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Concern of Progressive Purge as Bernie Wing 'Left in the Cold' at DNC

That’s b.s. There’s more social and economic mobility in " progressive ( European ) democracies " than in the U.S. of A. This beatdown is about bad trade deals and the tightening of the social safety net to the benefit of The Uniparty center-rightests.
The Clintonista/Obamobot Contagion is pushing ( shoving ) this stuff down the throats of their rank-and-file members. Take Military Keynesianism or eff off, pretty much.


Well if the Democratic Party is purging its progressive wing I guess it won’t be long before I’m changing my Party affiliation to UND (undeclared). I’ve gotten sick of this Party and its hacks. Hillary was a loser. The embrace of neo-liberalism by Bill Clinton destroyed the soul of the Party. It’s time to cut the Democratic Party loose.


Sen Feinstein, at 84, would say " tough toenails " to you. She and her AIPAC & Neo- Con Syndicate wants a new Cold War with someone. It pays so well, don’t ya’ know.


You are so right. Bernie is now the most popular politician in the country and he filled stadiums with enthused supporters in the primary while the ‘Russian Candidate’ couldn’t even fill small gyms at her rallies.

But the DNC was corrupt and so set to nominate the ‘Russian Candidate’ that there was no way anyone could keep her from being the nominee and thus losing to Trump, who was promoted to win the GOP nominee by the ‘Russian Candidate’ when her minions set out orders to the mainstream media to cover him non stop and ignore Bernie.

Wait, a second. You did mean Hillary Rodham Clinton by the term the ‘Russian Candidate,’ didn’t you?

I mean it was HRC as Secretary of State who did pay to play with Russia to get them lots of U.S. uranium in return for millions given to the Clinton Foundation and half a million given to Bill Clinton for a few minutes of rambling speech in Moscow? Right?


Stop thinking only of presidential elections. States and localities are where real politics take place.


I love a good boycott. But wouldn’t it be simpler and easier to just boycott the Democratic and Republican parties? They both operate like organized crime. They refuse to debate candidates from other parties. Democrats in my state block efforts to implement instant runoff voting.

To be more specific, I refuse to vote for any D or R for any office, no matter how much they pretend to be progressive, or threaten doom if the other one wins. I refuse to endorse or donate money to any D or R candidate at the local, state, or federal level. I vote Green Party, Progressive Party, or write-in. At this point, I think anything other than voting D or R will help, including voting for Libertarians or boycotting elections entirely.


Very trumpian.

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What occurs in California and other states regarding people like Feinstein is far more important than the furniture shuffling in the DNC.


I forgot to add that a boycott of D’s and R’s should include changing your voter registration to any other party, or unaffiliated. Being registered as one of them is like voting for them every single day. They use it to bolster their legitimacy, and to keep other parties off the ballot.


Absolutely infamous. Good thing he failed.

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As demonstrated by Hillary Clinton’s overwhelming victory in 2016, where half the electorate stayed home rather than vote for either of the Koch/Wall Street-backed candidates.


Big check books? What kinda folks are you trying to organize?

I am beginning to think that the DINOs do not care if they ever win an election again. All they seem to care about is corporate money and servicing the 1%. They are a phony political party for they do not care about the needs and concerns of the American people. No wonder Clinton did not campaign in the rustbelt states, these Americans are not her type.


True to some extent, but all the publicity is at the national level. Voting turnout is lower the smaller the election. Imagine how much attention our progressive causes would get with someone like Sanders at the helm of US politics.


Clinton’s defeat, contrary to Trumps tweets. Is not the subject of any investigation. Clinton is first and foremost responsible for her own and, I believe, our defeat.


Boycotting elections will never help, and anyone who advocates such a strategy is not thinking at the most basic level. If another 10% of eligible voters don’t show up to the polls, it will make no difference whatsoever to the politicians. We have already gone from 63.7% of eligible voters voting (2008) to 54.8% (2016) (www.cnn.com/2016/11/11/politics/popular-vote-turnout-2016) and I hardly hear a peep out of the news media that maybe politicians aren’t addressing the interests of the common person in the US (Obama appeared to in 08 - he fooled me anyway). Now what if those 10% talked to the other people not voting and 15% got added overall to candidates outside the duopoly (Green Party, Libertarian Party (can’t stand them myself), or independent write-ins like Evan McMullin (don’t like him either)). I think if Bernie had won the Primary (if it had been a completely fair election and the press were fair, maybe he would have - maybe not, we’ll never know), then he could get some of the 15% (he’d have my vote regardless of some flaws).

Which is gong to have more impact: 45% of eligible voters instead of 55% voting with more or less 1/2 for republicans, 1/2 for democrats with a few % going elsewhere or that few % becoming 15%?

Please, everybody vote - every election - and vote for whoever you want, nobody owns your vote - including people who tell you not to vote Democrat when it makes sense to you (as it would have for me in CA if Bernie ran, but not given Hillary ran).


Where in my post did I use the words " big check books "? I’m living in a state where there’s 70+ % voter participation and in a county where there’s a form of public financing of elections.
" Too much money in politics and gov’t is the root of all evil ", imo.

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Your point works against itself. The very fact that “small elections”, state legislators, judgeships, etc. have low, generally very low turnouts, is makes them both the real challenge and the real opportunity. Republicans and tea partiers have recognized that and exploited it to great effect. Greens often whine, yeah, whine about being frozen out of the electoral process while many local and even congressional candidates go unopposed.


I’m sorry, but the Democrats have ditched us a long time ago. They are not our friends any more than the other party is. This only makes it official. Greens or Independents, if we must, but we will not go down voting in another corporate Democrat.


Check, if you’ll pardon the expression, my comment. It had nothing to do with you. Someone else who planned a gathering of “big checkbooks”.