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Con vs. Con


Con vs. Con

Chris Hedges

During the presidential election cycle, liberals display their gutlessness. Liberal organizations, such as MoveOn.org, become cloyingly subservient to the Democratic Party. Liberal media, epitomized by MSNBC, ruthlessly purge those who challenge the Democratic Party establishment. Liberal pundits, such as Paul Krugman, lambaste critics of the political theater, charging them with enabling the Republican nominee. Liberals chant, in a disregard for the facts, not to be like Ralph Nader, the “spoiler” who gave us George W. Bush.


Hedges, you F’N HYPOCRITE, don’t complain about the match-up you helped make possible with your incessant attacks against Sanders.

Crawl back into your arm-chair revolutionary hole.


“The system of corporate power, which Clinton and Trump will not alter, will continue to be ignored. The poison of imperialism and corporate capitalism, steadily hollowing out the country and pushing it toward collapse, will be sidelined. The campaign will be a political reality show, this season with a genuine reality star as a presidential candidate. Campaigning will ignore ideas to elicit emotions—fear, anger and hope. Insults will fly back and forth over social media. The race will be devoid of content. Clinton and Trump, in this world of political make-believe, will say whatever their listeners want to hear. They will furiously compete for “undecided” voters, essentially the apolitical segment of the population. And once the election is over, one of them will go to Washington, where corporations, rich donors and lobbyists—who they represent—will continue with the business of governing.”

Any bets that this is not an accurate forecast?


Seems you didn’t read Chris’s essay too carefully. The thoughfullness he put into it deserves at least that and a more measured response than name calling and a one line criticism. The notion that one may not complain or voice their intelligent opinion because they don’t agree with you is quite curious. Just how do you define hypocrite? I see that you are quite upset by Bernie not winning but what about Chris’s keen observations about liberals do you find fault with? Chris does a lot more than most to improve our world as an activist. Are you an ‘arm-chair’
critic that feels a bit guilty about your own contribution? Trying to understand
your vitriol as it obviously was distracting to me. Warm regards…


Unless Bernie becomes President, the U.S. people (and the world’s people) are going to suffer some more with either Hillary or Trump.

Both H & T are authoritarian and destructive, in their own unique ways. But even if both H & T were replaced (say, by Biden and Bush) – the 1%ers’ capitalistic-imperialistic-militaristic grand plan would still be carried out, both domestically and worldwide.

Consider the harm done during both GW Bush and Obama. Different personalities and different parties – but much the same bad behavior, bad personnel, bad policies, and harm to people and nature. Which makes me conclude that whether we get stuck with Hillary or Trump (or Biden or Jeb, or any corporate D or R) – we are going to be harmed!

So: if we can’t get Bernie for Prez in 2016, we simply have to move beyond the D & R parties UNTIL our 3rd party gains power longterm. And never give up trying!


Someone who claims to support progressive values and spends all their ‘vitriol’ on the only major progressive candidate is a hypocrite. His hypocrisy is compounded by complaining about the situation he helped bring about.

What part of hypocrite do you not understand?


Do you really think that some Greens and Socialists not supporting Sanders had anything to do with the Clinton machine stealing the election from him?

People who are upset with the Greens and Socialists for not supporting Sanders but instead presenting their own political thinking also argue that Greens and Socialists are irrelevant and have no hope of having any impact on U.S. Politics. Well, if that is so, then how can you blame them for Sanders not getting the Democratic nomination? Aren’t they irrelevant and have no impact on anything?

I think it is good that there were and are people to the left of Bernie.


It leaves out 3 new earth-shaking variables:

  1. Take into account all of the destruction wrought across the Middle East added to the amount of weapons that have now been trafficked across the world; and mix this brew together with whatever Russia and China are sensing (or plotting) about the unchecked martial hubris of the M.I.C

  2. Look at all the sink holes forming, long dormant volcanoes awakening, freak storms, immense fires and floods, spreading oceanic dead zones… The Earth Mother, Gaia, is beginning to shake and bake big time.

  3. Consider that the entire global marketplace is a massive fraud… with so many trillions that lack any backing in the way of tangible, inherently valuable commodities. The circus tent constructed by this generation’s money-changers is about to implode.

My point is that the graft, corruption, and sickening spread of military campaigns of destruction may together reach a Tipping Point… and this event will be something (like a karmic domino theory) that no pseudo leader will be able to deal with.

