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Concerning Medicare for All, It's Not a Time for "Can't"


Concerning Medicare for All, It's Not a Time for "Can't"

Michael Lighty

I have a request for the pundits, editorial boards, and especially politicians, seemingly sympathetic to Medicare for All, but who dwell on it's supposed infeasibility and limitations: please take a time out.



"Yes we fucking can."

All that we must do, is dump the Duopoly.

Then, we can achieve anything the people desire.

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Alas, I see no movement on the rise. We would at least have to hear of one for it to take root.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Robert Byrd clip from HEE HAW. Singing and playing fiddle.



Movements require an informed public that is perceptive enough to see the widespread corruption within the political parties that claim to represent them.

Alas, we are but a Zombie Nation.

Perhaps in our next lives, our fellow men will care more about themselves and their families before allowing liars, con-men, and thieves run our government.

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Yet another story to confuse the masses between Medicare and Improved Medicare for All. By the time 2020 gets here, the public wont have a clue, their plan is working beautifully.

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Gonna disagree with you here, Recon, the author lays out an improved MFA in the closing paragraphs. Meanwhile, this is what we get from Pelosi: