetorical question:
Has there been a time the u.s. has not been a threat to the rest of the world?


Like my spouse, who is Native American, shirt says: BEEN FIGHTING TERRORISM SINCE 1492!


Americans are not willing to temporarily sacrifice their freedom for the fight against the virus.

We may not have any other choice because if the pandemic gets completely out of control I can see Trump using the Covid-19 crisis to his advantage to curtail voting or worse like declaring Martial Law in order to stay in office.


Can we please stop the name calling?What you are doing is exactly what the Fascist in the WH continues doing: Attach a racist label to a serious pandemic. It’s a virus, for heaven’s sake, and it doesn’t matter where it originated. What matters is that nations get together in research to end this plague. Your narrow view leads to discrimination of Chinese immigrants as I personally have witnessed.


My above post is a response to lamonte7 who evidently erased his/her comment.


Faux noise viewers continue to be told that masks harbor worse illnesses, COVID-19 penetrates masks, COVID-19 is being over-reported by hospitals raking in dough from the alleged higher reimbursements COVID-19 cases provide, and only the elderly and others with pre-existing conditions are seriously affected by COVID-19.

All of these lies give faux viewers excuses to engage in activities guaranteed to increase virus spread and more dead.


I have that same t-shirt. I have received both compliments and angry stares when wearing it.


Every dictator’s goal is to silence the free press and close the borders. Trump is the envy of his autocrat cronies around the world.


No problem. I think he had to go back to check something.
Back to 1946 I mean


sorry but you just sounded like a slightly more educated Trump haha… but plz make no mistake you are just as chauvinistic as Trump and the lowest of his followers.

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What in hell is China doing? Don’t they know that the US is to call China a threat to the world, not the other way around? The US should immediately protest this statement coming from China and not be dissuaded by the complete accuracy of it.


I received angry stares from Americans when I defended Chinese immigrants who were targeted for their national origin in regard to the covid virus.


Actually he did not delete that, it looks like he finally got 86’d – again, this was at least his 3rd time with a log-in here – for his persistent racism.


Thanks for the info. I am old and slow using this darned smart phone technology and therefore couldn’'t respond to him in time.


Well screw them and good for you. We had an incident in our state several years ago when a white man spoke up in defense of an Asian woman who was being verbally threatened by a white guy racist. The racist then beat the man defending the Asian woman into a near coma. He was convicted and sentenced, but I wish I could find out the identity of the man who was beaten so I could do something to show my appreciation. As it stands, he probably received nothing more than a beating for his valor. Incidents like that show that someone like you is courageous in the name of good.


Why is everyone focused on “new” cases. That number is the direct result of much more extensive testing which is now running at about 1.8 million tests per day. What folks need to understand is that the number of deaths from Covid are dropping like a rock. At the peak the death toll was just over 5000 per day and today it is 20% of that number at approximately 1000 per day. This noise is just political game playing and the media is being irresponsible in not presenting the whole picture. They seem to be comfortable in their role of disseminating partial facts in the interest of stirring panic.

Actually peak was around 3,500 per day, and the number is still fluctuating. Climbed back up to about 1,500 per day a couple weeks ago, and the number is almost certain to go up again as the USA continues to play idiot on the world stage.

Also 1,000 deaths a day is over 350,000 per year, so yeah sure, it’s simply trivial and the media is just scare-mongering!



What nonsense. Look at the rate of deaths per 100k cases. The US has ZERO to be proud about with the response to this pandemic. This isn’t “stirring panic” but denying things is EXACTLY WHY so many Americans are dead now that didn’t need to die.

Shame on you.


When we need to look to the Chinese press for more accurate information about the pandemic and US failures to contain it, US media is in serious trouble.

Thanks, CD for posting this.