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Concepcion Picciotto, Who for Decades Held White House Vigil for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Died


Concepcion Picciotto, Who for Decades Held White House Vigil for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Died

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Concepcion Picciotto, known to countless people as the woman who for decades maintained a peace vigil outside the White House gates, passed on Monday at a housing facility operated by N Street Village, a nonprofit that supports homeless women in Washington, D.C.

Schroeder Stribling, the shelter’s executive director, said that Picciotto had recently suffered a fall but the immediate cause of death is still unknown. She was believed to be 80.


We all need to be Picciotto, may your cause prevail one day and I thank you from the depths of my heart.


The courage and years of dedication by this single heart reached tens of thousands to plant a blessed seed of nuclear disarmament in other hearts.


If only more citizens had a tenth her dedication and commitment. If only our elected/selected representatives had one hundredth her integrity and moral courage. RIP Concepcion!


The seed of peace you planted will sprout and be nourished around the world until it one day comes to full bloom and millions will take to the streets in their respective capitol and cast aside the makers of war. That day is coming.


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Oh my , this article brought a tear to my eye. What a lovely human being. RIP Concepción and may the world your loving soul goes to finally have that peace.


Concepcion would be a better president than Obama, Clinton or Bush. She wasn't born in the USA.


Concepcion should be honored as a hero! What is it that Bush and Cheney were rewarded with -- the National Medal of Honor...or something like that? (Trying to hold down vomit as I remember this) Those assholes should be stripped of their honors and Concepcion should have a monument erected for her courage and dedication to peace.


Yes, indeed an amazing human being, such a shame world leaders lovecwar and care nothing fr the environment. so sad. strong text