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Concern of Progressive Purge as Bernie Wing 'Left in the Cold' at DNC

Concern of Progressive Purge as Bernie Wing 'Left in the Cold' at DNC

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"This doesn't bring the party together. It deepens the divide at a time we need all hands on deck."


Purge the Democratic Party altogether.

Bring forth a People’s Party dedicated to the advancement of all citizens with no class favoritism.

A party that promotes World Peace, Arms Reduction, Environmental Sustainability.


" Purge the Democratic Party altogether."

Yes! Because like I have posted before, the DNC is sooooo corrupt, it cannot be reformed from within. And if nothing else, what more proof does one need than the DNC nominated a sure loser that helped to elect Trump over a sure winner that would have annihilated Trump!


We really don’t know if anyone including Bernie Sanders could have defeated the Russian candidate.

Is Bernie ever going to learn?

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No proof so far that I have seen that the Russians helped to defeat HRC, but if true, they may have defeated Bernie also; but having said that, in my view, Bernie was a much stronger candidate than HRC.


The money has spoken. The Nixon democrats have won again.
After this latest Clinton sponsored “night of the long knives” all dissenting voices have been purged. The DNC is now lining up their ducks, corporate ducks, to run for office in 2018. They waddle like republicans. They quack like republicans. In 2018 the Koch brothers wet dream will have come true, and all statewide elections will be contests between a conservative and an ever more radical conservative.
Short of revolution, American liberalism is dead.


This doesn’t surprise me. They don’t want progressives in the party because their corporate masters don’t want or support progressive issues. The Dems don’t care if they lose elections. All they care about is that the money keeps flowing in, and if they have to lose elections to get it, so be it.


Bernie should run as a Green. We should spend our energy fighting republicans, not Democrats.


This is really really depressing news. I guess they are no longer interested in the under 35’s votes! I was planning on giving a fundraiser for the Democratic Party to bring in the money for 2018, but I am reconsidering now. How can I invite people to open their big checkbooks for THIS?


Apparently not. Ooops, that was rhetorical; Ignore this comment.

Right. Dems are funded by the same corps/arms makers that fund the republicans. They don’t want to loose that $$$ by running a progressive.


Disgusting. A pox on both parties.


2018 midterms, LOSS. 2020 Presidential run when you will have such candidates as Gillibrand, Booker, Kaine, and Coumo running, then you may as well chalk up that as another LOSS. These motherfuckers will NEVER learn until there are no Democrats in ANY elected office in the land.


FYI- According to Robert Parry a total of $100K ( at most discovered so far ) is the amount spent on " fake news " by Russian influencers in the 2016 General Election. Facebook’s ad revenue for 2016 was over $25 Billion. Duh- do the math here.
As to the purge at the DNC: this is what Corporate Power wedded to the MIC & The Police/Security State looks like. We are literally throwing 40% of our tax dollars into the Democratic Party’s version of the New World Order. Which is leaving the working class and poor behind, chasing white suburbia and the newly gentrified urban centers and their voters.
The political hacks are following the money.:wink::wink:
This following involves more fracking, more weapons systems, more mediocre healthcare systems, more new nukes and more Russia & China baiting. The Uniparty simply cannot afford to have an outbreak of grassroots progressive democracy break out in American politics. Therefore, a purge of sorts needs to take place. Attribute this to The Usual Suspects and you won’t be too far off the mark.
Peace & Prosperity Progressives need to become very picky and educated about who they send money to and work for. As the lady says, " to the victor go the spoils " and what the DNC is handing the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is certainly spoiled.
Progressive forces must be doing something right, the old guard is apparently nervous. They should be, anyway.


Maybe this should have been expected. It has been clear for some time that the progressive wing of the Democratic party is aiming to take over the party rather than working with the Clinton wing. I would suggest that this is a move to prevent a takeover by the progressive wing. Each wing of the party feels it is in the best position to be successful in elections. Personally I would rather see more unity and just try to find good candidates. I don’t think this infighting bodes well for elections in 2018 or 2020. I think the lack of vision is a bogus issue. The vision seems to be a diverse country where everyone has an opportunity to succeed in reaching their goals. That certainly is different then the vision of the Republicans which appears to be a white supremacist authoritarian state. At least that applies to Trump.


" Democratic sheep dog?"

These infamous words by Bernie seem to prove your point: " WE MUST SUPPORT HILLARY; BECAUSE WE CANNOT AFFORD A TRUMP POTUS".


Will the Dems ever learn? If you look at it from their viewpoint, Sanders wasn’t a real Dem anyways. They’re of course happy he lost and they want another status quo, mainstream corporate Dem. What else can be done?

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" The Dems don’t care if they lose elections".

The Dems are just the fake opposition party of the Con/gressional war party and like their masters the war profiteers it is not so much about winning or losing but being able to stay in the corporate $$$ game.


Economic boycotts of $ sources are the only ways short of prolonged, violent, and ultimately wasteful revolution that are effective against elitist tyranny. You gotta take the head of the hydra off to prevent the rest of the monster from performing its vile actions. It always comes down to the money, as Deep Throat supposedly noted. Keep your eye on the money and its travels. Any other focus is a distracting waste of time and resources.