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Complicit in Civilian Carnage, US Support for War in Yemen Called 'Indefensible'


Complicit in Civilian Carnage, US Support for War in Yemen Called 'Indefensible'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Amid an escalation of violence, increasing numbers of civilian casualties, and a nearly unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the New York Times editorial board on Wednesday called the United States "complicit in the carnage" and demanded the Obama administration end its support for the Saudi-led coalition which has repeatedly been accused of


Bombster-in-Chief 44 cares not a wit for what's right. Neither will 45...


Obama is a criminal and should be tried in the Hague for war crimes.

Hillary and the Clintonites are fixated on Russia in a very unhealthy way which is bordering on psychosis.
Their distain for Putin has risen to the level of being unhinged.
Such irrational thinking is extremely dangerous and can be categorized as a delusional disorder.

Obama and Hillary......what a pair.


MoonofAlabama has an interesting take on the crisis

New Government Of Yemen Ready To Accept Saudi Surrender

Before the war Yemen was already dirt poor. It is now much poorer. Most infrastructure is destroyed. Nearly all factories have been flattened. The country is under a total blockade. The economy is in tatters. People die of hunger. Some 80% of the population is in dire need of humanitarian aid.

But the Yemenis will not give up. They did not start the war. But they will end it on their terms. They continue to response to Saudi attacks on Yemen with attacks in Saudi Arabia. Mysteriously new self made rockets appear from nowhere and hit Saudi troops and installations. All Saudi ground attacks in Yemen have ended in failure. Their proxy troops, hired from various African countries and South America, get beaten as soon as the enter the central Yemeni highlands. Their paid Yemeni allies are unreliable and tend to switch sides without notice. Only al-Qaeda in Yemen is a trusted Saudi ally.

The U.S. and UK continue to support Saudi Arabia in their slaughter of Yemenis. The U.S. provides targeting intelligence and air refueling. Since April 2015 the U.S. air force refueled Saudi and allied planes bombing Yemen over 5,500 times. The U.S. delivers huge amount of bombs and weapons. Since Obama came into office the U.S sold Saudi Arabia weapons and ammunition for a cool $111 billion. Seven percent of the sales price is a commission that flows directly into Pentagon coffers. Generals involved in these deals end up in very posh industry jobs. For the U.S. weapon industry, the Pentagon and U.S. generals involved, the Saudi killing of Yemenis is extremely profitable.

But the Saudis are losing the war. Not only is it very expensive to hire all the mercenaries and U.S. specialists to maintain (and man) Saudi weapons but the material loss of expensive weapons is quite big. Over 50 main battle tanks have been lost to Yemeni attacks. Many more infantry carriers and other vehicles have gone up in flames (vid). Long videos show the Houthi winning nearly every engagement. They are way better soldiers than the Saudis.


You steal a steak at the supermarket you go to jail. You preside over the the most vicious mass murder of an entire nation of poor defenseless women, children, and men. Your celebrated by network corporation television, and you get to keep your BS Nobel Peace Prize.


US Murder-for-Profit


The "fixation" is almost Nazi/CIA-like --

makes you wonder --


Since Obama came into office the U.S. has sold the Saudi's 111 billion $ in arms. Nothing will change no matter who is the next Democratic or Republican POTUS or the next POTUS or the next POTUS, because Amerika's business is the war and murder business and like Obama, they are selected as CEO's and stooges for the war business.

Trump vs. Hillary, makes no difference as to the trillion $ war business.

Jill Stein will never be allowed to be CEO of the war business, but it does not matter to me because It is better than wasting my vote on either one of the warmongers and stooges for the murderous war business!


Not only "indefensible" but complicity to war crimes by our proxy, the Saudis!

We arm the Saudis and Israelis, both criminal states guilty of war crimes, and the US along with them for political support/cover, foreign "aid" funding, and arms supplier - a corrupt 'deal" that "balances" instruments of death to both states.
The US part of the 6 nation 'deal" with Iran for a non-existent nuclear weapons program was to increase aid and arms to both Israel and the Saudis - now that's leadership! Obama should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity at The Hague and his BS Nobel prize revoked! Fracking POS is a mass murderer!
Funny how we back the most repressive racist belligerent states instead of those peoples we should align with.......


Yes, it does not matter that it is " indefensible " what matters to the MIC is it is very profitable to the tune of over one hundred billion $$$$$$$$$$!


The US arms ISIS and the Islamic State of Saudi Arabia, the sponsor of Bin Laden and the rest. Go figure, right? This September's anniversary, if you haven't already, start questioning. It is way past time. It is a racket bigger than Smedley could have imagined, but I bet he would have damn well been able to see.


Wow. I never thought I'd see the day when U.S. terrorism got so bad that it was called out by the New York Times, that normally reliable cheerleader for all things 1%.


Even the NYT can no longer support the idiocy of an Obama/Hillary foreign policy.


Certain? I'm not aware if any US President has ever apologized for the war crimes of his predecessors, and a lot of Presidents committed war crimes, and few, if any, didn't


Targeting MSF hospitals appears to be a US specialty.


America’s policy of globalized terror, murder and destruction in order to further the political and economic interests of the 0.1% will not be stopped or even confronted until it becomes publicly recognized. As long as the tens of millions of victims remain not Americans, therefore less than human and unacknowledged by the media, this will not happen. What would the public’s response be if the government had to gun down 500 American citizens, on camera, in order to sell it’s next shipment of cluster bombs to the Saudis. Where is the public opinion poll on THAT question?


The destruction of such a poor country by US arms, using ludicrous pretexts ( eg "and sell the Saudis even more weapons in part to appease Riyadh’s anger over the Iran nuclear deal") are no the acts of a nation with any morals at all.