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Concentrated Media Power is Real Power: We've Let Markets Rule the Public's Airwaves


Concentrated Media Power is Real Power: We've Let Markets Rule the Public's Airwaves

Laura Flanders

For months we have done our best here at the Laura Flanders Show show to keep it a Trump-free zone. As far as humanly possible we’ve not commented on Donald Trump's rise, his fall, his peaks, or his lows.

But maybe just maybe there is something positive that could come of this Trump fiasco. And that's the creeping realization that media critics were right all along. Concentrated media power is real power, and we should worry about it.


Nor is this problem of POWER–as per the control of information and what gets codified AS “the news”–limited to the U.S.

David Miranda’s article today explains how the media–owned by rich 1% interests in Brazil–has set the case against Dilma. Chavez had the same problem in Venezuela.

When elites control what passes for the national discourse, it’s incredibly difficult for busy people to learn what’s going on or discern Truth from its formulated proxies.

The media belongs to the public! And since broadcast companies make a fortune RENTING us the air waves (for cell phones, Internet, and Cable TV)… they should be obliged to make air time FREE and available to all potentially viable candidates.

If that were the case, candidates would not be forced into quid pro quo arrangements with entities like ALEC and the Koch brothers. The Public Interest and the prospects for a genuine Democracy would then make headway.


We as a nation need to re-think how we get our news. And I say this for real conservatives and liberals or progressives what ever label people want to use. C-SPAN is a good start—it should be broadcast on public airwaves. The corporations have the private media so let the public airwaves be geared to the public. Local community issues-how to get involved—state issues-and national issues. Why is it that a person needs to pay fees to see a debate or Congress. I enjoy watching congressional and senate debates from other parts of the country,they give a real understanding of local concerns. Cable made a promise to focus on local issues----but never came through.


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