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'Completely Terrifying': Study Warns Carbon-Saturated Oceans Headed Toward Tipping Point That Could Unleash Mass Extinction Event

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/completely-terrifying-study-warns-carbon-saturated-oceans-headed-toward-tipping


If it’s any consolation, the coming extinction event will be the best-documented one ever. Maybe we should place an Earth-operator’s manual in that seed vault in Svalbard for the next bunch.


Trouble is that humankind are not going to just go along with our daily routine of going to work, taking that weekend camping trip, and playing on the Gameboy until one day we just wake up dead. As the day approaches, the disruptions will cause wars, destruction of governments and the collapse of civilization. All those apocalypse movies will be real life for the last few to survive to the end, and they will likely be too busy trying not to die to bother documenting anything.


Most of the general population is so scientifically illiterate that any dire predictions will not do any good.


Its too bad MIT is not funded to solve the climate emergency.
MIT proposal from Sunflower


The oceans have been absorbing most of the extra heat and carbon we have pumped into the atmosphere for a few decades now. It’s the biggest reason we have not seen temperatures rise over 2 degrees centigrade from pre industrial median, yet. But now we see the tide turning (pun intended). The nearly microscopic organisms that make up the base of the food chain are unable to breed and appearIn our increasingly acidic oceans. The coral reefs, the nurseries for these organisms, are dying. Without those base animals, every thing from fish to whales are doomed.
The ocean used to give up its stored heat in a phenomenon called El Niño about every 11 years. Now we seem to have El Niño’s every three years. The oceans can’t take anymore heat, can’t accept any more carbon. Yet we continue to pump it out at record levels. If we could somehow stop it all tomorrow, it would still be too late.
Too late




Or worse, they believe it’s part of the apocalypse, and actually encourage it.
Remember, once the oceans turn to acid, Jeebus will come back:)


It is not that the public doesn’t understand. They are not really ever exposed to the truth. It is glossed over by the government and business so it does not seem urgent. Government and business will not do anything until the final events actually start happening. It will be don’t upset the apple cart of profits etc until we really have to.


Not to worry folks. As soon as an NFL game or two gets canceled from extreme weather events, the moneyed peoples will take note and start to do something about it. Too late though. There were some on this board around a year ago that were chastising me for sounding the alarm and posting articles saying we’re doomed by 2025. Every climate crisis article I’ve read over the last few years has said something to the effect that ‘this is happening much faster than previously predicted’. Just wait for the East Siberian sub-sea methane bomb to go off. It’ll get 10 degrees hotter in a couple weeks.


This isn’t going to end well.


I don’t think so.

Direct Air Capture, as espoused by the late Wallace Broecker and Klaus Lackman, and now David Keith of Harvard with his Carbon Engineering firm based out of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada, can reduce levels to whatever is needed. Presumably the oceans would then start giving up their CO2 to the atmosphere - for the machines to remove from the atmosphere.

It can be done - of course it is expensive - extinction is the alternative.


Please see my reply to BigB ~

The population may be scientifically illiterate - on the other hand - science is not.

The people are depending on science and politics to find a way out.

Right now, the way seems clear - halt the CO2 emissions on a prioritized list, draw down CO2 to a level which will allow the oceans to regurgitate their entrained CO2 - and remove it with Direct Air Capture.

Google Carbon Engineering and David Keith of Harvard, etc…


Got big News for you non- believers… We’ve already reached the Tipping Point.


Start by planting trees on Trump’s golf courses.


It’s been clear for quite some time that nothing of significance is going to be done to slow down the next inevitable extinction event. The tipping point for me was the 90% loss of insects. Insects are/were a critical component of life on Earth for all mammals, birds, and aquatic life. Everything from here on out is downhill. Even short horizon (20 years?) adaptation is probably not possible at this point.

All we really have is each other, our neighbors, and community to pull together. To work together and help each other as best we can, for as long as we can, to the end.


Golf courses are a terrible place to plant trees. The soils are dead and lifeless. Too many poisons too. Plant trees in existing, vibrant forests where the new trees will be among friends and family of their own. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry many but as Greta keep pointing out in every speech, these things are not up to scale, there are massive costs in involved, no money no government or public support.

I sure wish people would listen to what it is she says, listen carefully with both ears.


We actually have 18 or less months and we will suffocate as we boil.

On my site I have been tracking the heat we are experiencing, as an example the Gulf Coast average temp for the last 19 days has been 83F and now there is an algae bloom shutting down beaches. To think it is only happening here would be folly but I haven’t done any tracking, yet. One thing we must do right now, today, is stop flying airplanes, period, shut down coal, period, use mass transit, period,so many things. Will it happen? NO. Bye Bye Miss American Pie.

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