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'Completely Terrifying': Study Warns Carbon-Saturated Oceans Headed Toward Tipping Point That Could Unleash Mass Extinction Event

Slap a carbon tax on all gasoline so people are made to conserve. Gasoline is way too cheap and people waste so much. So many huge trucks with 1 person in it with the big tires. If gasoline was more expensive, people would combine chores and tasks into 1 trip rather than several. And hybrid and electric cars would be selling rather than big gas guzzling trucks. Commercial airfares would also rise and people would stop flying so much.

Give people tax incentives to not have so many children. Instead our government now gives double tax deductions for every child a couple has. Government cannot stop people from having lots of children, however, the rest of us shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Stop subsidizing US farmers, especially those who own factory farms. Put strong regulation on big-ag as well to stop the horrifying torture animals on US factory farms currently live through. Allow the cost of meat to appropriately rise based on an end to farm subsidies and a beginning of humane treatment. This should result in people buying less meat and eating more plant based food, thus also decreasing carbon.

Increase tariffs on imports from countries in which we have a trade deficit with. This will eventually result in more local industry being created. Along with the carbon tax, this will decrease the huge numbers of container ships clogging our oceans, endlessly striking, killing and maiming marine mammals, and decrease fossil fuel consumption by having local industries rather than global industries that no longer have to ship their products all over the globe.

The US Military is the greatest polluter in the US. End the empire. Out of 194 countries on earth, the US military is on any given day doing “missions” in 170 of them. None of this has to do with “defense”. It all has to do with “offense”. And it is completely unnecessary. US taxpayers also pay over $1 trillion per year for this when veterans benefits and interest on the debt for this is totaled. This insanity and aggression needs to end. Imagine how far $1 trillion per year would go toward rebuilding our energy grid so that it works better with renewable energy, installing turbines rather than oil spilling wells along our coastlines, rebuilding storm water drainage systems that are crumbling in our cities along with other infrastructure, and putting money toward mass transit.

There are solutions to decreasing our carbon output, but how many people will refuse to change?

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Thing is,. the only potential CO2 repository that has enough capacity for any meaningful direct CO2 capture is the deep ocean,… …that is by compressing and injecting the CO2 to a depth where it becomes a liquid denser than water.
Another alternative is Ocean Fertilization. …This would be far less energy intensive than direct capture, and would sequester the CO2 in the form of carbonates from the algae blooms it generates. Additional benefits to this would be increasing the oceans albedo,. as well as restocking the oceans and gradually reestablishing historical nutrient cycles that would have broken down when the whale populations were obliterated and they could no longer sufficiently cycle nutrients back up from deeper waters to the photic zone.

I’ve been terrified of this since I was in HS and wrote a civics paper on it.
I never thought we’d be so stupid as to continue destroying our home planet, but we are.
I guess most people generally think that, as long as they’re fine now, things will work out…or Jesus will come and make the “evil world anew for them”.
We’ve wasted valuable time with neo liberalism and endless, carbon-based war and Trump Co, etc.
I am profoundly heart broken at the chances we’ve missed or had taken from us by the greedy.
So much for the “sapient experiment” on this Earth.
Most people a r too dumb to even be called that.
Adios, Amigas!

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It is an unarguable fact that our home, the earth, is a total energy system that operates by natural laws or mechanisms that in one way or another always work to achieve a homeostatic balance. It is also an unarguable fact that the stresses we impose on the system by our actions are causing it to break down. Sooner or later, and that time may be upon us, the earth’s energy system will do whatever it takes to rebalance itself. It may mean that it will rid itself of its tormentors and start anew.

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Well the problem with that,is the scientific community have become so corrupted,m conducting studies and finding the outcome demanded from their financier, that have no real relevance, then claimed as authentic.
How many times have we read/seen this happen ???
How does anyone today, know any study conducted of anything has not been hijacked by corporation to ensure they receive the outcome they seek ???
After all, it’s the Piper who pays the bills, who gets what they seek.

Already, well under way. BUT, if your a died in the wool born again Christian you have nothing to fear, when the shit hits the fan, you will be raptured to heaven, thus will not have to endure what you’ve sown on this planet. That’s why many such alleged Christians are very much aware of what they are doing, but because they have that escape clause, it won’t effect them. Kicker is, many times I’ve asked such people if they will sign over to me their wealth, because they can’t take it with them, so far they’ve refused to do so. Maybe they don’t really believe their fairy story ???

Again, another poster who lays today’s issues at the feet of Trump. Why is it, such people cannot see further than the end of their noses ? These issues started many years ago by successive American Presidents, some of which Americans still today, think the sun shone out of their anus, yet they forget their complicity in all this, and can only see Trump.
How shorts sighted and naive is that ?

Yes, for sure. And the guy on the corner with the sandwich board prophesying the end of the world in five days is exactly the same as 97% of climate scientists, and both have equal credence…