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Concerns of 'Catastrophic Collapse' Grow as Gulf Stream Weaker Than It's Been in 1,600 Years

I never thought greed was a value in the first place.

Yet, despite lowering my carbon footprint significantly, I still burn more than most people on the planet.

And I didn’t hear anyone in Congress ask Mark Zuckerberg to stop getting rich this week.

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I’ve been worried over this for some time, but still glad to know someone’s doing the science. Whether it matters, of course, is problematic.

Humanity’s epitaph, if anybody’s left to write it, will consist of a single word in all caps:



Indeed it was only suggested as a means to buy some time to arrest AGW. If the North Atlantic brine circulation system can be turned off, then another mini ice age can be assumed to result based on past experience. During a period of increased glaciation, the high levels of GHG should similarly be reduced. How much would seem to be calculatable. I expect the effect to be short lived, and the bounce back could be harsh, especially if the opportunity is lost and combustion of HC’s isn’t outlawed.

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How many are finding out right now?

Latest (from The Guardian).

Avoid Gulf stream disruption at all costs, scientists warn

Note: Waste of time to reply to me, as I have muted my settings, as I now regard Common Dreams as largely a left wing troll farm, both comments and articles, as reprehensible to me as the right wings evangelistas.

The models I’ve seen have the warm water looping around the Gulf of Mexico, going up the east coast of U.S. and Canada, moving east across the Atlantic. Picking up cool water as it comes south past G.B., then western Africa. Then repeat, described as a conveyor. A continuous loop around south, mid, and north Atlantic. It’s what keeps western Europe from bitter cold temps. When W. Europe experienced it’s last mini-ice age (sometime in the 1800’s), the slowing of the conveyor is said to be the cause of it.

Too many. Extreme weather events are already causing crop losses in many countries.

Well then…why do we have to see your comments. What’s the matter. U can dish it out but can’t take it??? …and. I do this cause I bet some day…you will peek…just to see.

You don’t actually, as I’ve stopped posting.

I sent out two last posts (this being one), just to let those few who are not trolls or raving lunatics of the far right or left, why I left.

Surely you have noted the vitriolic anti-Israeli sentiment here, and Common Dreams allows it, and pronounced ad hominem.

It reminds me of the Tobacco Lobby, of the Climate Denial Lobby.

And I’ve watched as fewer and fewer reasonable people, and people with some tie to reality, cease posting, both in the comment section and even in the article writing segment.

Right now I’m re-reading Richard Alley’s “Two Mile Time Machine” and soon, I will re-read David Archer’s “The Long Thaw”, and David Korten’s “Change the Story, Change the Future”.

But thanks for your reply - and one never knows - I may suck it up and return here someday.

Michael Desautels, B.Sc., Calgary, Alberta (where two socialist governments (BC & Alberta), are busy suing each other over a pipeline, with the federal government foolishly jumping in to fund it.

The spectacle of the Director of the FBI (former) and the President of the United States slinging mud defies any and all attempts at reality based argument. The meltdown is not confined to the physical cryosphere, in other words.