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Concerns Over Police Brutality Persist as Hong Kong Protesters Shut Down One of World's Busiest Airports

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/12/concerns-over-police-brutality-persist-hong-kong-protesters-shut-down-one-worlds

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When you use any kind of force you are going to have casualties of some sort.
Using the courts as a means, rather than a remedy, is a righteous protest.

WOW! Trump just gave China the green light to enter Hong Kong. People wake up and realize they are living in a POLICE STATE-----just like the US is a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

"China, Give Hong Kong Their Liberty!"

And here comes another ‘color revolt’. That’ll have some fans around here.


Police brutality? Wait until the Chinese government rolls the tanks in there…

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Nothing illustrtrates the utter fucking decadence of the US-keyboard-left as when they mock those actually getting in the streets and risking their lives fighting their oppressors.

There are also rising protests in Moscow - I look forward to the left along with their neofascist friends on the right coming to the defense of Putin and insisting that those people taking their agency into their hands are jsut “shils of the deep state” too.

Who are you? Who is paying you for your sabotage shit here?

They are just about to:

Another tiananmen square waiting to happen.

The world has moved on since then. Perhaps the Chinese are now more restrained.

Perhaps not.

The “US keyboard left” is informed enough to know that what is going on right now in HK and in Moscow are the result of American money and American-based NGO’s fomenting discord and funding people who would rightly be seen as rioters if they were in the US.

People “protesting” by throwing firebombs and using violence deserve to be met with force, especially since the bill they were initially opposed to has long since been withdrawn.

It’s a shame that a staff writer for Commondreams is accepting the mainstream explanation of the events in HK instead of looking at the very obvious hands of US NGO’s creating mischief against China.

Russia is Russia’s problem, you insufferable cruise-missile-addled git.
Syria is Syrians problem. Libya was Libya’s problem, until your wretched ilk turned it into an open air slave market for, you know, “freedom”.

When you sleep with imperialists, you get empire all over your pajamas. And you’re drenched in the taint of the colonialists. Left wing “internationalism” has never been intended as an excuse to follow the ranks of imperial militaries onto foreign soil in the hopes that you could liberate the local workers from the autocratic rulers above them. In every case of so-called revolution from below, either a neoliberal order has been established, or, worse, a failed state has emerged. And if you actually were a worker instead of a bourgeois tit, you’d understand that switching masters isn’t exactly a prize worth dying for. And it’s never worth dying for because some comfy, American misanthrope with the political knowledge of a shoelace tells them his bucket list adolescent fantasy is that there is a viable left anywhere in position to take power and run a new worker’s paradise.

This is not where history is at. Which you’d know if you, like, knew any.

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This coming Saturday in Portland, Oregon.
Another assembly of white supreme type guise without disguise meeting to disrupt the peace.
May be met by antifa, maybe not.
There are 1,000 police available
Progressives can and should deplore the violence, hate, danger.

The participants will not number those who participated in Puerto Rico and Hong Kong.
However, their stated goal of violence will endanger onlookers, opponents, police.

Is obvious from you response that your are so insular and US-centric conspiracy-theory addled that you cannot even conceive of peoples in other lands as people at all - just like Trump. You are a fucking contemptible tankie red-brown dictator-loving fascist.

I guess in your world, the Abraham Lincoln Brigades would have rushed to the side of Franco, and will fight for Putin in Russia.

When fascism fully arrives in the USA, may you soon get a taste of what our Syrian leftist brothers in Assad’s torture chambers faced you fucking coward. As for me, I’ll resist fascism and statism to the death.

Fuck off anarcho-fascist:

Violent ‘Color Revolution’ In Hong Kong Fails Despite Strong NYT Support

Wong, who now lives in Germany, was a leader of the 2014 Umbrella movement, also known as the (NED Financed) Hong Kong Riots. He was since with several other anti-mainland organizations in Hong Kong. In 2016 he was seen in secret meetings with U.S. consulate staff.

US “Color Revolution” Struggles in Hong Kong

What is not only omitted - but actively denied - is the fact that the opposition's core leaders, parties, organizations, and media operations are all tied directly to Washington DC via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and corporate foundations like Open Society Foundation.