Business as usual may be tolerated during orthodox times but this is a phase of predicted and sped up massive transition.

Or, in political plain-speak, this time the genii ain’t goin back into the bottle.


Hedges didn’t even mention Clinton and Trump until late in the game. But he started attacking Sanders early and often. Sorry, but when you claim to support progressive values and attack the only major progressive candidate, there’s a disconnect.

I know Hedges and our faux-Greens didn’t make the difference in this election, but they couldn’t have done a better job supporting Clinton if they’d tried.

When you say you support something and then act against it, you’re either lying, ignorant, or a hypocrite - or a lying hypocrite.

I don’t think Hedges is ignorant.


It is so important to get different critiques of what is happening in our world.Bernie Sanders is a great voice. And Chris Hedges thank you so much for your voice.

I was blown away by how the corporate media pumped up Trump this past year,and hardly a whisper about Bernie Sanders–there was such blatant manipulation of the outcome. It seems the corporate world and elites are afraid to debate capitalism. So as this system falls apart to what extent will these people go?


While the visible world reflects a full spectrum, many people view the world in black or white.

Chris Hedges’ indictments are FAIR and ACCURATE. His belief that Sanders will be used (even though I don’t believe that fits Sanders’ intention in the least!) to shepherd all the discontented souls back into the usual Dem Camp is founded on recent history. However, the past is not always prologue because sometimes permutation happens.

Hedges is a purist. Having been ON the front lines and seen the bodies drop, he feels the pain of betrayal more than most people. And by betrayal, I mean the gap between this nation’s stated ideals and what elected government officials–now fully beholden to corporate overlords–do or enact as law and policy.

In other words, Hedges’ cynicism is well-earned. And I do understand those who have chastised those of us who believe Sanders is the BEST compromise our nation can produce at this particular juncture. And indeed it WOULD produce Sanders–as outcome–were the machinations of fraud not so fully in place and the media so willing to hide the truth and go along with the massive deceptions.

Since Sanders did not speak out entirely against the War Machine (although he implied that he would cut it back and he certainly would not be easily led into false battles), the more committed Leftists found fault with him.

As the more pragmatic political cognizant types understand, Sanders would shake things up in very positive ways and since he was not extreme Left, as has proven the case, he would and could attract an enormous following.

What the “Purists” don’t understand is that in a nation where 33% can gravitate to a Paul Ryan or a Trump, a majority would NOT back a fully Leftist candidate.

No one knows the future. I study it, and even with that background I think it’s ultimately true that unforeseen variables are known to show up and upset the most seemingly accurate of predictions. This is how Universal Forces remind us human beings that if we knew it all, we wouldn’t be “wearing” bodies. And part of the lesson in a body is humility since it forms the basis for learning, and indeed we are all embodied here on earth To learn.

So I don’t think cursing out Hedges or those who resonate with his profound insights is a good course of action.

Remember–there is a spectrum. Perhaps we might view Trump as infra-red and Hedges and Ultra-violent and Sanders somewhat removed from the PURPLE extreme… but nonetheless, a very decent man with a very clear vision for this nation. And THAT is the medicine that’s needed.

I hope Sanders doesn’t fold up the tent and push the “unity” behind Hillary crap… as many understand, the Clinton brand is very tainted; and while I can’t stand the idea of a carnival barker representing our nation… I still hope for a combination of human and Divine Intervention to veer the course of our nation away from the abyss.

Prayer is warranted in whatever language or religious affiliation it’s offered… so long as it’s a love-based prayer rather than the atavistic plea for one tribe to smite out another.

Maybe a Divine Force will intercede. For all we know, perhaps it will utilize a thing as mundane as Wiki-leaks!


SR, I don’t care what caused Hedges to attack Sanders so vehemently with memes I saw repeated again and again on ‘progressive’ sites. I care about the impact it had.

I’ve had it with Hedges.


You are absolutely right, revisionism has already begun. That whole pack of hypocrites led by Hedges, Paul Street, Bruce Dixon (Green Party) and their ilk, now, no doubt, will try to co-opt the crowds of Bernie supporters in Philly. I’m with you, I only brought up this article in hopes someone would call Hedges out, you did, and you are to be congratulated. There is a tendency among certain elements of progressive thought to create secular saints, saints beyond criticism, Hedges is becoming one. Not!


