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'Concede and Get the Hell Out': Anger Grows as Trump Refuses to Admit Defeat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/08/concede-and-get-hell-out-anger-grows-trump-refuses-admit-defeat


election proof that the MSM could back a chimp and install it in the White House. As william casey head of the CIA stated, " we will know we are successful when we can get the American public to believe a falsehood"


Look, this is quite easy. If he’s on government property after twelve midnight on January 20, he’s trespassing. Two large African American FBI agents - wearing latex gloves and masks to reduce the risk of his contagion - cuff his hands behind his back, walk him to their vehicle, and - following FBI arrest standard operating procedure - bang his head against the top of the car before throwing him in the locked rear seat and driving him to a holding cell to await formal charges.


Again look to right wing websites. They are all claiming fraud and suggesting the Biden Government not legitimate. Trump is fueling that. It not speculation to suggest this will make it harder to Govern , it the reality.


If you thought the first 3 years and nine months were awful, just wait.
The next ten weeks could be the most pivotal in US history. The shit is about to hit the fan. The Trumpies revenge tour 2020 is about to hit the road.


Trump’s fraud fantasy along with his many other fantasies are unfortunately indeed believed by millions.

I note that Alex Trebek died today. The world simply has no good arbiters of truth - and that hurts us badly.


They are. This gives the MAGA grifters plenty of time to use this as a way to fill their coffers with cash.


The anti-left rhetoric has to be addressed on two fronts. First, the FBI has got to release the Domestic Terror Threat Report, and the Media has to make it a priority to insert this information into the public’s consciousness.

Then actually cracking down on these advocators of a right-wing civil war has to be done. The reality of the deadly violence committed against BLM supporters has to be both addressed, and the culprits have to face the consequences.

The moderate-mainstream republicans refused for 8 years to compromise with Obama, who undeniably gave us nothing but things republicans should and would have delighted in, but for the fact he was a democrat president (and the wrong color). ACA? Romney care that came from the Heritage Foundation.

If the mainstream republicans are such obstructionists, in what delusional reality is the even more right wing anti-government militias going to compromise with the democrats?

It’s not “violence is (or might be) coming,” - it’s all ready happened. Nothing’s been done because we have police unions that not only coddle these groups, many of the cops are active participants.

It’s a long, long time between now and inauguration. To think these groups of lowest common denominator mob mentality are going to calm down now their savior has been cheated from his divinely mandated presidency is probably more delusional than their delusional violent fantasies are.


Amidst the euphoria, I don’t think American leftists and liberals realize how grave the situation is vis-a-vis a national fascist destabilization campaign. Part of it is where they live. The “it can’t happen here” mindset is very deep seated.


Red County here 150 miles southwest of Seattle. The Boogaloo and 3%'ers here are waiting for the QAnon messiah to call them forth to Holy War.

This is a group that fantasizes about going to Seattle with their AR15’s and AK47’s to wipe out those Satanic Liberals once and for all.

Wish I was posting hyperbole here. They are that kind of Stupid, Proud, and Belligerent.


You know what the angry Italian people did once they had it with Mussolini…


Right On Stephen King.

Finally, the Sounds of Silence from the constant noisemakers. Let them eat crow.



I mentioned this in another thread, but it’s even worse: the Trump campaign appears to be leveraging election lawsuits to siphon money from his followers. Per reports, up to 50% of his legal defense fund may be used to pay off campaign debts. At the same time, the guy who is going down swinging hard is literally going down swinging a second day in a row—he’s golfing.


If Sinclair Lewis were alive today, he would probably change the title of his novel about American fascism from “It can’t happen here” to “It did happen here” or “It is still happening here.” Donald Trump, the child-man with a criminal record as long as the telephone book, will continue to stoke the fires of fascism in this country so long as his enablers and the media provide him with a platform. That threat is far from over. It is only beginning.

What I’m hoping to see is an international commission that researches and publishes Trump’s “crimes against humanity” and illuminates them on the international stage. If those truths could be exposed, Trump would take his place alongside the most despicable tyrants in World history–and that is how he should be remembered.


One last con.
Once a con man, always a con man.


He will leave the country prior to jan 20. There are several countries having no extradition treaty with the US.


I am not far from Lewis County which is about seventy miles south of Seattle and hundred miles north of Portland where it seems that everybody and his mother is a die hard Trump supporter. About three weeks ago one of those fanatics ominously told me just before he went into his vehicle that a war was coming. As you correctly note, the rhetoric that is coming from these people is anything but hyperbolic where logic and rational thinking take a back seat to fear mongering and hysteria.


In an alternate U.S.A., Lewis County was named after Sinclair Lewis, not Meriwether Lewis.


Grays Harbor County here, neighbor. Can’t believe how comforting it is to know you’re that nearby. Need allies down this way.


I’ve been thinking he’ll probably go to Russia. That’s if Putin will actually take him. Can’t imagine the welcome mat being offered though if Drumpf’s assets are seized first.