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Concerned About Climate Change? Nature Wants to Help


Concerned About Climate Change? Nature Wants to Help

Judith Schwartz

In the midst of months of heat and wildfires and a fall full of hurricanes—phrases like “unprecedented” and “record-breaking” hardly cut it anymore—we’re forced to grapple with the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, which arrived last month like a quietly ticking time bomb lobbed across already fretful terrain. The verdict: humanity has twelve years to slash emissions and stave off the worst effects of climate change. This, plus the roller-coaster weather that’s getting harder to explain away has left people, understandably, terrified.


Excellent reframing of the problem, which points the way to myriad local solutions.


Couldn’t agree more wit the author that understanding the natural process that support us is central to solving the issue of global warming and climate change. The challenge, here, however, is that so much of the world’s population lead lives detached from the natural systems that support them. Education is vital, but, as we all well know, governments often censor education for their own political ends. Our own ignorant President and his goon squad of Republicans is a prime example as are all the politicians that have been bought by corporate interests. These entities thrive on ignorance. An educated citizenry is their worst nightmare.


My take on the IPCC report is that humans have procrastinated so much that it is no longer really feasible to avoid climate catastrophe. The reductions in emissions called for to stay below 1.5C are so dramatic that they will not be considered. Emissions need to be cut something like 40% in 12 years. Since developing countries, which are responsible for the majority of emissions will not cut their emissions anywhere near 40% if they reduce them at all while they are trying to develop that means the developed countries would have to cut their emissions almost completely or about 10% a year which will not happen. Caring about nature will help but the recent election in Brazil indicates that the opposite will occur in that country which is vital to the whole climate system. And even though China and India and a number of other developing countries have signed on to the Paris Climate Accord they are still building coal-burning plants. Everything looks like the temperature will go well beyond 2C and even staying below 4C seems to remain a real challenge. In this country there is no real hope the federal government will do anything positive until at least 2021 so it is critical to work at the local level where positive actions can occur. And this could include protecting nature.


This article is full of lots of misunderstandings about the global carbon cycle - to the point that it almost reads like a denialist piece.

Better soil management and planting trees in semiarid areas is good of course, but it is a drop in the bucket compared to the enormous amounts of carbon that have been stored away in the earths crust for millions of years that humans are releasing in a manner unprecedented in geologic history.


So who’s prediction do we rely upon? One says we are already fried (doomed). Another says a year and a half to react. Another twelve years, and yet another twenty years.
I have always been a tree hugging, recycling, anti waste kind of person. Now more and more my cynic side is winning me over. I tend to take to heart Dylan’s “Things have Changed” song more and more as well. I twenty years my wife and I along with my mom and sister will gone or close to it. My two unmarried children are the last of my fathers seed and nothing to be carried on. Therefore the sun reach a thousand degrees and the oceans can dry up and there is nothing to care about from my angle any more. Let the inmates run the asylum for all I care anymore.


What’s occurring is “global warming,” not “climate change.” The latter term has been pushed by Republican operative Frank Luntz, as sounding less threatening! See the Skeptical Science site for an article on this distinction.

Schwartz doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact that in September the UN Secretary General announced the likelihood that “runaway” was likely to begin in 2 years–which would mean that warming would accelerate, and be impossible to stop. The IPCC always gives conservative projections, and such projections are NOT helpful today!


There is a layer of something that has evaporated from the atmosphere.
I am not sure it is the ozone.
When the sun hits the skin and it is only 45F outside , I still burn.

the Dam has burst and we are trying to fix it with a tape.

Joy to the world, religion will save us.


I think aliens are gathering to transport those that are prepared to, to git while the gittin’s good.
Have faith and believe in a brave new world.


So we have Judith D. Schwartz who wrote a book called “Cows Save the Planet: And Other Improbable Ways of Restoring Soil to Heal the Earth” in one corner. And we have Kip Andersen’s “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”, in the other, arguing that our meat-based diet is a major contributor to global warming. What ever is a climate change aware citizen supposed to believe?


Kip Anderson is a militant vegan with an agenda.

Read Judith Schwartz’ books and decide for yourself.

One thing they do have in common, though, is that confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are “the enemy” and have to go.

My bottom line/advice: eat less meat, but better, higher-quality, natural meat – i.e., 100% grass-fed beef, lamb & meat from other ruminants, “pasture raised” pork and truly “free range” poultry.

Supplemental recommended reading: Defending Beef (by a former vegetarian)


Incorrect. With better management, the earth’s soils (largely on farm and pasture land) could absorb ALL of the excess CO2 in the atmosphere and bring it back to pre-industrial levels – forget about 350. And that doesn’t even include strategies to regreen deserts, which can be done through [micro]biology.

People to look into: Gabe Brown, Dave Montgomery, David Johnson
Sites: CarbonUnderground, Regeneration International, etc.

That should get you started.


I encourage you (all) to look closely and deeply into regenerative agriculture and grazing (better known as Adaptive Multi Paddock or AMP grazing and/or holistic management) and high quality (fungal dominant) compost, compost teas &or inoculants. With widespread adoption and use of these three techniques (more like paradigm shifts, which some vested interests are dead set against), CO2 concentration can be brought back to pre-industrial levels within a freaking decade. Photosynthesis, the lynch pin of so much life on earth, just so happens to be the best way to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it where it belongs and is currently lacking – the soil. Learn about root exudates and soil microbiology if that last part is puzzling to you.