Obviously my portrait of the full spectrum was lost on you. Either your job is to try to undermine Hedges’ brilliant reputation, or you can only see through the twin lenses of “with us, or against us.”


The electronic manipulation in voting machines is just one of the ways that have been used to disenfranchise Bernie Sanders voters. It’s time to stop blaming Democrats for voting against their interests, and not coming out to vote. It’s time to work for REAL ELECTIONs in the US. Until we have a transparent system where people are able to vote and have their count as they intend, we will have Con vs. Con.
Before you call me a “conspiracy theorist”, get yourself educated or suffer with the disgraceful candidates getting “s/elected” and continuing the policies as they are now.
electionNightmares.c o m


I didn’t read your post, nothing was lost on me, I agree entirely with ctrl-z. Hedges is not beyond criticism. I only came to this page to see if someone would finally call Hedges out, and thankfully ctrl-z did.


“And once the election is over, one of them will go to Washington, where corporations, rich donors and lobbyists—who they represent—will continue with the business of governing.” This also applies to Dr. Stein, the Green Party Candidate, that Hedges supports. Hedges position is a little confusing for an avowed socialist. “The Green Party is a capitalist party that functions as an external pressure group on the Democrats. When Green parties have participated in governments—most notably in Germany—they have invariably backed the policy of the ruling class, including attacks on workers at home and support for imperialist war abroad.” bit.ly/1tDMIN9 This socialist will only vote for socialists running on a socialist party platform. No individual President can step that far out of line without Congressional support or without being assassinated. It will take the strength of an organized socialist political party leading a revolution to destroy capitalism rather than uselessly, temporarily, reforming it.

While some are planning to protest at both conventions that is only meaningful if it is the start to organizing and supporting a movement independent of both the big business parties. I will be voting for White and Niemuth of SEP bit.ly/1tDMIN9 but i’m all for anyone voting for anyone that’s not a Rethuglican or a Demorat, or even not voting and boycotting the elections bit.ly/1RXxIlQ . The lesser of two evils, who can really decide when both are so evil and controlled by the permanent shadow government?

Here are links to a few Socialist Parties in the U.S.:
• Socialist Equality Party (SEP) bit.ly/20QZUaz
• Socialist Party - USA (SPUSA) bit.ly/1ZktOog
• World Socialist Party (US) bit.ly/1RaC3By
• Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL)

The Socialist Equality Party, the Socialist Party USA, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Socialist Workers Party, Workers World Party, are all presently fielding presidential candidates. Don’t vote for the Democratic Socialist Party supporting Sanders or any “socialist” party supporting capitalist party candidates.

Micah White, the co-founder of Occupy Wall Street and author of the book “The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution”, now believes that the way forward to revolution is through social movements as has happened in Spain and Greece. He explains how a social movement could take power in America. There is also a video and transcript of a 73 minute conversation he has with Susan Cole:

To find out if your library has an eBook of THE END OF PROTEST that you can read for free search at Overdrive.com

The revolution begins when people become focused and stop wasting time and effort.


So? … Galileo was considered a nut… Trump and Clinton are popular. Who is doing your thinking?


Hedges tells it like it is. The problem a lot of people have with him is that he is too fatalistic… It’s his blind side.
Especially towards the end of this article he talks about the future as if it is all set in stone. That is a denial of human spirit - and pretty odd from a ‘revolutionary’ guy who I think sees himself as a Christian.
Yes, Chris tells it like it is when few others do. But none of us have a crystall ball and he needs to reconnect with the fact that the future is ultimately in our hands… even if we mmostly do not believe it. His pessimism is too close to defeatism.


I think this is correct about the genii being unalterably out of the bottle. If conditions on this misbegotten globe start worsening quicker than they already are, the next president is going to be forced to deal with crisis conditions that have nearly nothing to do with the “issues” currently providing the talking points being talked at us. A leader will be needed to help civilization reorganize itself into the least unpleasant refugee camp possible. Neither The Donald nor Hillary have demonstrated the kinds of inspirational leadership and major problem solving skills that will be needed to keep civilizational panic attacks that are primed to let loose the scapegoating violent responses that have the capacity to increase the severity of the breakdown that I fear is teetering at the tipping point right now.